Ishqbaaz 12th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Anika fulfills a big task

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Ishqbaaz 12th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye comes shouting Anika. Anika stops and sees him. Sahil’s mum says Anika’s marriage is getting fixed. He asks marriage. She says yes. She asks Gauri to give him sweets. Gauri asks him to have sweets. He takes a laddoo. Sahil’s mum asks him to sit, the house belongs to him. He says no, its fine, I wanted to talk to you, can you come out. He goes and thinks of Anika. Tu jaane na….plays…. Anika comes to him. She asks what do you want to talk. He says nothing, you go. Anika says Mr. Oberoi, please call off this wedding, that guy isn’t right for Priyanka. He asks what’s the guarantee that the guy you are marrying is good. She says we are talking about Priyanka. He says I ended that topic. She says you will regret. He asks and you. She says I didn’t get that. He says same here. She says Mr. Oberoi…. He says my name is Shivaye, you can address me by my name. Nikhil comes and says Anika….. all okay? Is there any problem, Sir if you don’t mind, can I take my would be wife with me. Shivaye says yes. Nikhil holds her and asks shall we go, future Mrs. Nikhil Sharma, come everyone is waiting for you. They go. Shivaye looks on. Anika turns and looks at him.

Its morning, Priyanka asks really, what a great news, congrats. She hugs Anika. She stops Shivaye and says you know Anika is getting married, congratulate her. Anika and Shivaye look at each other. Anika says Priyanka…. Priyanka says stop being formal, we are friends Anika, lets shift to the casual you. Anika says fine, don’t worry, I m getting married, it doesn’t mean that I won’t focus on your marriage. Priyanka says but its your day today, you may go. Shivaye asks what do you mean by its her day. Priyanka says Anika is getting engaged today. He asks so soon? Priyanka asks isn’t it amazing, you are getting engaged to Tia today and even Anika is getting engaged today, what’s his name. Shivaye says Nikhil. Priyanka says nice man, its a good coincidence. He says yes, coincidence. Anika says I want to show you the wedding themes, come. Omru come and ask what happened. Shivaye says she is getting married. Rudra says we know Priyanka is getting married. Shivaye says I m not talking about Priyanka.

Om asks whom are you talking about then. Rudra says Om, he is talking about himself, what happened to your hindi, why are you referring to yourself as she, instead he. Shivaye says I m talking about Anika, not myself, looks like its the season of marriage, I thought just Priyanka is leaving this house, but Anika will also leave. Om says she is here just till Priyanka’s marriage, she is not going to stay here forever. Rudra asks why do you care. Shivaye says who said I m bothered, I have a problem with the word marriage. Om says you have, Anika has no issues with it, its a good thing, someone is getting settled. Shivaye says yes, its a good thing. Om says don’t you think he is behaving strange. Rudra asks shall we find out. Om says we have to, this is uncalled for. Rudra asks where are you going. Dadi asks Shivaye to call jeweller, its your engagement in the evening, what will you make Tia wear if you don’t get the ring. He says okay and goes.

Anika asks should we invite even Payal for the wedding. Payal says sure, she is my good friend, we have entire group, Daksh, Payal, me, and more. Anika says it means Daksh knows Payal. Priyanka says they are really good friends. Anika says but Daksh mostly stays in London. Priyanka says yes, he has his business there, but he keeps visiting India to meet me. Anika asks after your marriage… Priyanka says I will get settled with him in London. Shivaye says this girl should have been a spy instead wedding planner, she is getting info about Daksh so casually, she will end up saying wrong about Daksh. He says I have some work with you. Anika goes.

She asks 100 kg laddoo. He says yes, Dadi told laddoos should be sent with Priyanka’s wedding invitation, I want 100 kg laddoo in two hours. She asks how to arrange it. He says its your work, you have to figure it out. She says even the halwai needs time, how can I do this. He says I want 100 kg of laddoo, if you can’t do this, you can leave this job. She says I will do this. He asks sure. She says 100%. he says don’t tell me that you will make it. She says I will make it myself. He asks how. She says its my work to figure out, after all I m the wedding planner. Anika goes to kitchen and starts preparing the laddoos. She checks recipe on net. Shivaye looks on from far. She starts making the laddoos. The big plate gets filled. She gets tired. Gauri cleans the things. Sahil’s mum says its Anika’s engagement and she isn’t here, we are working here.

Gauri says Anika went for work, that’s why we are given this shelter. Sahil’s mum says call her and ask her to come home, will she get ready for engagement or simply sit before inlaws in the same attire. Gauri calls Anika. She asks where are you, when will you come, its your engagement, come soon else Nikhil will make aunt wear the ring and she will even accept it. Anika says I have to make some laddoos, I will come. Gauri asks are you a wedding planner or halwai. Anika says I will come and explain, I don’t have time, bye. Gauri says she is strange, its her engagement today and she is making laddoos there. Anika takes the laddoos out. She makes more laddoos. Jeweller says have this ring, your Dadi has chosen this for your fiancee. Shivaye sees the ring. Sahil’s mum and Gauri come. Sahil’s mum calls out Anika. Gauri says sorry Mr. Oberoi for entering your house this way. Sahil’s mum says its her engagement today, so we have come to pick her.

Anika says you here. Sahil’s mum says you should have come and got ready, you are wasting time here. Anika says I had urgent work. She says I have made laddoos and packed as well, you can send it with invitation. Shivaye says okay. Gauri asks what happened to your hands. Anika says nothing, my hands must have got swollen while preparing the laddoos. Gauri says your hand is swollen. Anika says it will be fine in some time, don’t worry. Sahil’s mum says your hands got swollen on your engagement day, we don’t have a ring for Nikhil, if his ring doesn’t fit your finger, how will your engagement happen. Anika says we can talk this out at home, I have spoken to Nikhil already, he has no problem, he just wants me to wear his ring. Shivaye looks on. Anika goes with Gauri and Sahil’s mum. Shivaye says no, stop…..I needed your help, only if you can stop. Anika says you carry on, I will come.

Rudra is on the way. He drives while talking to Om on call. He says I m bringing all shagun gifts, I m coming in 5mins. Bhavya comes in his way. He says you….. she says its me. He says I m in a hurry. She says that’s why you didn’t see the signal. He says the road was vacant so… She says so will you jump over the signal, you will be charged for overspeeding too. Rudra says Om, I will call you later. She says were you talking on phone, you will be charged for it too, show me your license. He says I m Shivaye’s brother. She says it doesn’t matter to law, law doens’t discriminate. He asks her for his license. She says collect it from police station, you need not meet the commissioner for this. Gauri says I will deck up Anika so that Nikhil is left awestruck. She sees a gold chain. Sahil’s mum takes it and asks how did you get this, did you steal.

Gauri says I have bought it from my savings, I have been saving from my pocket money which Anika gives me every month, its a wedding gift to her from my side. Sahil’s mum says I will sell it. Gauri takes the chain back and says Anika has never prayed for herself, she won’t ask for gold, forget this chain, you know me well, I m Gundi, I m threatening you knowing you will take this chain from Anika, its just for Anika, I will give this to her after marriage, make sure you stay quiet in front of Anika’s inlaws in the engagement ceremony.

Sahil’s mum says we shall start the engagement, Anika forward your hand. Nikhil sees the ring and asks whose ring is this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hi pkjs
    Its been some time.. all well…
    Im not.. i fractured my leg nowmwrapped wt aircast wth elbow cructhes..can u guys imagine hw painful it is … only god know.. i fell down … been a week..

    Well beautiful episode back to back gals… so happy this redux is owsm… i thjnk shivaye is going to fall madly in love wt anika… the way hw he wants to c her more gv her more work so she in in OM under her eyes…. oh my god…. billuji going to b a ishqbaaaz first b4 anika…*

    Chory chory chupki chupki looking at her preozring the laddu… ths way he lookz at her the love in his eyes….. just on the point…
    Love this line..
    Main samjhi nahi” –
    A “Samjh to mujhe bhi nhi aa raha” “Mr Oberoi aap” –
    S “Mera naam Shivaay hai, Shivaay naam se to bula sakti ho” – beautiful luv it totally the way hw he said it….

    He is in love bug he dun know???!^%#%/#^#^#&#&#

    Why the hell v had bhavya in 2days epi?

    Waiting 2moro epi shivaye will put his ring on anika finger getting engaged first…

    1. Go Pushpa sis go!! Achucho.. fracture ah? Take care akka.. Yeah it will be really painful.. even I had fractured my right hand once.. I know the pain.. Take care sis.. Eat calcium rich foods.. Chori chori chupke chupke ?? Correct akka.. same thought while watching tht scene..

    2. Hiii Pu di…get well soon…tc…..sending some reiki for you….
      I think Sso was feeling gulity bcoz he gave Annika so tough task….
      But jo bhi he his eyes were not leaving her for a sec…Hope this time Bilu will realise his love….
      Once again…..sending some positive vibes..E
      at healthy food..
      Love you.

    3. Luthfa

      Go Pushpa di Go.Many many congratulations…?

  2. Pushpa

    Hi pkjs
    Its been some time.. all well…
    Im not.. i fractured my leg nowmwrapped wt aircast wth elbow cructhes..can u guys imagine hw painful it is … only god know.. i fell down … been a week..

    Well beautiful episode back to back gals… so happy this redux is owsm… i thjnk shivaye is going to fall madly in love wt anika… the way hw he wants to c her more gv her more work so she in in OM under her eyes…. oh my god…. billuji going to b a ishqbaaaz first b4 anika…*

    Chory chory chupki chupki looking at her preozring the laddu… ths way he lookz at her the love in his eyes….. just on the point…
    Love this line..
    Main samjhi nahi” –
    A “Samjh to mujhe bhi nhi aa raha” “Mr Oberoi aap” –
    S “Mera naam Shivaay hai, Shivaay naam se to bula sakti ho” – beautiful luv it totally the way hw he said it….

    He is in love bug he dun know???!^%#%/#^#^#&#&#

    Why the hell v had bhavya in 2days epi?

    Waiting 2moro epi shivaye will put his ring on anika finger getting engaged first…
    Gd nite luvlies

    1. Hii Pushpa di .

      u are not well ….

      but di how it happened ?i mean fracture ?
      what were you doing ? what was the reason of falling?
      and from where?

      yes di in tomorrow’s episode Shivaye will put his ring in Annika’s finger .
      I am so excited.

      ok bye di
      and take care .
      and Get wel soon .
      love u .

    2. Hope you get well soon Pushpa. Fracture is the worse. Please rest well.

    3. Luthfa

      Take care di.I will pray to God for you.Lots of healing wishes.May you come round soon????

      1. Luthfa

        About episode,you are right di.Shivika’s hide and seek romance has started.Waiting for Shivaay’s Ishqbaaz avatar.Today is engagement.Let’s see what happens next.God bless you

  3. Arpita6

    Hiiiiii mere khidkitod pagals. .
    Love VS Destiny
    Chapter 19
    @Sindhu di..yeh even I am too loving this Annika as i loved khidkitod Annika…this calmAnnika is realy different Chandu di and Noks bhaiya both doing great job as shivika as wel as individual. …..
    @Samrin dear….hope so…they will back..but i don’t think another 400 episode will happen for their love story….ujust hope that trp will increase.
    @Lu..ofcourse yarri done my brush..tum bhi na…naughty..???..

    Today I was actually laughing likeanything.
    First of all happy not to see Toa ki Bacchi and D.
    Sso came toAnnika’s house to throw out her..but his word and world both stopped..
    Ok as i am missing shivika..but that lyrics they played was 100% pefect for them in this situation …SAMAJH MAINTOH MUJHE NAHI AARAHA..this line showed Sso’s inner feeling..btw BANDAconfused he and making Annika more confuse ??????????.

    Nithala Nikhil your game will over soon.

    Sso…ha ha ha Totally lost inAnnika he didn’t even reacting to prinku question..and instantly He said Nikhil..what if he was thinking about Nikhil in whole night. ?????..
    And Annika be like ye Sso toh mujhe main kho gaye he….ok distract karna padega. ..????????..

    Aab toh Annika bhi chalijayegi…he actually started to missing her.mere thought of her is goving him thousaof feeling which can’t be deciphered. ….Bechare Omru confuse hogaye.????…

    Isse weeding planner nahi detective hona chahiye tha..yeh yeh Biluji we know that….??but ye Shivika ki ankho ankho main baat..imean he is indicating to come with him….this gesture is giving me naughty vibes..?????you know what I mean????. .

    100 kilo ladoos that also within 2 hours..Sso unknowingly you hurted her.but loving this reminded me season 1 of ib when Annika was making cake seeing internet..
    But our Annika is khidkitod… but Sso is tadoing her…that also khade khade.. ???.

    Chachi..just keep your mouth shut up…

    My poor Annika…her hand is not in good condition waiting for that day whenSso will cure Annika’s wound..I wil wait for it….?..
    Afyer 2 or 3 weeks Bhabya is backbut this rudy is just will take time for me to make him as my buddy in this AU….

    Precap -??????Sso as we saw today when Annika said it is imp for Nokhil that his ring should be onAnnika’s their engagement will be done…but yhis time Sso is also engaged lets see.
    Nikhil ,Tia , Daksh..three big hurddles let seehow Shivika will cop with them..

    One more thing..
    I am tired of Hating Sso.
    I am liking this redux plz Cvs don’t make more wrose for me…

    Trp 16th overall
    Hope it will increase more….

    1. Hello Arpita di
      how are you ?
      all good na ?

      Actually di, you know what, SAMAJH MEIN TO MUJHE NHI AA RAHA ki what shivaye is thinking ?
      he is totally confused about Annika.

      but I think he was very heartbroken after listening about Anika’s engagement .

      Don’t worry di jb Shivaye kl apne haathon se Annika ko ring pehnayega na to uska sara dard kam ho jayega .
      issi baat pr ek gana yaad aagya .
      dard dilo k km ho jaate , mein aur tum gar hum ho jaate.

      So , all pain will vanish , when shivaye and Annika will become Shivika .
      and sorry ,don’t ask me reason Ok
      and this is your litle sister’s request .
      bs man kiya to keh diya.
      love you.

      1. Ha ha Ishu..nice song..
        I make a mistake…i WAS MISSING OH JANA..but i said SHIVIKA…pagla gaye he hum..
        Ye i am fine totally good?? How are you little Sis….
        Hmm Sso was looking broken..just like sombody snatched some precious thing from him..
        Hmm lets see upcoming is exciting…

    2. Arpu I am also disappointed with the trp. Why people are not patient nah? Can’t they just wait and see the development. I was hoping IB trp will go up. I mean how can one fall in love so quickly. During the sangeet then Om will see Gauri so there might be some spark. Rikara fans should be patient. I can’t understand how other serials are already on the top of the Chart. I am not against other serials but honestly do people like psycho themes and murder themes a lot. I thought family themes look good.

      Well I only hope the trp will go up.

    3. Luthfa

      Hello Arpita,
      Hehehe…..Yes,Shivaay is behaving so out of character type.He is in serious conflict regarding his sudden feelings for Anika.May be,he was thinking about Nikhil at night.He has got his competitor but not of his standards.Waiting for today’s episode.Nice analysis.Enjoyed reading?

  4. Hii khidkitod pagals!! Haayeee!! Jealous SSO rocks!!!! Nikhil Sharma shocks!!!
    I think in IB redux, the couples are shivika, ruvya and gauri-her Chachi.. Omkara is gonna be a loner.. no issues omkie.. I will come for you???
    Haha superb precap.. waiting for tomo

    1. Gauri with her Chachi………

      My dear dhawni .
      I think u are right yaar bcoz CVS are taking so much time to meet Rikara .
      waiting for their union
      I just hope that day is not so far.

      Take care
      love u.

    2. Hii Dhwani…he he Go for your Ommi somki..he is alone….but good that he is sensible…he is giving me old om feels…

    3. Luthfa

      Hello Dost,how are you?
      Missing you so very much in PKJ.I think you are busy???Awwwww….Go for it Dost.Your Om is alone for the time being.Hehehehe……??????????Okay,jokes apart,I am seriously missing you so very much.Take care.Love you?

  5. congo puspa for commenting first.although i quite like the redux i am still vry vry upset and angry as it has more than 3 weeks since redux started but still no rikara meeting.i am just waiting for them to meet.hope they meet soon…..

    1. Hope so dear……lets see.

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Dipti,
      I have read somewhere that makers have decided the first meeting of Rikara in a khidkitode way.Let’s see,how they are going to meet?

  6. Luthfa

    Shivaay was standing right there looking pale,totally lost,heartbroken to a great extent and was in deep thoughts.What and which thoughts and why he was thinking? He arrived at the outhouse to oust the one who was creating problems in his endeavour instead he found himself confronting an absolutely new truth of his heart.Shivaay was all ready to shout at the top of his voice but one sentence made him speechless and he was compelled to stop.All of a sudden he realized something had broken inside him and it was paining so very much,at the same time it was unbearable as it was not known to him why he was feeling such.There was a stabbing sensation that overpowered his whole existence.Life seems drifting away leaving him lifeless behind.He wished in his heart that if he could he would have removed those few minutes from his life.The feeling of separating from someone who is not even related to you was so intense.His eyes couldn’t believe what he saw and refused to accept.Such is the game of heart.When one feels he has won it turns out that he actually lost it.As sometimes winning is equal to losing from every aspect.Today,Shivaay Singh Oberoi is being defeated against the heart of Shivaay which is not ready to grant the permission of closing its door anymore for the love it is craving since long.What Shivaay Singh Oberoi couldn’t understand his heart got it.Wish of human heart can never match the reality.Reality is much more harsh and hard.But what about those unbound emotions of heart and its desire?This human heart is just unbelievable and stubborn of a rare kind.Shivaay Singh Oberoi is going to have hard time handling his heart and hide its emotions from everyone even to himself.How far he will succeed,that only time can tell.But the game of Yes and No has started and this time the opponent of Shivaay Singh Oberoi is,his own Heart……………………………

    1. You r absolutes right Luthfa di
      it is very painful jb hume khud nhi pata hota ki hum paeshaan ku hai aur hum kya chate hai.

      I agree with you wish of human heart can never match with reality.
      actually, I agree with all of your points .

      Again u proved it di , you are a khidkitod writer.
      love u

      1. Luthfa

        You are right.If we get upset and the reason we can’t find then it becomes really very frustrating experience.That is the same with Shivaay.But I am sure,he is going to find out soon what has happened to him.Thank you soooooooooo…..very much for your valuable love.Love you too?

    2. Hey Luthfa absolutely right! Shivaay’s battle of emotions have been invoked the very moment he saw Anika and Nikhil about to feed one another.

      He knows then he fighting a losing battle. So to delay her engagement he asked her to make ladoos so he can buy time.

      Now when she is about to go for her engagement he is also delaying her process as he wants her to try the wedding ring. Seems like Lu Shivaay is the only one who will put his ring on Anika’s finger. Isn’t that romantic?

      1. Luthfa

        Sindhu di,
        Yes,his emotions have torn his heart and he is clueless about it.And he is a born romantic.Just hope he realize his true feelings soon.And engagement is going to take place,secretly.That will be romantic indeed.Thank you sooooo…very much for your love di.Love you?

    3. True and honest lines for Sso’s feelings..
      Lu ……full on helicopter shot..

      1. Luthfa

        Awwww….Thank you sooooo…very much darling.Love you?

  7. Aashika

    Hello everyone…… I hope you didn’t forget me. Actually after exams I’m on vacation in Nepal but my bad luck that there is no TV connection and no network as well?????. So I missed all the episodes. But don’t worry I came back today and got the biggest shock of my life.. After watching today’s episode my head is spinning. I’m confused. What happened to ishqbaaz and what is the current story. So just tell me in brief, I will watch all the episode in hotstar when got free time. I really missed you all and your comments. Till then good night.

    1. Aashika dear..
      First of all welcome back to pkj…
      Ok now Shivika is in alternative universe..
      Now if i will say anything then your head will start to spinn one
      Just go and catch episode..
      Then only you will able to understand it..bcoz it is a redux concept which came to indian television for the first time..
      Go and watch…..

    2. Yes Aashika dear ,
      I agree with Arpita di .
      you should watch the episodes to understand what is happening ?

    3. Luthfa

      Hello Aashika dear,
      Welcome back to PKJ family with band-baja and lots of love.Hope you are doing khidkitode.
      About IB,now it’s in Redux mode.Catch up those missing episode then you will get to know everything.Take care.See you soon?

  8. Hi all,
    Hope you guys remember me.. Back to IB page after long back.. I just stopped watching it.. From yesterday started to watch.. Luthfa, Sindu, bani, ishitha, arpu, jeevi.. Missed you guys so much..
    I just like this redux sso.. Whenever daksh is there between shivika.. Dhamaka with be there.. Hope in redux also will be the same..
    Ishqbaaz became atmbazz.. Tia marrying shivaay for money & ratmouseface nikhil marrying anika for money daksh marrying prinku for money.. Anyways after clearance shivika will be together but about prinku.. When ran veer gonna make his entry.. Rikara’s & Ruvya love story gonna start??

    1. Hello Kadhambari di?
      what are you saying di ?
      how can we forget you ?
      yes , off course we remember you.

      how are you and your son Suhas ?
      how is his school going on ?
      yes di there will be some dhamka
      but don’t know what ?

    2. Hiii can we forget you???.
      Welcome back to pkj………
      How is our little champ????..
      I don’t think Ranveer will make entry……
      Ye Dhamaka will happen…but what type of…lets see.

    3. Hey kadhambari welcome back!!! How is your little prince? Must be so busy being a Mother. I am Glad you started watching IB again. The redux is going good and both shivika look so beautiful.

    4. Luthfa

      Hello Kadhambari di,
      Welcome back to PKJ family with lots of love and band-baja.How are you and how is Suhas doing?Hope everything is great.Even me too missed you sooooo…very much.

      1. Luthfa

        Me too is expecting something beautiful for Shivika with Daksh around.Don’t know when other couple’s story is going to start.About Ranveer,I can’t tell.Anyway,take care di.Love you?

  9. Luthfa

    Hehehehehe…..The way Shivaay mentioned about Anika’s leaving the house along with Priyanka,it seemed like Anika too is his Sister!Don’t worry Shivaay,Anika is not going anywhere.She will stay with you as she is destined to be.Until she becomes your wife,enjoy those laddoos made by Anika your future Mrs.?????????????????????????????????????????

    1. Annika being Sso Sister. PAGAL TYPE OS likhne ka mann kar raha he..????????..
      I think ladoo is testy…???????…

      1. Luthfa

        Really?What are you waiting for them?You are very skilled in humour department.Do try okay?I am waiting to read??????

  10. Hello everyone ?
    Kya haal Pkj wala’s?

    I am just loving this redux and everything related to it .
    I am loving this Annika ,yaar shr replied Shivaye with full tashan.

    and she did it , after all she is our khidkitod Annika .

    but I think , this time Shivaye is going to fall in love with Annika first .
    bcoz it was visible on his face how he felt after listening about Annika’s engagement ?

    but he is right , Nikhil is not a perfect match for her .

    Priyanka bhi ja rahi hai aur wo bhi chali jayegi
    SSO ab aap mane yana mane but Annika k presence aur absence se aapko farak to padta hai .

    I liked this dialogue.

    So , I think this is enough for today .
    ok bye
    sleep tight.
    Sweet dreams .
    love u all

    1. Ishu….same thought….i also.think this time Sso wil realise his love for his soulmate….
      Even I am loving this redux like anything…uuummmhhhhhh.

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Ishita,
      Everything is going good but little bit busy.Anyway,you are absolutely right.Khidkitode Anika performed her task perfectly.She never gives any chance to complain for anything.Shivaay is going to accept his feelings for Anika very soon.But I am eager to watch that how that will happen.Nice and apt analysis dear.Loved reading.Take care?

  11. listen ….
    oh …..sorry sorry …….
    read carefully …..

    i want to file missng report
    can anybody help me ?
    actually some or i should say many members of our pkj family are missing so please help me to find them .
    i am mentioning their names below-
    banita di .
    aayush bhaiya.
    krishna di.
    beauty di.
    kadhambari di was also missing but aaj mil gayi
    thank god……….
    ritu ritika
    and many more …..

    kaha ho sb yaar .
    please come back .
    we are missing your comments .
    pkj suna suna lage jb koi rahe na apna
    u know what ,
    ishqbaaz telly updates page bhi sochta hoga
    ki mere bhi kya din aa gaye hai obly thitrty to fifty comments hardly.
    wo bhi kya din the jb coments ki baarish hoti thi.

    i know and i can understand ki aap sab busy bhi ho sakte hai but please ek baar wapas aa kr to dekhiye.

    1. Ishu..Bani will come back mostly on 19th or 20th july…she has her exams……
      Even I am missing all comments
      Episodes are good bit comment is less..I sm.missing full pkj wali feels..come back guys..missing you.

      1. oh …..accha Banita di k exams chal rahe hai …….
        ok intezaar karenge hum sab aapka Banita di aur baaki sb ka bhi

  12. dear friends…
    I won’t say anything about the redux track….
    I hope in 7 din mai shivika ki shadi ho jai…aur prianka ki shadi se pehle daksh ko hamari annika expose kar de..kuki annika ne aapni investigation start kaar dia…
    I hope prianka ki shadi se pehle daksh expose ho…kuki I won’t tolerate ki aab annika phir se shivay aur tia ki weeding planer bane…phirse wohi rituals and so on and unnecessary time lose…

    1. Shamrin dear…this thing I also want that Daksh should be expose soon…….
      But lets see what Cvs are planning….
      But honestly i dont want any Force marriage once again…….

    2. Luthfa

      Let’s see,what cvs have thought for us.Waiting is only solution for the time being.

  13. Wow today’s episode is so mind blowing. Great!!! Shivaay is feeling sad that Anika is getting engaged and going to leave the house. There is such an attachment towards her. Tomorrow’s episode will be even fun. Shivaay would have got engaged to Anika asking her to try Tia’s ring and she can’t pull out and got stuck. So Shivaay secretly had engaged to Anika and Tia will wear her own ring and not shivaay’s. See how destiny has played a role here. They are meant together means they are meant to be together.

    I love the conversation among ShiOmru and Shivaay telling Priyanka is leaving and so is. Anika. Now Om and ru will be a jasoos to find out why Shivaay is feeling down about it. What connection he has with Anika? Great!! The bros will be back with a bang!!!

    1. I am loving this redux Sindhu di.
      And you asked me na…y exam is done since 4th july..i am back…already..i am commenting here already.. ???????…
      Yeh upcoming is soo exciting once again my excitement level is on high.

    2. Hello Sindhu di.
      and yes di it will be fn to watchOm amd Rudra in detective mode.
      I am excited for that and u ?

    3. Luthfa

      Sindhu di,
      Episodes are really going good and I am enjoying a lot.Initial melancholic mood has toned down and there is no dragging.Hope Rikara come back soon with their romances and Obros are going to rock.Waiting for today’s episode.Love you?

  14. Ateequa

    The episodes was really good .. how Anika made the radio was super awesome☺and our jealous sso☺….

    1. Luthfa


  15. Hello my dear Arpu Luthfa banita kadhambari beauty shiny jeevi dear pushpa Aayush Zara Shivya Ishita tania sneha and many many lovely people. Please keep commenting as comments are less these days. Please watch the redux of IB as it is going good.

    1. Luthfa

      Hi di.I will try my level best.Thank you so much?

  16. Nikita_jai29

    It is good episode.. Sso is confused and making anika more.. Anika the super women…
    Luthfa dear how are you..
    Arpu dear your chapter comment is good…

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Nikita dear,
      I am good.Thank you so much.Hope you are doing great.You are right.Shivaay himself is confused and making Anika even more confused.Waiting for today’s episode.Take care.Lots of love?

  17. Good epi” samajh to mujhe bhi nai aa raha” itna sa dialogue aur bhaut sare emotions. Jase nakuul ka har facial expresssion and emotion hota wase indian tv me koi bhi nai de sakta, me to totally connect ho jati hu hats of u my dear noxi

    1. Luthfa

      Agree with you completely.I love it when he emotes through his eyes.Just amazing to watch?

  18. Luthfa

    Yes,almost everyone is busy from present member and rest of PKJ has vanished absolutely.In the past comments were used to cross500, 400,300+ per day,600,700+in weekends. and I have witnessed it being a silent reader.The problem is those who are present now don’t engage in any discussion when in old days everyone used to discuss the ongoing incident regarding IB.And that’s not the case now.Just hope everyone comes back and make PKJ a busy place which it was once upon a time.Sigh………..

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