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Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj coming to police station. He gets tensed thinking police will check the dicky. Vikram scolds the man and asks him to pay for the loss. Awasthi asks Sooraj to take compensation when man is accepting his mistake, he has informed Sandhya, she was in meeting and is coming. Sooraj says he does not want any compensation, and thinks Sandhya should not know. Sooraj leaves with Vikram. Sandhya comes and asks where is Sooraj. Awasthi says Sooraj was in hurry, the man was ready to pay money, but Sooraj went. She thinks whether there is something.

Sooraj and Vikram are on the way. Vikram asks Sooraj why did he hasten up when man was paying for the mistake. Sooraj says people don’t do mistake intentionally, it happens. He sends Vikram home and says he will show scooter

to mechanic. Vikram goes. Sooraj checks the dicky and gets the kurta. He recalls how he went to same shop and bought same kurta. He changes his clothes in the trial room. He sees the blood marks on his kurta and hides it in a cloth. He leaves without signing on the slip. He hides the kurta in the dicky and recalls Mohit’s death. FB ends. Sooraj apologizes to Mohit by heart and thinks he can’t get this truth come out infront of anyone. Sooraj leaves from there.

Sandhya thinks why did Sooraj not wait, when the man was paying compensation. Satya sees her and asks is she thinking about that unknown caller, we will know about it after getting tape, lets see we get info about culprit. Sandhya thinks all the clues show Sooraj has informed police, he is hiding something, I wish I m proved wrong.

Satya gets the call and says what we were coming there. Satya tells Sandhya that telephone exchange record room catching fire. Sandhya thinks how can this happen all of a sudden. They reach the telephone centre and the man tells them about the fire. He says watchman called me and said someone ignited fire in record man, watchman got unwell, I have sent him to hospital, its good it was holiday today, else there would be more loss of lives. Satya says fine. He tells Sandhya that two people accepted they killed Mohit, I have left voice message, that third person is linked with this case, how did that person know this message, someone is keeping an eye on us. She thinks her phone was left at shop.

She calls to know where are Emily and Lokesh. The constable informs they are at same place since 4 hours, they did not go anywhere. Satya says so they did not go out, it means that third person has done this program, come. Lalima thinks till when will this truth hide, Sandhya will know this truth soon, I have to talk to Pramod, he told me he will support me after knowing everything, will he support me after knowing this big thing. She knocks the door. Pramod’s mum asks her to come inside and calls Pramod.

Pramod says I m coming. His mum asks Lalima what is the reason to come at night, its not safe to travel at night, woman’s respect is like a glass and you have to be careful. Pramod comes and says you should have called me, I would have come to meet you. He asks how did she come. She says nothing, I just came to meet you, I will help mummy ji in making tea. Pramod thinks she looks worried, I have to talk to her.

Its night, Sandhya sees Sooraj and thinks how to ask him, her mind and heart are thinking different, its tough for her. Sooraj sees her sleeping. He drinks water and rests to sleep. She closes her eyes and cries. He apologizes to her in heart for hurting her. He covers her well and caresses her. He switches off lights and turns to other side. She thinks to talk to him. Sandhya tells Sooraj that they have always shared things, their fear, weaknesses, mistakes, that’s why their relation passed all tests of life, she wants to tell him there is no need for him to hide, if there is anything he is hiding from her, then he can tell it, whatever it is, they will face together. Sooraj cries. Sandhya asks don’t I have the right to know the matter going on in his hear. She gets up and goes to his side. She finds him sleeping and cries. She kisses his forehead and goes to sleep. He wipes his tears.

Sandhya tells Satya about interrogating Sooraj. Satya talks to Lokesh. Emily goes to doctor and asks when will Komal get fine. Satya turns and says she is fine. She gets shocked seeing him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The director wishes the audience to fall at sixes and sevens. But the viewers are very clever and it is clearly understood that it is he who is mentally disoriented to be admitted in an asylum like a bedlam. All consequences are arranged in a disorderly manner whereas we easily come to know that the killer is Bhabhu herself. Komal’s writing hints at Mohit ki..a woman who is she? Only 3 options Bhabu, Emily and Pari. Bhabhu is the obvious choice.

  2. Avg.Episode with interesting precap

  3. The replies, comments and discussion is markedly reduced. This shows that the viewers are losing interest.
    So please fast forward the track and make the end pleasant for Sooraj-Sandhya

  4. I don’t like this episode

  5. Tomorrow’s episode.. Also didn’t get any conclusion…

  6. Yes end this track soon

  7. Pls writer reveal sooner the reason behind mohit`s killing? Why bhabo/suraj r somebody else killed him? Now its getting boring and unbearable!)-:

  8. Director and writer are playing hide and seek!!!

  9. Did not like the episode at all except for the scenes between Sandhya and Sooraj. Very touching.
    Lalima cannot be trusted. I hope Bhabho and Sooraj get to know the truth about her (especially the fire episode) and she goes out of the Rathis’ life

    1. What is the fire episode secret ? Can you tell me.

  10. How about Suraj hotel.the writer and director totarf ok rgat that.

    1. Why are you after suraj hotel when the makers and surajjjj isn’t interested at all ☹️ Enjoy your dinner somewhere else ?
      Suraj ki hotel k aass mai raho ge to saare life kuch bi nahi mile ga khane ko ?

    2. Hi dear in an episode they said after selling his shop with that money he bought the land for the hotel. And they sold the land which they bought and the money he got from kabadi price money , they used it for suraj’s treatment.

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