Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Episode 4

Information: Since most comments was with reveal the suspense soon, I have tried to reveal something in this episode.
Back to the story:

At night:
Cutie was lying down beside her Ma. Her Ma by caressing her hair asked “How was your day Cutie?” Cutie turning towards her said “Fun Ma! You know my friend?” Ma “You mean your new friend?” Cutie “Yes Ma he is so fun to play with! We played hide and seek! Frozen game and many more!” Ma “Masti is it?” Cutie “Haan Ma full on Masti!” Ma “Did he ask anything about your family?” Cutie “No Ma he just asked about u!” Ma with slight tensed look asked “What did u say?” Cutie “I told u are working at home….in laptop….” Ma “Did u told my name?” Cutie “No Ma he never ask and I never tell!” She was relieved hearing that and told Cutie not to mention her name to Abhi. Cutie asked why and for that she said she don’t like others to know her name…..Cutie hearing that was thinking of something.
Ma “What are u thinking?” Cutie “If he asked then I tell some other name?” Ma “Ok….your wish but only if he asks….” She told her that by patting her cheek and Cutie smiled and asked her Ma to sing lullaby for her to sleep.
Soon, she made her to sleep and slowly not disturbing her, she went to the desk area and looked at the wedding album again. Looking at the photos, she remembered how happiness was filled in her wedding.

She reminisced the day and thought, Abhi was so excited for my marriage…he was filled with full of life. He worked day and night for it… As a brother he never fails in his responsibility. With him my marriage was such a celebration. Without him, my marriage life had become a sin….I can’t blame anyone too my destiny made me this way….What I am doing now is just to make his destiny to be destined with her……As a sister I am trying not to fail in my responsibility. I hope I can fulfil this destiny’s game that I have started with him. It’s difficult to play as we are living so close to each other and by now he should be getting suspicious of my actions. For now I have to pause the game that I have started to play with my brother…..just for a while….then the game will be played again……
As for Abhi he made the arrangement to catch the culprit. Abhi, Done! Let me see tomorrow who is this playing this damn destiny game!!!

The next day:
Abhi waked up when he heard his phone ringing. Abhi in sleepy tone said “Hello…” Cutie “Good morning Friend!” Abhi “Oh Cutie! Why u never call me yesterday after u reach home?” Cutie “Sorry friend…Ma said I cannot disturb u….She said I will talk non-stop if I talk in phone!” Abhi hearing that chuckled and said “Not only in phone…also when I see u are like that!” Cutie “Yes friend but she don’t know!” Abhi “Had your breakfast?” Cutie in an anger tone said “Ma is preparing…but I am feeling hungry! Don’t know when she will finish cooking!” Abhi “Be patient Cutie….” Cutie “But my stomach is making sounds!” Abhi “Oh dear…ask your stomach to stop making sounds!” Cutie “Ok friend! Wait!” Cutie started talking to her stomach by patting it with her hand.
Cutie “Tummy…don’t make sounds! My friend said u will listen if I tell u!” Cutie “I told it friend! Did u hear?” Abhi trying to control his giggle said “Yes Cutie I heard it and hope it listens to Cutie!” Cutie “If it never listens then how?” Abhi “Hmm…ask your Ma! She will tell u!” Cutie from where she was yelled “Ma!!” Her Ma was just there secretly watching Cutie talking to Abhi. She quickly went back to the kitchen and continued her cooking.
Cutie “She is not coming friend! I will go and ask her!” Abhi “Ok…we will talk later after school ends!” Cutie “You also have school?” Abhi “Oye Cutie after your school ends!” Cutie “Just making fun friend!” Abhi “I am also going out for work!” Cutie in an excited tone said “Chik! Chik! ” Abhi with a broad smile said “Yes Cutie! Ok see u later!” Cutie also with a smile said “ Bye friend!”

Cutie ran to the kitchen and saw her Ma still cooking. Cutie “Ma….how long and my tummy is making sounds!” Ma “Cutie….just one minute…it’s done!” Cutie “Ma! Friend ask me to ask u something!” Ma “What?” Cutie “How to stop this tummy’s sounds?” She said that by touching her stomach. She giggled looking at Cutie’s cuteness. Ma “There u go! Your breakfast!” She said that by giving her the bowl of food. Cutie looking at the bowl said “Yummy!!” Ma “Come I will feed u!” Cutie “No Ma…I am a grown-up girl so I will eat myself!” She said that and took the bowl out from the kitchen. Looking at Cutie she could only feel, sometimes it will be better if I was just like Cutie….growing up just makes life growing into some difficulties that we never expect at all….
As for Abhi he checked again whether is arrangement to catch the person was all correct. Abhi, Now let me see who is this playing game!
Abhi left for work and came late purposely then he spent some time with Cutie in the evening who was playing in the playground. Abhi “Cutie! I need to go first so u carry on playing with your other friends here!” Cutie “Ok friend!” She continued to play ball games with her friends and Abhi went back to his house to check the CCTV footages to see who was the person comes secretly to his house.

Abhi drinking coffee was checking the footages in his laptop. Abhi, I am only getting sleepy seeing the same thing….Why is the person still not coming? It’s already 6 hours of footage that I am seeing. I still have another 4 hours to see.
Abhi finished watching the whole footage and was disappointed that he couldn’t find the person. Alright I guess the person should have paused this game for a while and let me wait! I know that this person will return for sure as he or she is trying to tell me something about Cutie’s di…..That’s what I feel…..
He still placed the hidden cameras in his house and went back to sleep.
At another place she was signing a paper said to a person“I am only working here as he is also working for this company…..” The person“I know how u two are a value assets to this company….” She said “But he is a value asset to the person whom I respect the most….that’s why I agree to work here!” The person “So u don’t want to see him?” She “No…not that soon….I should see him….not always whenever it’s possible….but he shouldn’t see me….” The person “Ok I understand….I will make arrangements for that too…” She thanked the person and left from the place hoping that she would be able to see him.
Abhi suddenly waked up when he heard some sounds of bells in the middle of night. Abhi “Bell sounds?” When he was about to open the door he felt something tied to the door knob. He untied it and switched on the lights to see what it was. It was a piece of white cloth and something was written on it in a black ink.

He started to read it:
Destiny is pausing the game now as it’s finding your destination for this game…..Game will be resumed if destiny manages to find a suitable destination for you…..
Abhi “Scary cat! You are just scared and u are pausing it as u are scared that I will find u! And u are now coming in night just to escape from me!” Abhi for a moment remembered that he calls her sister as scary cat too for her acts……Abhi, Why whatever is written reminds of my sister whom I am missing badly……Where are u? Why are u not even contacting me? Am I even not that important to you?
He could only shed tears remembering the moments that he and his sister spent together with all his life’s happiness…..
At the same time, Cutie was made to sleep by her Ma and she was looking at Cutie remembering how Abhi used to make her sleep when she was as young as Cutie…..He was more like a father to me….My memories of him dates back to my childhood where he took care of me like how he is with Cutie now….How I wish I can go in front of him and tell your sister is just here….and is trying to make your life beautiful….What I hope now is he should not be getting any clues of me with the game that I am playing with him….

So now u all know that Abhi and Cutie’s relation and he is her Uncle!

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  1. Saranya24

    Ohh i got tears as i alwaus love and respect bro sis relationship a lot loved it akka love u muuaahh?????

    1. Maya

      Thank u Saranya sis! I too respect bro sis/ sisters relation! They are very close to my heart!

  2. tooo sweet yaar finally one suspense has been revealed waiting for the others soon lovvvvvvvvve uuuuuuuu

    1. Maya

      Thank u Lopez…the others will take some time so please wait and until then hope u will enjoy the updates!

  3. Amazinggggg and Undescribable ! You are the BEST yaar ! Just love your cuteness … its reflected through your writings ! I shouldn’t hav been named as cutie ! can we pls exchange our names that we had given for each other ??? the fact is that you are so cute yaar !! Dammmmn man ! i love u and i am loving this ! And yeah i expected Abhi would be closely related to cutie ! I am becoming smart as my sweetie day by day ! #proudfan !

    1. Maya

      I am not that cute lol maybe its the illusion (Maya) that is created in my writings??Names given are not meant to be exchanged ?? and thats good that u have guessed it? Thank u for reading

  4. Omg i didn’t expect this sissy abhi uncle its cuteee just loved ur way of writing its truly amazing lovely update keep rocking eagerly waiting for ur nxt update sissy

    1. Maya

      Thank u Mokshi sis! All your lovely comments makes my writing to be lovely too its a effect from u all ?

  5. Prathi

    Awww Cutie’s uncle!! Abhi u have got a cute niece

    1. Maya

      Ya he got a Cute niece. Thank u for reading Prathi!

  6. B_Ani

    its just fantabulous. i am actually in need of a dictionary u see. i have to find new words every time. so bad didi. putting me in desperate situations. if u can, try to afford me a dictionary that is even larger than the largest one ever. ok?
    so, coming to the story, nyc portrayal of the relationship btw abhi and his sister. the 3D game that she is playing is actually fun to read. but i see that its for abhi’s life and so its emotional too. cutie and abhi have such a wonderful bonding that is actually beyond friendship. its lovely.
    and i am waiting for the next one.

    so now, i dont want to tell you sry as u dont lyk it. but still… i didnt comment on the pre ones. so s _ _ _ _ for that. anyways, love u didi❤️❤️❤️

    1. Maya

      Aww thats so sweet of u Ani sis! Even if u comment once in a while u always make my day! Yes u got the points in the story right and hope it will be lovely for others updates too…as for dictionary haha its been long time i used dictionary hehe i only use the online version. But jokes apart thanks for reading?

  7. Awesome episode di Abhi is cutie’s uncle is so nice sis bro relationship is so sweet eagerly waiting for the next episode

    1. Maya

      Thank u Minu sis and glad that u enjoyed it and also waiting for the nxt one!

  8. Awesome…. Last of suspens is revealed…

    1. Maya

      Thank u friend! Still there is some other suspenses to be revealed!

  9. It was awesome IB?????? I didn’t expected that abhi will be cuties uncle! Loved it❤️❤️ Waiting for the next one!

    1. Maya

      Thank u Aliza! Expect for the unexpected! Thanks for ur wait??

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