kumkum bhagya – ACCIDENTAL LOVE (Part 21)

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Thanks to all for your constant support..as I am busy in participating in jallikattu protest … so may be this can’t be a big update and will try to upload soon…

    Pragya’s pov: ” welcome home..” I heard arjun’s voice after reaching his house. I glared at him saying it’s not first time. He just smiled saying yes …but this time, you are coming here as a member right? I smiled at his sentence and enters his home. In past few hours I somehow managed ma to leave as dadi will be alone and arjun demanded that I should come to his home. First I thought he is kidding me but not..he packed my bags through tanu and I could see sadness in tanu’s eyes. She is my only true friend I have till met who supported me when I was in hurt , who cared me as a mother,  who scolds me like a sister.. but she didn’t utter a word while I am leaving and it hurted me alot. I just hugged her crying while she comforted me. “Don’t cry like a baby..take care and we can catch up in college. ” her words brought a big calmness in me and i quite know she will miss me .

My thoughts were broken when I heard a voice.” You both came..I am waiting for you guys..” .I heard a lady’s voice who came there with an arti taal. I looked confused while I heard arjun’s chuckle. The lady walks towards us smiling and I sneaked to arjun enquiring him. “Who is this? ” i almost yelled at him but smiling at her and he let out a goan. But before he could say further the lady smiled saying arjun..you didn’t informed about me to her..very bad beta.. she stands before us while I was glaring at arjun and her. She then looks at me saying ” I am his mom beta” I smiled and bent to get her blessings but she stopped me and hugs me. I am happy as I could feel a motherly feeling from her and stayed quite enjoying it but arjun destroyed it saying i am also here mom ..I just pulled myself away and says I am pragya aunty. She chuckles saying i know you are pragya..and moreover don’t call me aunty.. you are also like my daughter . I smiled broadly saying ok ma. Arjun , ma you don’t know about her..she is just ..he stops looking at me.

I continued asking what ?? Tell … Arjun runs saying disgusting while I starts to follow him. We both almost runs whole house while he stopped to breathe and I catches his ears asking what you said..I am disgusting. I started to beat him while he started to hold my hands. But before we could move further ma stopped us saying beta..stop behaving kids and you ..she points arjun. Stop kidding my daughter. I smiled proudly and arjun nods his head in agreement. I left from there with arjun and he shows me a room . Its quite beautiful and I settled myself on the bed while he takes his seat next to me. Thanks yaar..I said while arjun smiled saying dont thank me..as I am a stranger to you..I nod my head in acceptance while he asked me to get ready and come for dinner and left from there.i looked around to find a balcony ,suddenly I felt over joyed. From my childhood its my dream to spend sometime in balcony but I never get a chance for that. I slowly walked towards it while I heard arjun’s voice saying i know you love to be there.but don’t make us wait for dinner. He quickly left leaving me alone in thoughts..My life changed..yes I know I should not take those pills when my bp is high but I had no other choice than that. He totally shattered me by his heartless talks..till now I could not understand what makes him to speak like that…he didn’t even gave a chance for me to tell while his anger engrossed day by day. I could feel the hate for me when he looks into my eyes. I could not stop myself and I am still longing for him who is busy in his needs. He blames me as a gold digger and this what he thinks about me..I could not understand what makes him to think like this.. our beautiful moments flashed before my eyes..I don’t know how much time I was sitting there like that when arjun called me. He sits and I quickly wiped my years but I failed.

Arjun : are you thinking about abhi..I looked at him nodding no He asked then why are you crying.I know you miss him. I looked down unable to look into his eyes. Arjun, why can’t you just say the truth…please..think one sec..what stops you pragya. I could not know how to tell him what I am feeling . Arjun ,you should say the truth..then we can decide . I nod as I am ready to say the truth to him. Arjun , get ready soon we will meet him. He leaves saying this and I say in confusion.

End of pov…

      It’s almost 1:30 am in the morning while arjun and pragya reaches abhi’s flat. PRAGYA looking at the building , are you sure..you want me to go..Arjun parking his bike ,ofcourse sweetheart ..you have to..come on..now go. Arjun pushed pragya while she protest asking but how..arjun ,when your guru is here ..not to worry. I know the short route as I used to take that way when I am late  and grabs her hand heading towards a pipe near the building.
PRAGYA in anger , don’t say I have to go through these.
Arjun scratching his head , ofcourse lady. .you have to go .
PRAGYA frawns at him while climbing . Arjun murmers saying sometimes you have to take some drastic steps to get back to your love.

PRAGYA reaches abhi’s room and jumps inside once she reached the balcony. She shows  thumbs up sign to arjun who just waved his hand. Then pragya looks around to see abhi sleeping on the bed . She mutters he is sleeping peacefully after hurting me..how rude is this.. she slowly took baby steps and walks towards abhi .as she reached near his bed she could see how sad his face looks. She mentally cursed herself for making him hurt.  She thinks how to wake him silently without disturbing others. She gently sits beside him . he gets disturbed in his sleep while she caressed his face. He slowly turns to her while opening his eyes and was about to shout but pragya closed his mouth saying it’s me..don’t shout. Abhi sighed her to take her hand while pragya sheeplessly smiled at him.Abhi gets up asking how you came and sees the time. PRAGYA , arjun dropped me. After hearing his name abhi boiled in anger .Abhi gritting his teeth , dont your bf worry if you meet me in this late night . He told while yawning while pragya chuckles. Abhi looks at her while pragya continues saying no.. Abhi in confused tone , why..  PRAGYA looking down , he never bothers about me ..like where I am going..when I am coming back..Abhi in caring tone , why ..can I speak to him. PRAGYA looks him as she could not control her laugh. Abhi ,are you kidding me. Pragya pulls his cheeks saying soon you gotta know…tube light.. Abhi screams in pain while pragya asked him to be quite. Abhi , move away from me..PRAGYA surrounding her hands around his neck , why should I..you said you love me right..then what’s the problem.Abhi thinks sure …she is planing something to make me fall on her trap. Abhi ,I know you are kidding and moreover is this way to show your love..move otherwise I will..pragya moving towards abhi , what you will..will you shout..come on rockstar ..dont act like a kid. Abhi , please..I think you are drunken..move..if someone comes..what will they think about us and arjun.

PRAGYA moving her lips towards him saying he will feel happy. Abhi could feel her hot breeze and he could not control himself as her presence making him lose himself . Abhi , you dont care about arjun..pragya nods no saying i don’t care about anyone now give me a kiss. Abhi was shocked to core. He takes a quick glare on her to check whether it’s his pragya who used to get shy while she pecked his lips which frozen him. Abhi , are you mad..you are anger on me..PRAGYA , I know..come on kiss me. She stretched the last two words and abhi could not hold anymore he finally crushed his lips on her. PRAGYA pulls abhi towards her while abhi surrounds his hands around her waist. Soon abhi breaks the kiss by cupping her face saying its not right pragya. Pragya smiles saying all is fine in love rockstar. She hugs him while abhi looks at her asking what happened to you…if arjun comes to know..pragya breaks the hug saying , come on abhi..where did arjun comes in our relation.why you are dragging him in every thing. Abhi , what’s this question..you love him right.. pragya , my foot…who told that I love him..did I say I love him. Abhi nods no . PRAGYA raising her brows  ,then.

Abhi , I thought you didn’t love me and you were close to him. PRAGYA , close to someone means love…then you are close to riya ..it means you love her. Abhi , how can i love her.. pragya , then why should I..Abhi ,but that photos.. pragya confused , what photos… Abhi shows her to which pragya gets shocked. PRAGYA , these are true but you don’t know what happened real. She explains him to which abhi gives her a shock look. Abhi ,then..why you cried when you were at arjun’s home . You told I hate him.pragya stopping him , how you know about this.. Abhi , me and purab followed you.. pragya in anger ,how cheap you became abhi ..you didn’t trust me. Abhi , i don’t know about that..but I could not see you with him and avoidng me..you know how much I suffered when you fought with me. PRAGYA hugs him saying sorry..I was in a bad mood that day … and you were the one who just got mad at me saying those harsh words.. Abhi too hugs her saying I am really sorry..after seeing those pics and seeing you both together i thought you are moving away from me..I could not control my emotions …so I just got mad at you.. pragya nods her head while abhi kissed her forehead . PRAGYA , why you thought that i love Arjun..Abhi , all things was favourable to that.. pragya , is that so..you should have confronted me about this..but you didn’t gave me a chance to explain .. abhi ,i am sorry.. he moves towards her while pragya banged on the wall. Abhi looks deep into his eyes. PRAGYA , I LOVE YOU ABHI… Abhi , thank god.. finally you confessed…you took this much time to tell these words. PRAGYA smiles while abhi says I love you too..Abhi in mocking tone, now can I kiss my girl. PRAGYA says not now as your girl should go home..Abhi , but you didn’t say about your relation with arjun..but I don’t want to hear about that as I know you love me.. he hugs her while pragya smiles at him..

Finally I satisfied you all..I think..may be some mistakes but forgive me for my poor English…I just dont want to drag more and just updated in one chapter..

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  7. Sowji

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  17. Aditiroy

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  19. Jasminerahul

    surprised to c Mansi as Arjun’s mother.loved arjun pragya scene a lot.Abhigya kiss was so romantic.finallu mu got cleared n they united.loved it.but still arjun pragya relation is not revealed.r they siblings?

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