Recap- Kunj’s proposal..



The door creaked open, Illuminating light in the dark room. Footsteps followed by and kunj entered..

“Did she had her dinner.?” He asked in a cold tone.

“Yes sir, She denied but as we were doing everyday… We left it near her and she had it.”A man replied before leaving.

He moved further.”How are you.?” He asked…

The person stirred and tried to come out of the clutches of ropes.” YOU b*stard. What the hell is all this.? Why am i trapped in here.? For f*Ck sake.. Its 2 weeks.”

“Ah-Ah.. Chillax baby girl. And you know the reason dont you.?”

Mahi spitted beside the chair.”And you think, she wont come to know YOUR dirty tactics.?” She replied with disgust.

He was silent.”To hide your dirty secret.. You are going to keep me in trap for lifetime, dont you.? I know my sister” she laughed wickedly.”I know her.. And you know her as well.. She is emotional mess.. She will broke down and leave you when she knows what you tried to do to her.. She is a perfect b*tch when she is angry and sad at the same time.”

Kunj gritted his teeth.”Why on the earth do you hate her so much.. What wrong she had done to you.?” He asked knitting his brows.

“Oh.. So now the newly-Newly fallen in love, The lover boy is angry because someone hates his love.. Huh.?” She said in sing song tone.” Then listen..” She said gritting her teeth.”She was and is a b*tch.. She was always the best… The great and perfect twinkle taneja.. She aced all the academics test.. She aced with whole family’s trust.. She was the best.. She was the responsible while i was the irresponsible.. She was given first chance to every bl**dy thing.. Why.? Because she was the best.. A greedy cunning b*tch.”Her eyes threw daggers.”She always got what she want… Every f**cking little things. Even before our parents met with an accident. I heard them talking about moving there all property and business on her name. Why.? Because i was still a kid.. And she was A RESPONSIBLE one. That time i had made up my mind.. ” She croaked.”I have decided i will ruin her. Thankfully.. In that accident.. I wasnt in the same plan. My tickets were lost on airport and i had to travel by the next flight. I didnt died. I could’ve returned but i didn’t coz that way i was getting away from that b*tch. I knew she would slave me if i went there coz i had no parents. I had decided than.. Everyone thought i died but i didnt. I spent the hell of a life those years until i met you.. Then i knew what i had to do.. I knew how to avenge her.. I stuffed everything bad about her in your mind and made you hate her. I knew your nerve.. Your mom.. I used it back and as per my plan.. You went along..”She looked at him angrily.”But when everything was going.. You bl**dy had to fall for that little crap—” her voice choked as she felt a sting on her cheek,she looked at kunj who slapped her. He was raging fire.

[First lesson- Siblings rivalry are good till its boundaries. If it increases.. Its distruction. Just like it destroyed three lives here]

“You bl**dy used me.. Dammit.”He roared angrily.”You made me hate the little innocent gi–” His phone rang suddenly. He fished it out.

“hello.?” He asked.

“Ready.?” Twinkle asked in a soft tone. His temper immediately calm down.

“Uhmm.. Almost..”He stuttered.”I cant wait..”

“Me either..” He could feel her blushing when someone yelled from the otherside.”Atleast..leave eachother for couple of hours.. Then she is all yours kunj.” Anita yelled and they chuckled.

They hang up immediately. Kunj turned to mahi. His anger already evaporated.”You will be free soon. You will be sent to Uk again. You can resume your work and do whatever you want. Except coming over here. I will tell everything to her tonight.” He said and left while mahi smirked wickedly.

It was their wedding today. Mahi was in his clutch from weeks since mr. Angry kunj sarna didnt find the other way out. Twinkle had askee about her sister many times but was convinced by the same old excuse…

Today, it was The day.. Their marriage.


“Here’s the bride..” Someone murmured from the crowd as kunj ascended his gaze to the big stairs. There she came.. With all her grace. The beautiful red lehenega with golden works fitted her body. The mang tika.. The gokden jewellery adorned her beautiful face and neck. She wore a big smile on her face with a ting of blush on those inviting red pulpy lips.

Kunj inhaled deeply as she came closer to the mandap and sat beside him.

“You look beautiful.”He murmured near her ears making her go all beetroot.

The pandit ji started with the mantras along with the instructions. Kunj her wear the mangalsutra.”I promise i will always be there in your ups and downs no matter what.. I promise i will never leave you alone.”He said bear her ears..

He took the pious sindhur and applied it on her partition.”I promised I WONT DO ANYTHING THAT WILL HURT YOU.” He said

And then they were made to stand up for the pheras. The rest promises completed with the seven rounds bounding the duo in the pious relationship of marriage.

“Vivah sampanna huwa. The panditji declared.




And before she could reply, the door opened and in came kunj. He heaved a sigh.”I never knew our own sani.. Will ask for money to get me in—” He stopped in her tracks looking at the standing beauty in front of him. He inhaled sharply. His feet moving automatically towards her.

Twinkle froze on her spot feeling shy under his gaze. Her hands which were near her ears trying to get out of those 2 kgs earrings fell down by her side. Kunj move closer to her. His hands grabbee hers as she looked away blushing crimson.

His hands moved sensuously over her arms to her ear and slowly he took out one earring moving to another only after pecking on her now red earlobes. He did same with the another.

Her knees felt jelly and she uncomfortably and shyly wrapped her arm around his neck for support while his hands did same taking out of the heavy necklace she wore.

His eyes bore into her sensitive skin and he neared her mouth to her neck once it was free of that necklace. His lips left slooppy kisses over her shoulder and sucked in a breathe.”Kunj..” Her soft moan was enough to turn him on.

His grip tightened and moved down to her waist pulling her closer before taking her skin in betwen his teeth.”ah..ku..n” She trailed off sucking deeply..

He pulled his teeth out and looked at her closely. There faces few inches away. He was about to move further when he remembered the main thing. He had to reveal everything to her. He didn’t wanted to start their new relationship with lies.. He wanted everything to be crystal clear as water.

But neither did he wanted twinkle to be away from him. Telling the truth to her before may had caused her to leave him.

Yes, there were 99% chances and the possesive lover of him ofcourse couldnt afford that. He wanted to tell her tonight.

Kunj stopped.”Twinkle…i want to–” He was cut off by her sudden pull and then her lips smashed his. The kiss was wild and passionate. They had kisses many times but tonight ones, aced all other. It was filled with passion and longing.

His all thoughts were blocked already and his inner demon was awaken.

They broke the kiss piercing their eyes into eachothers. Twinkle blushed heavily and snuck her head in the crook of his neck. Her lips accidentally touched his neck and he groaned.. She giggled and kissed there.. His hands reach the hook of her blouse…

Not a minute later and it was pierced from her body hugging the floor. Blood rush over her whole body… She immediately wrapped her hands tight on his neck and slammed her lips to his. He kissed her back while running his hand through her naked upper body.

She wrapped her legs around his waist and without breaking the kiss, she was landed on the bed with him on top of her.

They broke the kiss and he started peppering sloppy wet kisses all over her face, descending towards her neck one again.. This time he went more down to her now expose inner skin. She felt shy and threw her head back.. His hands reached behind her trying to free her from her b*a.

She moaned softly as he left a hockey on her shoulder blade.

Soon they clasped on eachother with their naked self.”I love you..” He said softly against her lips.

She blushed more deeper.”I love you too.. Kunj.” She gave her approval.”Never break my” She almost yelled as he thrust himself inside her the next moment. The pleasure took over her as they consummated their marriage.


“Hmm… Mm..” Twinkle moaned as he travelled her stomach. “Ku. nj…”


Suddenly they heard someone yelp and the window was banged. Twinkle immediately pull of as they both looked on shock.

“Oh making love.. Arent you both.?” Mahi grunted.

“What the – – – -” Kunj was cut off.

“Mahi… You—”

“Hello to you too sister. Nice to meet you again. I hope i didn’t awakened your inner demon to interpeet your wh*ring business.”

“Shut the f*ck up, mahi.”Kunj scowled and wrapped twinkle with the bedsheet. He wore his boxers a t-shirt.

“Mahi.. How come you—” Twinkle’s eyes were already welling up. She pushed her messy hairs away. All the pleasure and happiness from a moment before was drained out.

“How come i escape YOUR husbands trap.?” She growled.


“Oh so mr. Husband didn’t told you anything. Good i may enlighten you.” She smirked.

“Mahi…shut up and leave..” Kunj tried to handle..

“No-No i will tell hwe. How you kidnapped me for this two weeks.. I will tell her how you had tied my hands with those shitty ropes. I will tell her what you did before.”

Hiw eyes darkened.”Mahi.. Will you please leave.? Please.?” He pleaded. He never imagined everything to come out like that. Well it was nothing that turned out as he planned. He had planned to twll her everything. But dammn, his hormones he ended making love with her all the night.

“What – is she— sa–ying.?” Twinkle turned to kunj. She was confused as hell.

“I… I…i willl tell.. You… Everything..” He stuttered

“I may help….” Mahi grunted and plopped on the couch like a queen.”So where shall we start from, kunj baby.?” She smirked.”I guess from you returning back and trying to molest her.?”

Twinkle’s eyes widened.. “What.?”

“You think it was someone else you kissed you that night.? In the office when you were called from your friend cum P.A. . You wore the black skirt that night.. Right.? That was non other than your b*stard husband..(Very first chapter if you forgot).”

Twinkle’s eyes welled up remembering that night. She didnt said anything and mahi continued.”Well..Each and every meet and greet.. Each and every time you met that evil man… It was one and only your husband…”

“Mahi.. Will you shut up..”He turned to twinkle.”Twinkle..please..listen… She is saying half the tru–”

“Were you that person.?” She asked teary eyes. Her hands clasped to her body with the sheets on.

“Kunj.. Were you that person.?” She asked again and found him nodding with almost tear in his eyes.

“Twinkle.. Let me Explain—-”

“You tried to molest me…!?” She muttered to herself…. Hot tears were streaming out of her eyes.

She immediately stood up.”Twinkle..please listen to me..” His voice croaked out.”I was going to tell you everything tonight – – -”

“Yea tonight.. After you banged me.. You were going to tell me so that i wouldn’t be miffed..” She said breaking down.. She immediately slipped into the first cloth she got from wardrobe. A loose t-shirt and pj’s.”You wanted this all.!!” She pointed towards her body.”And here i thought you wanted ME.. you loved ME.” She shook her head dismissively.

“Twinkle.. Please listen to me.. Its not like what you are thinking…” He pleaded.. But she was fast to walk faster even with her sore body. Her hands and leg shaked.. And more tears ran out remembering the cosy moments they shared in last one hour…” cant leave..”

“Dont stop me kunj… You got what you want anyway. You wanted my body… I hope you were satisfied tonight….”She cried out… Her hands shaked to touch the lock of the door while he tried to hold her hands inorder to stop her but she jerked him away.”Do.NOT.COME.CLOSE.TO.ME…you b*stard…. You man wh*re..” She yelled.”I FREAKING LOVED YOU… I LOVED YOU WITH ALL MY HEART.. AND YOY WANTED THISS????” She continued.. More tears made its way.. She waved at her body at the last line..

“Twinkle.. Just listen to me.. You are not leaving anywhere… I want you—–”

“This is what you wanted to dig inside me, right.?” She pointed sharply towards his manhood.”Enjoyed.?” She asked but when he started to move towards her. Her legs flew in air and She kicked him there.. “DO. NOT. COME. CLOSE. TO ME..” She yelled again.”Dont follow ne.. I swear.. I will kill you.. Its not the vulnerable twinkle anymore…” She said before limping off..

If Only he knew.. That she left him.. She left him….

Than he would have ran behind.. But he was too busy hugging the door after felling down and crying his heart out..

Why was destiny so cruel to this two souls.?



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