Hello Pratibha 5th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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The girls make fun of Peehu for wearing designer’s dress and shoes. Anmol comes and says if they ever do a disgusting joke with his sister… Gia asks what will he do. Anmol looks at a fat boy, and says he will call his friend. Gia asks which friend. Anmol calls him as oh fattoo… The fat boy approach them, Gia leaves with her friends. He takes Anmol with neck, Anmol says those girls were ragging on him. The boy says if they rag him again, he must them him. Anmol says thankyou to him.
Pratibha was worried, she says to Shalu that it is 11 and by this time chachi is even done with her breakfast along with coffee. She says she will see, Shalu asks what if maa ji sees. Pratibha says she will tell her that she went to close the windows. Pratibha looks around, Sunidhi watches her go into Pushpa’s room and cheers now Pratibha will be caught. Pratibha doesn’t get into the room. Sunidhi says till she and mummy ji is home, Pratibha won’t go into the room, she must play some game.
Kaashi asks how will she show this magic, Sunidhi asks her to come out with her. She takes Kaashi out. Pratibha was in the lounge, still looking at Pushpa’s door. Shalu comes to her and says if she is so worried why she doesn’t go and ask her. Pratibha says she is really afraid if something has happened to Pushpa. Sunidhi says she will drop Kaashi to temple, and will go to boutique. Kaashi shouts saying no one must show any love or care for her, she doesn’t want any drama at home like last night. Shalu says Kaashi was really angry, Pratibha looks at the clock and goes to knock Pushpa’s door. She is worried about what Kaashi had warned her about. The cell phone inside rings, Pratibha hears the ring and says please pick up the phone so that she can be sure you are alright chachi. Pushpa picks the call, she tells someone on phone that she is fine, she can’t order food from outside, Pratibha prepared khichdi for her in morning, Mahen also looks after her though he doesn’t know she lied about her police complaint to her. She says her lawyer wants her to file a complaint to develop pressure on him. Pratibha comes back, cries that chachi was never wrong. She says she dislikes it that she did this to chachi. She says to Shalu that she will just prepare something for her. Shalu takes a leave, Kaashi and Sunidhi stood outside the gate.
Pratibha comes to Pushpa’s room, she lied on the bed weak and asks Pratibha to come in. Pratibha says she is really ashamed of what has happened, she must be hungry so she must eat a bit.
Shalu wonders what is Kaashi’s cloth doing here, she picks it up and passes the hiding Kaashi and Sunidhi. Sunidhi and Kaashi run inside, the door was locked. Kaashi says she has a duplicate key. Sunidhi says she will now show her who the villain here is. Pushpa eats with Pratibha’s hand, she says she wanted to eat something from her hand. She says to Pratibha that she must now leave as she has to stay with the family. Pratibha says they have gone out, but she is right. She takes the tray out.
Mahen asks the lawyer what to do. Badra says he has played his last bid, see if it works. He is waiting for a call now. His phone bell rings.
Kaashi questions Pratibha if she has forgotten that this woman brought police at home to get her husband kidnapped. Pratibha sys she heard her telling someone that it was a misunderstanding. Sunidhi says Pratibha must be lying. Pushpa calls that Pratibha is lying. She stood on the door.
Mr. Badra listens to phone call, then says they must talk to Pushpa. He says we lost the case, the only way out is out of the court settlement. Pushpa says Pratibha is helping her getting her right in house. Pushpa says this is what they wanted to listen, she told them. Pushpa takes tray from her hand, keeps it aside and smiles at her. Kaashi says she wants to divide her home, and enjoy. Pushpa laughs that she enjoys a lot over here, because no one believe each other here. Pratibha asks Pushpa to go inside, leave this all. Pushpa says she wants to help Pratibha, as they are being rude to them. Kaashi asks what she can give to her. Pushpa says she can give them a deal which can join this house or break it. Pushpa says the deal is they either let her daughter get married from this house, she will leave it. Kaashi laughs that she must have lost the case. Pushpa says she doesn’t know he has won or lost, they just have one hour to think about it. Mahen says he agrees.

PRECAP: Pushpa’s daughter comes home. Pushpa and Pratibha welcome her warmheartedly.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  2. Why is Kaishi so hateful ? Sunjdhi is just like a puppet ,cannot think for herself.Pratibha is such a sweetheart with her kindness.Peehu is far gone with her creative lies.

  3. Peehu is like her awful aunty,who led her astray and she happily went along(sunidhi).Tabitha is loving and caring.

  4. Sorry,mean,t to say (prabitha )

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