Siddhi Vinayak 12th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Manjiri puts Siddhi in danger

Siddhi Vinayak 12th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raju saying my wife used to love me a lot, but she passed away. He gets sad. Vin says I can understand your pain. Raju says sit, I will tell you my story, my second wife loved me a lot but she ran away, my third wife loves me a lot too, she is close to my heart. Vin smiles. Raju says when I saw your wife, I told you, your wife loves you a lot, never give tension to wife. Vin says you are right, my wife did a lot for me, I couldn’t do anything for her, I have murder blame on me. He feels sorry to lie to Siddhi, as he had to lie to save mum. Manjiri thinks I have to do something to stop Siddhi, now death will end Siddhi and Vin’s lives. She calls Kabir and asks him to kill Vin. Kabir says I think you forgot that Vin is in police custody. Manjiri says you are a fool, just check

a pic and then call me. He checks the pic. She says Chota Raju is with Vin in his cell, what can be the better chance to kill Vin, there will be firing in jail, you can kill Vin and more men. He asks why will blame go on Raju. Manjiri says they will think Raju’s men did firing to save Raju and Vin got killed. He says I have become your fan. She says just think well, don’t make any mistake. She says vin will die there in jail, I will kill Siddhi here. She laughs.

Its morning, Siddhi wakes up. Juhi comes and hugs her. Siddhi says we will play together. Manjiri ties some wires and gets the loose end. She keeps it near metal stool. She says when Siddhi gets prasad here, current will send her to Lord, even Bappa won’t be able to save her now. Manjiri says we have to feed poor and pray for Mannu and Vin, Shankar went to meet the judge. She asks Gauri and Prachi to distribute the blankets and sarees, I will come after you. She asks servant to call all the servants, they maybe needed. Siddhi says you didn’t give me any work. Manjiri says you can come there if you want. Siddhi asks are you angry on me, I was just asking you. Manjiri says you are not a mum to understand me, I can’t take Vin’s blame, as Vin made me swear. She cries. Siddhi apologizes to her. Manjiri says its fine, just do one thing, Vin likes sheera, will you make it. Siddhi says yes. Manjiri says keep bhog for Bappa and then get it to temple, shall I tell servant, will you make it. Siddhi says yes, we are doing this for Vin. Manjiri blesses her.

Siddhi goes. Manjiri thinks when we return, we will just see you dead. Siddhi makes the sheera. She prays. She says I will make halwa and then see Juhi, I will take her to temple, she may get fine there. Juhi plays with the ball. She comes to kitchen. Siddhi says go to garden and play, I will make halwa, then we will play together. The ball makes water fall on the wire. The wires get a spark. Siddhi goes to keep bhog. Siddhi says I doubted on Manjiri, she asked me to keep bhog on Vin’s name, you show me the difference between right and wrong. Raju says I want to do a film with you. Vin asks do you always stay happy. Raju says there are big tensions in life, you should be happy. Manjiri waits for Kabir’s call. Siddhi picks the kalash. Manjiri thinks I have to mourn for Siddhi and Vin. She smiles.

Siddhi does the aarti. Juhi sees the sparks and shouts to Siddhi. Kabir and goons break inside the jail and fire. Vin gets shot. Manjiri laughs.

Update Credit to: Amena

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