Shani 21st November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Shani 21st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shani opens the door with shaky hands. Tears stream down his cheeks as he sees his mother singing a lullaby for Yami. Chhaya turns feeling someone’s presence but Shani is behind the door. She is unable to see him. She still feels something strange. Shani walks teary eyed and in shock. Kakol asks his friend to stop but Shani signals him to leave him alone. Yam is headed to his room when he notices Kakol there. He is the same bird I saw in jungle. He notices Shani as well. Who is this kid and what is he doing here? It is certain that this bird has a connection with this kid and this kid is connected to that jungle where mother goes. He will tell me what mother dint tell me!

Shani thinks of his mother excusing herself for praying every day and of not finding her behind the curtains the other day. He thinks of how many times he asked her if she is hiding something from her and her saying no. Memories of her singing lullaby for him and Yami flash before his eyes as he walks back towards the jungle alone. Shani reaches home. Curtain makes noise because of wind. Shani puts it back correctly covering the puja area.

Yami has fallen asleep. Chhaya is still with her.

Shani keeps looking at the curtain time and again.

Chhaya thinks it is night. Shani must be waiting for me. She goes from there. Yam thinks of what he had heard (Surya Dev and Chhaya’s convo) and of his mother telling her she is leaving for jungle. He thinks of Kakol, Shani and of his mother in the jungle. He picks up his sword. Whoever you are, you should take last night’s sleep tonight. You are going to die tomorrow!

Chhaya comes and finds Shani waiting for her. Shani smiles seeing her. She caresses his face. Dint you sleep? He replies that he woke up today. She asks him if he had food. He says I have always eaten with you. How could I eat alone today? She is pained by his words and goes to get food. Don’t you wish to know why I got late today? He gets up. I know that you were busy in prayers. She feels bad for lying to him. She turns but he is standing outside by then. They both make feed fruits to each other. She finds him staring at her differently. What are you looking at? He says you look really tired. Such long prayers tire you, right? You only say prayers bring peace to our heart but the prayer which tires body and makes you restless is either not done for the right reason or maybe it isn’t a prayer really. Decrease your time for praying. You get tired. He lies down to sleep. Chhaya is surprised to see him thus. She too lies down and caresses his cheeks. He sings lullaby instead of her. She is touched by the words of his lullaby. She falls asleep. He turns his back to her and cries.

Sun rises in the sky. Shani looks at his mother. She moves a little. He wipes his tears and lies down pretending to be sleeping. She wakes him up. She notices something different. He tells her that sun has risen in the sky. You will have to pray now, right? He walks away. She is surprised at his reactions. Chhaya apologizes to her son. I wont delay in coming from now onwards. He says why do you apologize. There must be a reason for those difficult prayers. I have faith you will tell me the reason at the right time. Shanay-Shanay, right? She feels bad. She begins to walk away but then stops. Shani gestures her to smile. She kisses him on the forehead and then goes teary eyed. Shani looks at the stone in his hand. His eyes brim with tears.

Guru Shukrachayra tells Vykthagandh he is going to get that kid. Stay here. Vykthagandh asks him why he brought them here when he does not need him. Guru Shukracharya says my experience tells me we are not the only one who has come here to look for that kid. Indra Dev reaches jungle as well with his group of people. It is time to unveil the one Surya Dev is hiding.

Yam reaches Shani’s home. Come out. Answer my questions or die! He shoots a spear because of which a blast happens. Shani steps forward. Yam is surprised to see him here. Shani and Yam look at each other. Shani says I don’t know you but understand this that attacking without warning and entering someone’s place without permission is a crime. you have done both. Third crime will be your last one. Yam asks if entering at night is not considered a crime. If yes, then with whose permission you came to Surya Loka last night. My question is why you came! Answer me or I will uproot this so called house of yours.

Shani walks up to him. Kakol is looking at them from the tree. He thinks to do something before something goes wrong. He flies away. Shani tells him not to make noise. My mother. He stops. Yam demands to know why he came to Surya Mahal last night. What is your relation with Surya Mahal? Shani says I don’t want a war. Return. Yam replies that cowards speak of leaving. That is in blood. My blood is challenging me for a war. Shani does not let him attack him. Yam says surely your blood is bad which has made you a coward.

Precap: Yam attacks Shani but Shani holds him by his neck. Chhaya shouts at Shani to stop. He is your brother. You both are the kids of Surya Dev! Surya Dev asks Chhaya to bring Shani to Surya Loka. Shani comes to Surya Loka. I agree to come here. I have understood why this happened to me but I want to know why Surya Dev did this to you (his mother).

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Wow semma episode I can’t cntrl my tears..

  2. Chance ae illa..very very touching episode.. I didn’t expect this kind of scenes in shani serial..


    TfFWU Pooja..? & hiiiii friends.. ✋✋✋…mujhe toh 2 din(sat -sun) 2 saal jaise laga..???..full of emotional loaded episode.. ???(poore episode mein aasu barah hua tha..??)..
    waiting for FIGHTING…. ???

    ?”aaj beta bana ➡maa aur maa bani ➡ beta”…..
    my question.. ❗abb aage Indra dev aur Shukracharya ka haalath kya hoga..❗❓( what’s your next plan indradev and Shukracharya…❗❓???)
    waiting for tomorrow episode…

  4. shani ki aanok mein aso so emotional episode upar se this bgm almost cried fantastic performance by shani mom & son’s true love which is amazing ly shown shani’s loneliness was so sad 2 see same precap this is not fair waiting 4 2mmorrow

  5. Young shani acting really awesome. God bless you da khanna..

  6. Such a wonderful episode..

  7. I have no words to say abt this episode..

  8. I wish this serial to be dubbed in tamil also

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