Naamkaran 21st November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Naamkaran 21st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neela coming to meet Dayaben. She says I went to meet Avni. Hetal drops the plate in shock. Dayaben says Hetal also does this. Neela says I m hungry, Avni’s mum did not ask for even water. Dayaben asks why do you go there. Neela says I want to do something for Avni. Dayaben says what else now, you gave her award, give some money to her and end this. Neela says I want to give her scholarship, Aisha ji has self esteem, but I m scared for Avni’s future, can you do me a favor, take Avni as the model for your new brand Kanya. Neela says we have shortlisted 6 kids. Neela says it can be help for Avni. Dayaben says give me pic. Neela says I will make you meet Avni. Dayaben says no need, I can’t promise, selection committee people should like her, its competition and every kid should get justice.

Neela says that’s perfect, Avni is bright, she will win, I will wash hands and come to have food. She goes. Ketan asks Dayaben will Avni become face of our brand. Dayaben says she will not get selected. Ketan smiles.

Ashish comes office and hears Aladin telling Malhotra about the girl Avni, she is amazing. Ashish beats him. Aladin asks whats your problem. Ashish says I will tell you, you talk about good family girl like this. Malhotra stops Ashish and takes him. Aladin says whats happening.

Avni comes running and shouting. Malhotra and Ashish smile. Avni hugs Aladin and says I got selected. Ashish gets glad. Aladin dances. Ashish asks Avni not to worry, you will win. He congratulates her for getting selected. Avni shakes hands and thanks him. Avni says we have to give this good news to family, and goes with Aladin. Ashish stops her and says I love you superstar. Aladin says oh, so this is the connection.

Ashish comes home and greets Dayaben. She says see you look good smiling, how are you. He says I m fine and doing your work of fashion show, these are pics of contestants chosen by selectors. She asks did you see the pics. He says yes, I chose winner also. She says great, who is it. He says you will know seeing it. She sees Avni’s pic and gets shocked. Ashish smiles.

She asks are you playing game, you thought I will agree if you keep pic in this. He says no, you are not able to understand whats happening, I did not take Avni in audition, its fate that is bringing you two infront of each other.

She says I will not let Avni ruin my dreams. He says no one can stop Avni from shining and earning name, Avni will shine like a sun. She says this is not film set, its my house. He says yes, but Avni is outside the house limits. She says you will stop her from taking part in fashion show. He asks by what right shall I stop her, I lost a father’s right. She does not like to see my face, you broke promise by sending Ketan. She says I was helping Aisha. Ashish asks by threatening Asha. She says yes, I felt this right. He asks is this our values. She justifies herself. He says you will reap what you sow. She asks him to stop Avni, else you have seen the result once. He holds her hand and says you want to see Neela married right, you want to see Hemant playing with grandchildren right? Then stop thinking bad of my family, else you will see the result. She gets shocked and recalls his words. Ketan looks on. Ashish goes. Ketan asks Dayaben what will you do now.

Avni tells Asha that I got selected and hugs her. Aladin opens arms to hug Asha. She turns. Aladin massages Fatima’s feet and impresses her. Asha smiles. Fatima asks Aladin how much money will he charge for this. Aladin says you made me a stranger in a second. Fatima says when did you become ours, tell me. He says fine, we will do 50-50 of what we get. She says tell me how much Avni will win as prize money. He says one…. She asks 1000. He signs no. She asks 1 lakh. He signs no. She asks 1 crore. He nods. They get shocked. Asha says who gives so much money to kids. He says its lifetime opportunity with big prize money. Avni says competition did not start now. Fatima says I will give just 1 lakh to Aladin. He asks what, just 1%, I got the proposal. Fatima says yes, we give 101rs to woman who gets wedding proposals in our village.

Aladin says this is injustice with me, atleast give me 5 %. Fatima says no. He says we will do deal of food and roof. Asha says no, you can’t stay here. He says you want real man in house, there are three women in this house. Avni says you really think so. They stare at him. He says no. Avni says get out and kicks him out. He does shayari and leaves. He attends a call.

Asha asks Fatima why did you say less money. Fatima says I was testing him, why did he agree so soon, there is something. Asha and Avni look on. Aladin, Tiku and Avni come to meet Malhotra. Aladin says why did Aisha give all this bags. Tiku says she is mother and cares for Avni. Avni says you will lift this, as you are my agent. Aladin says everyone is ahead, now all kids will be meeting the sponsors, impress everyone. Avni says you mean, first impression is the last impression. Aladin says you are smart, afterall I selected you. Avni says shall we go. He says no, they will call, we will sit.

He asks her to talk meeting eyes, don’t be scared, and… She asks him to be quiet and let her think. He asks are you hungry, fine I will eat. He eats. Tiku says that was for Avni. Aladin says sorry, I never had food from tiffin, I did not go school. He thanks Avni and says your mum makes sandwich so good, she will cook food better, I will come for dinner today. Avni is called inside. Avni and Aladin go.

Avni talks to the committee. Malhotra calls the main sponsor Dayavanti. Avni gets shocked seeing Dayaben.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Will dayaben let avni be the face of their product?

    1. Amalina

      probably not or maybe she will so that she doesn’t ruin her impression on others. i also saw this promo where Avni is begging Dayaben to free Aisha from jail, but Dayaben asks she will free Aisha on a condition. so i think Dayaben will ask avni and Aisha to leave the city and ask avni to not participate in the competition coz she knows avni will win!

  2. In a new promo that showed that avni is asking dayaben to save aisha…..why aisha will go to jail……will avni become the brand ambsssdor of dayaben company………from starting of namakaran i liked ashish today……..

  3. Guys she will definitely select Avni.She doesn’t have any chance.Did you all saw the scene where Ashish

    warned her not to play with his family..So she will be definitely be selected.

  4. Can you guys please give me the link of the promo? Thanks in advance 🙂

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