Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 4th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 4th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Raval telling Raju that he has bought this house to gift Raju. Raju recalls his childhood and his mum’s love for him. He gets sad and looks at the house. Ravan says this house…. Raju stops him and recalls the old memories. He recalls how Dev used to play piano and teach him. They were a happy family and rich. He recalls his mum scolding Raju for not studying well. Dev asks her not to worry, they have big business, Raju will manage everything. She says life is not always easy as it looks in good days. He recalls Rashmi helping him with homework. He gets emotional.

Raval says your dream was to get this house and the life which fate snatched from your family, I want to gift you this dream. Raju says he is different animal. Raval asks what does he mean. Raju says talk straight. Raval says vacate model town and this house will be yours. Raju says he will kick his deal. He says he will vacate model town, its time for it. Raval says you rejected my proposal and saying you will vacate model town.

Raju says I know maths, and asks model town rate. Ravan says approximately 100 crores. Raju says this house is worth 20 crores, you are making me emotional to get all profit. Raval asks what do you want. Raju asks him to be honest in cheat. He asks for 40 crores to vacate model town. He says about this house, I will buy this by my payment, I don’t like gifts. Raval thinks. Raju asks him to think and say. Raval says I agree to give 40 crores.

Raju asks Raval why did he decide so soon. Raval says I m in hurry to get model town vacated. They shake hands. Kishore makes Billu bath and says he will get his night dress. He hears Komal talking to her boyfriend and gets shocked. She says she will come whenever he calls her. Kishore takes the phone and gets angry. She snatches her phone. Billu sees them fighting.

Nani sees Rambhateri making something and says she will help. Rambhateri says its not so easy to make this. Nani asks her is she making wine. Rambhateri says you will smile having this. Nani says I don’t drink.

Rambhateri asks her to have it. Nandu asks is cocktail ready. Rambhateri says yes. Nandu likes it. Nandu says its kada for cough. Rambhateri says its good for everyone. She asks Nani what did she feel, did you think I m making wine. Nandu laughs and says no, Nani can’t think so. They laugh. Nani says leave it. Nandu asks Nani to taste kada. Nani goes.

Billu comes and hugs Nandu. Billu gets sad. Nandu asks what is he doing here. Raval and Raju and on the way and have a talk about model town. Raval tells a new doha. Raju says he will snatch model town, and laughs. Raval says its our dream, your dream is that house, my dream is that hotel industry. Raju says he will vacate model town, and asks Raval to get ready to sign the deal, he will not waste time and do this work late. Raval laughs. He says he will make the people helpless that they have no option than to leave the model town.

Rambhateri talks to Nandu and asks how did he come like this, his parents will worry. She scolds Billu and says Nandu’s mum suffered because of him. Nandu asks what, Billu did not meet her. Ramabhateri asks then why are you annoyed with him. she explains Nandu that its not Billu’s mistake. Billu says he met Nandu’s mum by seeing her. Rambhateri smiles and says this little boy does not talk, but sees everything. They smile.

Komal comes to take Billu. Billu sees noodles and asks Nandu for it. Nandu smiles and gives him noodles. Komal tells Nani that Jaggu has a good deal and meeting is tomorrow. Nandu says she is not your Nani. Rambhateri greets Komal. She says she felt she will not see Jaggu again, but he is back again. She asks why did Raju beat you. Jaggu makes excuse and says we are close friend, and this goes on between us. Rambhateri slaps him while smiling. They all get shocked.

Nandu says I will see how Raju vacates my house. Raju tells everyone to vacate model town. Raval smiles.

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