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Beyhadh 21st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saach works on Maya’s files till late night and falls asleep on desk. Arjun comes to her room with tea and dips her finger in tea cup. Saachi wakes up shouting and shouts more seeing Arjun. Arjun says if she continues like this, Maya will spoil her life, so she should either cotinue working or come him for tea. She says she is fine here. He asks if her finger is not dirty. She says no. He says she can sip it then. He leaves room. Prem notices it and fumes. Suman comes out and why is he standing like an angry young man. Prem says Arjun will not come to Saanjh’s room at night. Suman says they are chidhood friends. Prem says they have grown up and Saanjh’s feelings for Arjun have changed. Suman asks if he does not trust Saanjh. He says more than himself, but they away

Arjun is heading, he may move ahead and leave Saanjh far behind.

Next morning, Arjun reaches office. Peon takes selfies with him. A PR consultancy firm lady comes and starts flirting with Arjun. Arjun shakes hand with her. Maya enters and fumes in jealousy seeing this. She says shaking hands bring illness and some are incurable. Arjun leaves hand. Lady says she is from PR firm and came for presentation. Maya says in her office, presentations happen in presentation room and not in reception. Lady asks Arjun how he tolerates sanki/miser boss. He says how to tell her and says she cannot badmouth about his boss. They go to presentation room. Lady says Maya’s company’s magazine is boring and she can make it interesting by focusing on Arjun. She touches Arjun. Maya fumes in anger seeing this.

Saanjh comes to Maya’s office and tells receptionist that she came for a meeting with Maya. Receptionist says madam is in a meeting. Saanjh asks where is Arjun. Receptionist says he is also in meeting. Saanjh says she will sit on Arjun’s desk then. Receptionist asks her to come out when meeting finishes. Saanjh agrees and murmurs looking at her and Arjun’s pic on desk and says Arjun is not that handsome, then why girls fall for him. Peon comes and fixes Arjun’s newspaper cutout on Saanjh’s pic. Saanjh feels sad.

Maya tells lady that her presentation is good for a comic novel and not her magazine. Lady shouts nobody rejected her idea in her 15-year career. Maya asks her to get idea for her managazine next time and not for her photographer. Once she leaves, lady gives her card to Arjun and asks him to join her once he is fed up of his sanki boss.

Maya goes down. Saanjh sees her and hides under table and then runs abck to waiting area. Arjun goes to Maya’s cabin and says environment was very hot, which icecream flavor he woudl have, vanilla, choc, strawberry. Maya says no. He in his usual style throws his philosophy. Maya says vanilla. He goes out and sees Saanjh, starts chatting with her. Maya fume seeing them laughing on CCTV footage and angrily orders receptionsist to call Arjun. Arjun goes back. She asks where is ice cream. He gives witty answer. She gives him a CD and asks to deliver it to someone. He says he is not a delivery boy. She says he does not leave h is work incomplete, this CD is very important and she cannot let it fall in someone’s hands, so she wants him to deliver it. He says okay and walks out. He tells receptionist that Saanjh is his close friend and worked whole night on presentation, so if she needs coffee or tea, she should be given. He leaves.

Saanjh continues waiting for Maya’s call. Receptionist informs that Maya that Saanjh has come. Maya asks who Saanjh. Receptionist says Malkani’s employee. Maya says she is busy and let Saanjh wait. She watches via CCTV footage Saanjh waiting and sipping cups of cofee and smirks. Man people come and meet Maya. Receptionist discusses Maya met many people but is making Saanjh wait. Saanjh falls asleep waiting for Maya. Maya after office hours walks towards Saanjh and makes sound. Saanjh wakes up.

Precap: Arjun sees Saanjh crying and asks what happened to her. Saanjh tells what Maya did to her. Arjun angrily confronts Maya that Saanjh is hsi best friend and life and if something happens to her, he gets injury and he will not tolerate anyone misbehaving with her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Omg arjun become angry ?…. Waiting for more masti…. Jenny is sooo cute asusual… That smile for arjun is devine….
    Love it…. ❤ ❤

  2. did anyone see the new promo? its horrible maya will take saanjh 2 hell seriously also she will propose arjun but he doesnt know wat 2 do? & he will witness the real maya’s pagalpan its going 2 be really tough time 4 saanjh & arjun

  3. nyc epi..but precp is too annoying
    well thnks for the update !!!!!

  4. Maya feelings looks like hero feelings in some serial..i mean before days hero did it same jealous scenes but now girl..different to watch it.Maya dialogue pyar boolgay aadhath hi to Arjun ?? see precap I’m getting angry.? love you jenny ur acting is simply superb naturally.? ?

  5. People shouldn’t get angry over the precap. Arjun had every right to be angry with her. If it was your friend being treated badly by your boss, would you sit and let it go? I appreciate Arjun for standing up to her.

  6. Angelk1

    I don’t know why people are mad over the precap. Maya did wrong, and Arjun did right by being angry. If it was your bestfriend. Or friend wouldn’t you do the same. But anyway Im glad he stood up to Maya. She deserve his anger.

    1. they r expressing theirr point of view…there is ntng wrong in dat…dey luv maya nd arjun pair…so dey r angry on d precap..even i want dem as pair…it’s my opinion…every one has their own opinions…soo plzz dnt hurt dem…

      1. Arya lover its not wrong if peaple love arjun maya pair its thrir choice but that doesnt mean they should support wrong things .what maya did absolutely wrong so arjuns anger is justified and maya desreves his anger.loved the way arjun took stand for his besti.
        Dnt feel i dnt like maya i like jennifer acting she is stolen the show by her acting really superb actress.
        I dnt care whom arjun will choose as his love maya or sanjh but im really glad he is supporting right things not wrong ones.
        Maya if she loves arjun she have to make her place in arjuns life not to snatch sanjhs place in arjuns life

      2. Don’t be got that much’s not Maya wrong…sanjh didn’t completed her work properly.with out reason maya will not behave like its equal wrong.if u don’t like to accept.don’t object it.

      3. It’s Maya’s insecure’s turns obsession like Arjun forgot to bring ice cream bcoz of Saanjh meeting.every girl will get angry r jealous to see that’s why she tried to avoid saanjh from’s serial and different story.everything is fair and war in it’s not Maya wrong and we are not supporting wrong things.

      4. Dr ks im not blind fans like u i can see right and rong.
        Who said everything is fair in love and war this line looks good only in books not in reality .
        And plsss u dnt be blind what maya is doing its not called love its obession only if she really loves him she doesnt hurted sanjh beacause sanjh is bery important for arjun if sanjh gets hurt then arjun will also get hurt .if maya loves arjun then how can she behave like this with his besy friend and for ur imformation maya is intensionally doing all this with sanjh to hurt her so its better if u understood this first before teaching to me.

      5. Dear shahabana..i think you didn’t read my comment u too don’t give advice like what’s wrong r what’s good..who ever got hurt I don’t care y because its serial.I did not involved in Saanjh Arjun relationship like u.and don’t compare serial with showed blind think.Saanjh loves Arjun.. it’s not about friend ship related so understand this.

      6. Ks u are also not understanding my point dr
        I told for arjun sanjh is his best frnd and one and only frnd so he will definietely care for her so thats why i told his anger towords maya is justified

    2. Angelk1

      Ks saanj came on time and waited for maya, maya being jealous decided to make her wait. Not because of work related but because she was getting jealous. Thats mest up. If she love arjun she would be trying to make him fall for her not attack his bestfriend and get her out the picture.

      I love jenny acting I’m her fan, but her maya character is an obsess women. You seriously cant tell me maya love is pure compare to saanj love. Who never complain when arjun ask her to do this, always supporting him and have his back. Lets not forget they’ve known each other for years.

      I never look for pairing in this show. I just love the theme. Arjun can have them both as long as it makes sense to me and the viewer’s. It just wouldnt make sense if he ends up with maya after everything she will do.

  7. People will get angry y because its Maya office work’s not Arjun company to give warning in her’s over warning..I think.

    1. 3veni

      totallyy agreee wid uuu…..

  8. Glad to see Arjun supporting his bestie,,,,he z too cute <3

  9. Ayesh042

    Precap ????

    1. In love with ur dp,,,,,Ada khan,,,ryt

  10. Love you saajh❤️❤️❤️❤️

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