San: slowly enters into the room…but because of his foot steps sound, swara woke up and widens to c him in her room..(thinks for a while) .. She closes her eyes and acts like sleeping …..
San goes towards his Ragini and slowly wakes her but she didn’t….
San:huffs this girl (annoyed)
Swara controls her laugh by seeing his attempts to wake her up… After much efforts finally Ragini
Rag:(blabbers) sanskar how u cam here? OMG Am I dreaming about you ?(she looks around for a while) yeah it’s dream only.. She again lie on bed to sleep
San:pinches her cheek
Rag:ahhhh (shouts).. Immediately sanskar closed her mouth and signals her to b silent
Rag:nods …and signals him to take his palm..
Both had a deep eye lock….

After both went
Swara(in mind)) :how cute they are? But Wat have I done it to them? Her eyes become moist

@ragini’s room
rag:hits him on his chest …wat if swara has seen us
San:i don’t care wifey.. I missed u…
Rag:sanskar ..afternoon only u left me here
San:exactly afternoon.. Now it’s midnight.. More than half a day (acts like crying)
San:didnt u miss me??
Rag(acts lik thinking) nope
San:(raises his eyebrow) that’s y u told u r dreaming about me again
San:places his hand on his heart and pats it…..
San:i can’t able to control myself by seeing ur blushed face
Rag:(complaining) sanskar plz
San:im serious.. Now all problems r solved,tmrw itself v will talk to swalak abt their marriage
Rag:sanskar v should not do it
San:looks on
Rag:when v decided abt it before, the situation was different but now… I don’t think so..
San:cupped her face, I know it Ragini but if v talk to them v will Cam to know what they are thinking.. If both didn’t have any feelings towards each other they v will search good bride and groom for swalak.. Is it k?
Both slept by hugging each other….

Rag:i need to talk to you swara
Rag:v (stammers) I and sanskar wants to get u marry with…… Stammers again
Swa:smiles no Ragini he deserves better than me… I’m not suitable for him… I played with his feelings
Rag:cuts her no swara plz don’t think like that.. Everything was back to normal now.. So
Swa:no ragu
Rag:tell me one thing, is there any other reason for saying no to this marriage
Swa:nods as no
Rag:then leave it.. If laksh loves you still.. If he wants to marry you?? R u k with it
Rag :say yes or no
Rag hugs him happily

Rag called sanskar ,as soon as sanskar picked up started giving a lot of Kisses through the phone
Rag:(blushes) sanskar enough
San:im very happy wifey..laksh said yes to marriage
Rag:smiles widely even swara too k with this marriage
Ragsan together :im very happy for them
Both smiles widely

In evening @sanskar home
San:tells everything to their parents.. Ram was very happy
Sujatha in mind I thought mahi should be my second daughter in law but god has decided something else
San:ma Wat happened r u not happy
Suj:nothing lik that beta.. My happiness lies on u people only.. I’m very happy…

Ragini convinced shekar and janaki for their marriage….. They all together fixed a engagement for them on a suspicious day

Leap of few days
Lak :i don’t know whether I should get happy or not.. When sanskar asked about my marriage with swara.. I said k but now (gets into deep thought)
After few seconds mahi Cam and saw him
Mahi:pats his shoulder, where are you lost
Lak:nods as nothing
Mahi:did u buy dresses for ur engagement?
Mahi:did u talk with swara? U people should go to outing and still I think u didn’t propose her in a proper way
Mahi:is swara
Lak:cuts her nowadays u r talking more about her.. Let’s talk about us
Mahi:(confused) about us
Lak:(stammers) I mean I mean(gets a point) ah yesterday u went to Mumbai na.. Wat u did
Mahi :smiles

@mahi’s home
In her parents room
Ashok :i always want my daughter to be in law in my sister house?(Sujatha) but sanskar is married and laksh is in love (feels sad)
Rani:ashok may b god decided something else
Ashok :but
When mahi passes their room heared their conversation and her heart flutters in joy but suddenly she remembers something and immediately goes to her room and wipes her tears

Mahi to herself am I not capable of getting love? But it’s all because of me I’m in this situation.. I love him even after knowing he loves swara.. I need this punishment, but I tried not to fall in love with him but I failed… Tears are continuously flowing in her eyes

@laksh room
Lak is rolling over the bed.. Wat I’m doing now.. My engagement is Within two days getting my childhood love but I’m not (he cries)

@the day of engagement
Everyone r busy in doing arrangements…..
Rag:is super-duper busy and mahi is helping her for doing decorations…..
Rag:i will cum with few minutes
Mahi nods
When Ragini is walking in hall.. One strong hand pulled her and locked her
Rag:widens at first and immediately hits him.. I’m scared sanskar
San:smiles Ragini spend some time with ur husband too
Rag:i have lot of work sanskar.. Leave me.. She struggles in his hold
San:tightens his grip
Rag pouts
San:do u know how much happy I’m today? At last swalak is going to marry.. Today is their engagement ….so
San:i think
Rag:u think
San:v should start our life without any hesitation
Rag blushes and pushed him away and starts to leave but sanskar holds her in a Nick of time and pinned her to the wall. ..
San:intensely saw her
Rag heart start to thumping fastly and her skin started getting goosebumps by his look
San:goes very close towards her.. Trying to reduce a mm space between them
Rag :(stammers) sanskar Wat r u..her sentence left in middle when his upper body pressed against her
Rag’s breaths become uneven
Ragsan nose were touching each other
San:goes close towards her cheek (Ragini started breaking heavily) kissed on her cheek and rubbed his cheek with hers
Rag clutches her Saree tightly
San:kissed her ear lobe and gives a trail of kisses on her neck
rag:sa San sank sanskar
San:lowered her blouse a little and started kissing over her shoulder joint
Rag moans when he bites over there
Rag widens when his hands explore her back and removed her blouse knot
Rag immediately pushed him and starts to leave……
But sanskar holds her wrist
Rag :(stammers) sanskar I have to go..again her sentence left in middle when he back hugged her by passing his hand sensuously on her bare waist
Rag:eyes widens more when his cold hand started exploring her skin..

San:started rubbing his lips on her back……

Door knock
Mahi :ragini Ragini
San:immediately left her
Rag:without giving any glare to him.. She adjust her dress and goes to open the door
Mahi:wat happen Didi? Y r u sweating like this
Rag:nothing ..cum (stammers)
Mahi nods not understanding

After few minutes
…engagement was started
San searches for Ragini and smiles by seeing her.. When he moves towards her.. She immediately went and stands inbetween Ram and Sujatha
San in mind Wat happened to her

Mahi is standing and one guy is purposefully throwing flowers on her
Whenever she glares him, he stops it and again started doing it…. (laksh saw this and got angry but controlled it)
After few seconds that guy came behind mahi and started blowing air on her ear.. She turns and warns him

Angrily laksh Cam and holds his collar.. How dare u? He is abt to punch
Mahi:laksh laksh stop it.. He is my cousin
Lak left him and looks at her
Mahi: he is my uncle’s son (rani’s bro son)
Guy:immediately wrapped his hand on her shoulder… Aww my sweet mahi
Mahi:hits on his hand..he use to irritate me like this
Guy:laughs because u look cute whenever u give a glare.. He pulls his cheek
Laksh is fisting his palm tightly to control his anger
Guy:sry I forgot to introduce myself.. My name is sathya.(played by Ravi dubey in jamai Raja) . Wrapped his hand on her again…. Mahi’s lovable cousin
Mahi smiles by his cute acts

Hope you like it
When u feel it’s not that much good.. Just comment to me.. I will end it

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