The destiny-Never let’s you go away (Naamkaran Avniel fan fiction) Episode 10

Hi guys so sorry for making you all wait. Episode 10 was posted by Priyu. So thanks to my bff. See the link if missed.

I am so sorry to say but i have to end this FF due to some reasons. Now i will just post OS or SS.

Please enjoy the episode and PM me if you want to continue the story.

Neil follows the goons. A goon confronts him. He moves forward holding a knife . Neil catches his hand and jerks him away. He beats all the goons. A man comes in a car and comes out. He is a famous businessperson Rajiv Kapoor.

Neil: You….. why did you send this goons? What is your problem with Sukoon house?

Rajiv: For property… ( looking Neil’s badge ) Inspector Neil Khanna.

Neil : Now you are finished …. (hits him)

They have a fight. Both are badly hurt.

Rajiv brings out a gun from his pocket. He shoots at Neil . Police reach there.

All are shocked.


Neil is shocked. He sheds tears…..

.neil cries

Neil : PRIYA…..

He rushes to hospital in police van.

Neil : No Priya, we will reach hospital in any time.

Priya: Neil……. (Faints)



holds hand

Priya: Maa, please tell all of them to go out….. except Neil …………


Priya: Neil i want to tell you something in presence of maa. I’m ………

Neil: (Touching her lips) Shhhh….. sleep for now.

Priya: (holding his hands) I’M AVNI………

Neil is shocked….

Neil : Av.. avni….

He holds her hand and hugs her. Where were you why did you leave us?

She tells all that happened before.

Neil: But all that is sorted… Deekshya killed Ketan and she was arrested , after further investigation, we came to know that she killed Asha aunt, Nanno and Daya ji. She is dead now after she was sentenced to death. We all thought…. you were… Thank god……….

————After 9 years———–

A party setup

Avni comes with Neil and their child

happy family

Avni: Guys, I know Deeyaana has written a short FF on us but we have a happy ending with our daughter Asha. Thanks for all ur support. Love you guys….

Neil: And please give your last feedback to your Avneil Adiza……….

The end

Thank you guys for your love… I’ll soon write a SS on Bepannah for my Priyu…..

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  1. Lucie

    Hey yaar I don’t know the reason why you ended up your ff but it was very nice ff. Full of curiosity, love, hate, action and more on. And please keep on writing OS OR SS on avniel and share its link on TU page. We avniel fans are here to read it.

    1. Deeyaana

      Thank u Lucie I will write an extra episode with just Avneil scenes

  2. Yaa i can’t understand why u decided to end this ff without any reason too, this story could have gone long way like 99 or 100 episodes.anyways i thought it will go long. because neil doesn’t know it is avni who is priya from the start nd story was going smoothly to, without any ups nd downs. I wish it continued a little longer.i loved to see if neil will falll in love other than avni, without even knowing she is avni, his dilemma to wait for avni or to accept his new feelings for this new girl priya or not,neil trying to hide his feelings from priya, etc etc I would have love to watch that .how story could have gone in a beautiful way nd u could have represented it in a unique way too but sad u ended it. The fights nd staring between them.the way neil said neela maa, he will make priya straight was really good to read.

    1. Deeyaana

      Thank you dii love u I will write an extra episode with just Avneil scenes

    2. Deeyaana

      I had those plans but couldn’t write due to some reason… And you wrote exactly what I had planned…

  3. Ayesha_malhotra

    The episode was so nice . Deepshu I request you to continue this Fan Fiction . Please don’t end it . It’s a humble request . Keep writing more and more – Ayesha

    1. Deeyaana

      Thank you Ayesha I will write an extra episode with just Avneil scenes

  4. ItsmePrabha

    Yaar ,I’m still not ok with your decision of ending it..but still….This one is super..Do come up with something for sure..

    1. Deeyaana

      I’ll continue this. Hiyori dii me daanta toh akkal aagai. But I will give an extra one then only I’ll give episode 11

    2. Deeyaana

      I’ll continue this. Hiyori dii ne daanta toh akkal aagai. But I will give an extra one then only I’ll give episode 11

  5. Priyu

    Last dialogue made me laugh!! Awesome yaar!! And no thank you!!and the link is not the correct one right? I hope you have a fair reason to end this ff . It’s ok yaar. And ha ? This FF was one of the best ones I’ve read . Enjoyed each n every episode. Love you,??? do write more

    1. U are ok with it but i am not i want this story to last upto 100 episodes.

      1. Deeyaana

        Thank u dii ur explanation made me realize that I was wrong, I’ll continue this

    2. Deeyaana

      Not so fast I’ll not end the FF

      1. Priyu

        Awwwww!! ????????? I’m so happy to hear yaar!! Congratulations ???

  6. Avneil_adiza_fan

    amazing episode…really happy to know you are not ending this ff it’s really amazing you are a wonderful writer ?

    1. Deeyaana

      Thank you a lot

  7. Pavithra1616

    Superb update but really sad it ended.. U had a nice concept yaar.. Come with another amazing ff or is as u wish.. Luv u??

    1. Deeyaana

      No I’ll not end this… And I have recently posted a memory collection of Avneil…

      1. Pavithra1616

        Will u pls sent me the link?

  8. Jasminerahul

    i read the whole ss. it was so simple and lovely.I loved how you presented dayavanti as a sweet grand mother.I always wished to see dayavanti like this as reema lagoo is really good at sweet mother characters.I liked the way you showed Neil too as avni’s childhood friend along with ali.glad that all criminals are punished by God.avni was saved by neela n named her priya which was a surprise. avneil meeting in the orphanage was funny n romantic. avni getting shot was shocking.avni revealing her identity to Neil n the hug was emotional. surprising that avneil had a daughter n named her asha. here mowgli is only her inmate.another thing which I loved is you added matching pics which helped us to imagine the scenes better

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