Chandrashekhar 12th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandra wants Veer dead

Chandrashekhar 12th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhagat saying I was involved in Saunder’s murder, I don’t regret for it, but they have made more fake evidences against me, don’t fall weak for me. His mum says its my fight to save you, I m not falling weak, should I regret that I didn’t do anything for you, why are you doing this, we always listened to you. He says britishers like to break hopes, I understood that mercy plea is a cheat when it was done for saving Bismil. She says trying is our duty, whatever will happen is Lord’s wish. Chandra says I want Veer. Yashpal says maybe we are wrong. Chandra says I don’t want to repeat my mistakes, I didn’t trust Veer, Sushila has confirmed this. Sushila says I will kill him. Chandra says no, I don’t want any woman of this party to fall in danger, Yashpal will kill

him, or I will go and kill him.

Yashpal says I will kill him. Chandra says Veer would know his life is in danger. Yashpal says I know, I will meet you after killing him. Yashpal goes after Veer and stops him. He asks did you get Vesham caught by CID. Veer says no, you all would have got arrested. Yashpal asks why were you there then. Veer says Chandra always had a doubt on me. Yashpal says why is Sushila saying this, don’t blame Chandra. Veer says he didn’t accept me in the party. Yashpal scolds him and asks him to talk to Chandra. Veer says I don’t want to go there and die. Yashpal asks him to stop, don’t force me to shoot. Veer goes to police and gets saved. Yashpal sees police and runs away.

Tikaram asks John to share the problem with him, he will solve it. John asks for Tasduk. Tikaram says trust me once. John says you feel you are a genius, I trust you, you are like family for me, you go, this is an imp case for me, Veer said Chandra can leave the city anytime, just find out. Tikaram asks how will I recognize him. John says you will get his sketch, I need results. Tikaram says it will be done and hugs him.

Bhagat asks Genda why did he get him out of the cell. Genda says the mercy plea got rejected, you three will be kept in different cells till you… Sukhdev says till we we get hanged. Bhagat says we shall go to new houses now. He asks Genda not to get sad. Sukhdev says you already knew this, we were waiting for this, none will trouble you now. Rajguru says I m very happy. Batukeshwar says my name will also be in list. Bimal says you will be here, your life sentence is same. Batukeshwar asks why, Sukhi wasn’t there, I have thrown the bomb. Bhagat says we will achieve the freedom.

Chandra takes a disguise. He sees the police and says so they are ready. He drinks tea. Tikaram stops him. He checks his bag and asks him to go. Chandra goes and gets the gun back from the lady’s bag. Bhagat writes a letter. He recalls Chandra. Des nu challo…..plays…. Bhagat recalls his family and loved ones….. He recalls his life. Tikaram waits for Chandra. Chandra changes his look and comes there as a police officer. Tikaram salutes him. Chandra reads the reward. Tikaram says Azad is wanted. Chandra asks is he any dangerous man. Tikaram says you shouldn’t be worried. Chandra says you should have his pic. Tikaram says then he would have got caught. Chandra says even then you should have his pic. Tikaram says none has seen his face. Chandra says then he is very smart. Tikaram says yes. Chandra says I would have helped if I had pic. Tikaram says he would have died by now if we had pic. Chandra says you will succeed, you are a hardworking man. Tikaram stops him and says thanks. Chandra smiles.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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