Parvarish 2 4th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 2 4th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kulvinder goes to Ria’s school and shows receptionist Raj’s letter for Jassi’s admission. Receptionist says principal told her about this and gives him frees card. He sees such a high fees and says she has added extra 0 in amount. Receptionist says this is the fees and explains him in detail. He says he wants to get his daughter admitted and does not need a new daughter. Receptionist smirks.

Kulvinder goes back home and sees Surinder binding Jassi and Jogi’s books. He tells school fees is very high. She says she will do something. He angrily asks if she will work now. She says our child is very intelligent, she will get scholarship easily. He asks if school gives scholarship. She says yes nervously.

Jassi panics thinking of wearing short skirt school

uniform. Daadi waxes her legs. In the morning, Surinder prepares breakfast and calls Jassi. Jassi comes wearing chudidar over uniform. Surinder says just like teacher scolded her when she did not tie her hair ribbon, teacher will scold her for wearing chudidar. Kulvinder says Jassi used to look pretty in shalwar kameez uniform. Jassi requests him and Surinder to come and take permission from school to wear chudidar on uniform. Surinder agrees.

Simran scolds Ria to get ready for school. She comes out wearing uniform exposing her legs and signals Raj. Raj says Ria that she looks pretty if her socks are up 2-3 inches more. Ria asks mommsie/Simran what is her demand. Simran says no demand as she does not want to dance again. Raj laughs and says she would have recorded simran’s dancing as she does not dance with him at all. Simran gets shy.

Kulvinder gets his bike ready and tells he will drop Jassi and Jogi to school and check about scholarship. Surinder gets nervous and says he can discuss some other day as it is school’s first day. Raj comes with Ria and Surinder and greets them. He says Simran will drop Jassi and Jogi to school along with Ria. Kulvinder says he does not want his children to get habituated to car. Surinder signals him not to be harsh. He says he means he wants to drop children school on their first day and even discuss about their scholarships. Simran asks what scholarship, but then stops seeing Surinder’s face.

Surinder and Simran drop Jassi, Jogi and Ria to school and go to park car. Jogi asks Jassi to not all him Veerji. She asks if she can call bhai, bhaiya. He says she should not call him at all. Surinder comes back. Jassi nervously holds her hand and says she does not want to go in alone. Surinder encourages her and sends with Ria.

Precap: Surinder tells Simran that she is worried about Jassi. Simran says Ria will take care of her. Ria with her friends rags Jassi and Jassi runs all around school. Students bully her.

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