Meri Zindhagi (AvNeil – Naamkaran Fan Fiction) (Episode 16)

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Hi friends.I hope you all liked the 15th Episode . And yeah I can’t be regular so after the episode I’ll tell when will I update the next episode . I can only give short updates but I’ll try to give big episodes . if there’s any grammatical errors I’m sorry .Please bear with me as this is my first Fan Fiction . And I might be adding some AvNeil scenes from the serial but it will be a bit different. Hope you all will like it.

And I’ll mainly focus on AvNeil.

I can only give short updates . Sorry for that .

If you have missed the 15th episode here’s the link

Chapter 15

Enjoy the episode


Scene 1:
Mehta mansion

Everyone are standing outside as Dayawanti is leaving to rajkot . Everyone are helping her to keep her luggage inside the car .

Deeksha : Ma are you sure ? I’ll also come with you na ?

Dayawanti : deeksha . I’m fine now . I can manage . Doctor told that I’m fine now and I can travel . I’ll take care of myself .

Riya : Daadi please take the medicines on time

Aman : yeah . Don’t skip it . And eat properly .

Dayawanti : (smiles) Ok Ok Ok . I’ll take medicines on time .

Ketan : please take care of yourself mom

Dayawanti : yeah yeah I’ll take care .

Dayawanti sees around

Dayawanti : where’s my child Avni ?

Asha : Ma she’s in Sukoon ghar with kids .she said she’ll come in afternoon

Dayawanti : (disappointed) oh . It’s already late . I need to be in the station on time . Aman , Riya Beta when Avni comes ask her to call and talk to me .

Aman : ok Daadi .

Dayawanti : Ok . Ashish . Leave me in the station .

Ashish : Ok ma .

Ashish takes the car keys and opens the car door . Dayawanti and ashish sit inside the car and leave from Mehta mansion .

Hetal : I hope ma ji takes care of her well .

Riya : ma don’t worry . Daadaji , Mehul foofaji and heena bua and many others are there right ? Daadi will definitely be fine .

Aman : yeah hetal kaki . Riya is right .

Asha : yeah . Aman just call Avni and ask her to come here . She said she’ll come here in the afternoon .

Aman : yeah ma I’ll call her soon . Now I need to go somewhere . I’ll come soon

Asha : okay

Everyone go inside the house and Aman leaves somewhere .

Scene 2:
Police station

Avni tells about the details of the bike . Neil asks about the Vehicle number

Neil : don’t you know that Every vehicle has a number . Tell . What’s the number .

Avni : actually it was delivered 2 days ago and we didn’t get the number for the vehicle yet

Neil and DD get shocked

Neil : what are you saying ! What do you mean by you don’t know .

Avni : I said we didn’t get the number yet !

Neil : Then how can we find the vehicle ?

Avni gets tensed .

Neil : we should do something …. (Thinks for a while) let’s go .

Avni : (confused) huh ? Where ?

Neil : let’s go to Sukoon ghar now .

Avni : ugh okay .

Neil : let’s go together .

Avni : Umm… Ok but why are we going to Sukoon ghar now ?

Neil : (rolls his eyes) just come with me . I’ll tell you . (To DD) DD come with me . We need to go to Sukoon house right now .

DD : Ok sir .

Neil , Avni , DD go and sit inside the car and they leave for Sukoon house .

Scene 3 :
Sukoon house

Avni , Neil and DD reach Sukoon house .

Avni : (to neil) why did you bring me here again ?

Neil : (rolls his eyes) to find your bike .

Avni : my bike ?

Neil : What the hell is wrong with you ? You are the one who came to police station and said that your bike is missing .

Avni : oh yeah . I purchased that bike to gift that to samrat , a kid in Sukoon ghar .

Neil : oh god ! You are confusing me ! Whose bike is that ! Yours or samrat’s ?

Avni : Samrat’s bike which I…..

Neil : (signals Avni to stop) stop talking . These details are enough . Now let’s go in .

Avni : (to herself) this crack So rude .

Neil : now get down from the car .

Avni : I know !

Avni , DD and Neil get down from the car .

Inside Sukoon house

Samrat is sad and he’s sitting on the chair . Kids try to cheer samrat .

Pinky : samrat bhaiya please don’t be sad .

Iman : yeah bhaiya . Jaan Didi will help us .

saisha sees DD , Neil and Avni

Saisha : Jaan Didi …. and … police officer ACP Neil here ? (To samrat and kids) hey guys listen . Remember The police officers who saved us from goons that day ? I guess they’re going to help us again .

Samrat : Huh ?

Saisha : (smiles) police are here to help us . I told you right . Jaan Didi will definitely do something . See they are here .

Samrat , saisha and other kids get happy seeing Avni , Neil and DD .

Avni , Neil and DD come inside the Sukoon house

Mowgli runs towards Neil

Mowgli : (to neil) You are the same police officer who saved us from the goons right ?

Neil : (smiles) yeah beta .

Mowgli : You are superman . I saw you hitting the goons .

Neil smiles .

Mowgli : I even remember this uncle (pointing towards DD) who was helping you .

DD : (to mowgli) Beta not again ! I’m not uncle !

Kids laugh . Neil , Avni and DD smile seeing the kids .

Samrat : You both officers saved our life . Thank you so much .

Neil : it’s our duty . And I guess you are samrat. Am I  right ?

Samrat : yes sir .

Neil : now I’m here . Don’t worry I’ll find your bike . And call me neil .

Samrat : (smiles) ok Neil Bhai .

Neil : so samrat at last where did you see the bike .

Samrat : in the garden . I got that as my birthday present . But now ….. I lost it

Samrat feels bad .

Neil : hey hey (puts his arm around samrat) why are you sad ? I told you right . I’ll find it . Ok ? Now cheer up .

Samrat smiles lightly .

Neil : So at last everyone saw the bike in the garden right ?

Avni and kids : yeah

Neil : (to Avni) where’s the garden ?

Avni : at the back side .

Neil : DD come with me . Let’s go to garden

DD : okay sir.

Neil and DD go to the garden .

Avni : (thinks) What is that crack trying to do ? Let me go and see .

Avni too goes to the garden . She sees neil and DD searching for something .

Avni : (to neil) oh ho Mr.Neil . I told you someone stole the bike . Then why are you searching here ? You won’t find it here tho !

Neil : (rolls his eyes) OH GOD WHY ARE YOU SO STUPID !

Avni : stop shouting !

Neil : DD I can’t talk to this girl anymore . She keeps asking idiotic questions ! You please handle her .

DD : Miss Avni we are just seeing whether the thief left any thing or clue or something else so that we can find him .

Avni : ok I’ll help you then .

DD : but …

Avni : hey I’ll also help …

Neil : (cuts Avni in between) you want to help us right ?

Avni : yes !

Neil : ok then . Do you see the chair there ?

Avni : (confused) Yes ?

Neil : yeah right ? Now go , sit there and keep your mouth shut .



Avni angrily stares at Neil and she goes and sits on the chair .

Neil and DD search for some clues but they’re unable to find .

After sometime DD finds a pair of black gloves near the flower pots .

DD : Neil sir . I found these black gloves near the flower pots

Neil : oh . Give it to me .

DD gives the black gloves to neil . Neil goes near Avni

Neil : We got these gloves near the flower pot . Does these gloves belong to anyone from Sukoon house ? Or is that yours ?

Avni : Huh ? No . These are big and it’s neither mine nor kids .

Neil : ok . Then this definitely belongs to that thief who stole the bike . Now I’ll go find some other clues.

Avni : ok .

Once again Neil and DD start searching for clues .

Avni comes there again .

Avni : Did you guys find some clues other than those gloves ?

Neil gets annoyed .

Neil : not yet ! But we’ll find soon . Ok ?

Avni : that’s why I said I’ll help you !

Neil : I don’t need your help . I can find clues with DD’s help.

Avni : when you can’t find it why don’t you take my help .

Neil : (in an angry tone) We police officers are doing some work . Everything takes time ! Let us do our work !

Avni makes an angry face . She goes and sits on the chair again .

Suddenly Avni call from Aman .

Neil : (annoyed)  can you just switch off your Mobile ? It’s disturbing !

Avni : FINE !

Avni cuts the call .

Avni again gets a call from Aman again .

Neil goes near Avni .

Neil : (in an angry tone) I asked you to switch off the phone .

Avni : what the hell is your problem !

Neil : you’re disturbing me !

Neil snatches Avni ‘s phone from her .


Neil : no (sees Aman’s name flashing on the phone) Aman Mehta’s call ?

Avni : Yes that’s my bhai’s call . Now give my phone .

Neil cuts aman’s call .

Neil : (thinks) I think Aman Mehta might be involved in this robbery . But I’m not sure . I need to do something so that I can confirm .

Avni : why did you cut the call ? And give my phone now

Neil : I’ll give it to you . But one condition .

Avni : what ?

Neil : Ask your brother where he’s now and tell Aman Mehta that you’re in police station to give a complaint as some one stole the bike .

Avni : but why ?

Neil : Just pick up the phone ! And yeah put it in the speaker

Avni : ok ! (Receives the call and puts it in speaker ) hello . Bhai ?

Aman : (in call) Avni where are you ?

Avni : bhai first tell where you are ?

Aman : Huh ? Ugh …that …. I’m here to meet your bhabhi . She said she wanted to be with me so I’m in her place now . And we are going for check up in few hours

Avni : oh you went to meet aishwarya bhabi right . Is she fine ?

Aman : yeah she is fine . You know what today Daadi left to rajkot . She said she’ll be staying there for some days .

Avni : really ? Why didn’t she tell me ?

Aman : you didn’t even come home . Then how’ll you know ? Anyways she wanted to meet you but she was disappointed . She asked you to call her .

Avni : oh … ok Aman bhai

Aman : now tell me where are you ?

Avni sees Neil and Neil signals her to say as he instructed her .

Avni : I’m in police station . To meet officer Neil Khanna .

Aman gets tensed when Avni mentions Neil’s name

Aman : (tensed) Neil Khanna ? police station ? is everything fine ? And where are you ?

Avni : yeah bhai. Don’t worry I’m fine . I’m in police station to file a complaint . Someone stole samrat’s bike .

Aman gets shocked and gulps hard

Avni : bhai you there ?

aman doesn’t reply .

Neil : (thinks) now that Aman Mehta won’t be able to escape from me . It’s clear that he’s behind this bike case . That’s why he’s shocked to know when Avni said she’s in police station to file a complaint .

Avni : Bhai ? Are you there ?

Aman : (shocked) wh What ! How !when ! Bike got stole ?

Avni : don’t know bhai . That’s why I came here to police station to file a complaint .

Aman : oh oh … I see . Ok I’ll talk to you later bye .

Avni : bhai but …

Aman cuts the call

Avni : why did he cut the phone ?

Neil : That’s because he’s scared that he might get caught .

Avni : Excuse me ? What do you mean ?

Neil : As I said before . Aman Mehta , your brother is involved in this bike robbery .

Avni angrily stares at Neil

Neil : I tell you we need to catch him …


DD sees them and comes there .

Neil : just listen to me once . He’s involved With that gangster K.K and doing these illegal activities ……


Neil : don’t shout Avni !

Avni : why are you always framing my brother ? What did he do ? He’s innocent !

Neil : how many times should I tell you !  no he’s not innocent  ! He’s a criminal !

Avni : I won’t believe you ! You are a liar !

Neil : (rolls his eyes) you know what . I’m wasting my time by explaining to you . Ok now tell me where is your brother Aman Mehta .

Avni : He’s in aishwarya bhabi’s house . He’s with her now . They’re going to hospital for check up as aishwarya bhabi is pregnant .

Neil : oh … (Thinks for a while) now again do as I say … make a phone call your aishwarya bhabi now .

Avni : why ? She might have gone for check up .

Neil : try calling her and ask whether Aman came there or not ?

Avni : (in an angry tone) you won’t stop this until you prove my brother is a criminal right ?

Neil : Yes ! now call her and ask whether your brother is there or not .

Avni : (stares Aman angrily) (in an angry tone) fine then ! Now I’ll call aishwarya bhabi and as her about bhai . And I tell you he’ll be with her only . I’ll prove you wrong ACP Neil Khanna .

Neil : hmmm let’s see .

Avni calls Aman’s wife aishwarya who happens to be Avni’s bhabi .

Avni : hello bhabi

Aishwarya : (in call) Hey Avni ! How are you ? Nowadays you don’t even call me . Is everything fine ?

Avni : I’m fine bhabi and I’m sorry . From now on we’ll talk regularly . And yeah is Aman bhai there with you ?

Aishwarya : Aman ? He’s not here . Why he would be here ?

Avni gets shocked

Avni : what ! He’s not with you Ah ?

Aishwarya : yeah . And don’t talk about him ! I’m angry with your dear brother .

Avni : why what happened bhabi ?

Aishwarya : nowadays he’s not even talking to me or meeting me .

Avni gets shocked when she learns that Aman did not meet aishwarya .

Avni : oh …. ok bhabi I’ll talk to you later .

Aishwarya : Ok Avni and yeah ask Aman to call me . And you scold him well on my behalf . ok ?

Avni : ok bhabi .

Aishwarya : Bye Avni .

Avni : Bye bhabi

Avni cuts the call .

Avni is tensed .

DD : what happened miss Avni ? You seem to be tensed .

Neil : tell me Avni . What did your bhabi say ?

Avni : actually ….

Neil : what ?

Avni : Aman Bhai is not with aishwarya bhabi .

Neil and DD get shocked .

Neil : I was right . He’s such a liar .

Avni : no way ! And stop saying like that about my brother ! He might have stuck in some work that’s why he didn’t meet bhabi .

DD : Miss. Avni please relax . Please be calm .

Neil signals DD to come aside .

Neil : Avni blindly trusts her brother . I think he’s the one who is involved in this case .

DD : yes sir even now I’m feeling like Aman Mehta is involved in this and he’s the one who stole the bike . Because it seems like that Aman Mehta said to Miss Avni that he’s going to meet his wife but he didn’t go and meet her . He lied to miss Avni

Neil : we need to do something so that Avni comes to know about her brother . Now we need to find where’s that bike .

Neil and DD go near Avni

DD : Miss Avni can you give more details about the bike ?

Avni : (confused) more details ? I told What all I know about that bike !

Neil : Avni … (goes near Avni ) you are saying that you didn’t get registered number for the vehicle . It will be bit difficult to find it . So please think and tell whether there’s something different in that bike or is there any mark with which we can find the bike .

Avni gets tensed

DD : Miss Avni don’t get tensed . Take your own time and tell .

Avni keeps thinking . She remembers taking the bike to a shop to paint samrat’s name in the front


After wishing samrat at the night , the next morning Tara and Avni take the bike to the shop to get samrat’s name painted in the front of the bike .

###flashback ends###

Avni : Yeah there’s a mark in that bike .

Neil : (surprised) what ! Tell me ?

Avni : actually I took it to shop to paint samrat’s name in the front and after getting it painted We brought it home and kept it in the garden and we all went to cricket stadium to watch the match that night . And next morning we couldn’t find the bike .

DD : oh …  So samrat name is painted in the front right ?

Avni : yeah .

Neil : fine then . Don’t worry . We’ll find it soon .

DD : yeah miss Avni . Don’t worry . You’ll get your bike soon .

Neil and DD assure Avni that they’ll find samrat’s bike .

Scene 4 :
Unknown location

It is a sparsely populated area . 2 unknown people with mask on their face come there .

Another person who is also covering his face is seen driving a royal Enfield bike in which samrat’s name is painted in the front .

He gets down from the bike

Person 1 : Hey … we need to move from this city and go somewhere as soon as possible . Police go to know about us

Person 2 : Hey are you mad ? We can’t go anywhere else from this city . They can’t get us .

Person 1 : listen I don’t want to get caught . I feel like this time they won’t spare us . Sorry but I can’t do this anymore

Person 3 : You know what Sir will do if he hears this he’ll kill you .

Person 2 : he’s right buddy .

Person 3 : So see we need to rob some more bikes and import it to The dealers in a day as per K.K sir’s order . You know what he’ll do with us if we don’t obey us .

Person 2 : yeah yeah now let’s start working .

Person 3 : (to person 1 & 2) now you both come . K.K sir told there’s a meeting . We need to go now .

Person 1 & person 2 : okay

The unknown people who are involved with gangster K.K leave from the place in bikes.

Episode ends

Precap : Avni , Neil and DD are searching for the bike together . Neil and Avni see 2 unknown people who are wearing black dress and mask in their face driving the royal Enfield bike in which samrat’s name is painted . Neil , Avni , DD chase them in car . Seeing Neil and DD those 2 people drive the bike very fast. Neil and DD catch them and ask them to remove the mask .

I’m so sorry for updating late . I’ll be regular from May . Sorry if the episode was boring And yeah if you like the episode please read , like and comment . And I request silent readers to comment. Please do give your comments and feedbacks .

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