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Recap-zoya’s best friend yash arora teases her for spending time with adi

Harshvardan and anjana talk about Adiya’s alliance with adi

Which adi hasn’t heard as there was cotton in his ears he responds without  hearing anytime and assuming  that his parents are giving him lec on getting married soon

That he is will marry soon

Which Harsh n Anjana  misunderstand that he is ready to marry zoya soon

They talk about alliance with wasim and Roshnaq

Wasim agrees as he finds this alliance to be financially beneficial

Zoya returns home

Wasim n Roshnaq are looking at her with wide smile

Zoya is very tired and confused

Roshnaq hugs her

Zoya-ammi abuuu what happened

Wasim -Hamari rajkumari when did u grow so big

Zoya gets more confused

Roshnaq -zoya we have fixed ur alliance ur nikaah

Zoya drops her handbag in shock

Tears well up in her eyes

Adi’s face flash before her eyes

Wasim hugs her-we got a best alliance offer for u we couldn’t deny

Zoya (lump in throat )-but abuu …….


Roshnaq -Dnt wry zoya we knew u can never say no for this alliance  so we agreed

Zoya is very confused

Zoya-ammi I cannot understand anything

Roshnaq takes zoya’s cell phone

She shows adi’s pic to her

Zoya turns pink

A smile appears on her face

Wasim-my child one cannot hide love It was very visible  to all of us

Harshvardan n Anjana Bhabhi came with proposal n we could not deny n we knew u will never deny

Both of them hug her together

Zoya is blushing


Arjun n Noor are speaking on phone

Arjun -Noor this is risky

Noor-Arjun  I want to spend  time with u yaar nothing  is risky I have convinced  my best friend she will tell my abuu that am staying  overnight  at her house to complete my project Nobody  will doubt we were together Pls Arjun Pls

Arjun-Noor but …what if …Noor


Arjun  is shocked to see adi standing  behind him

Arjun-Noor I will talk to u latter

Adi-whats going on chote

Arjun-Bhai  Noor wants to spend  time with me so she is saying  we shd lie at home n spend night together

Adi-yaar Noor is too fast forward

Arjun feels embarrassed

Adi-am sorry I mean she is romantic

Whats the problem go ahead n enjoy urself Arjun

Arjun-what if someone comes to know

Adi-I will take care u Dnt need to wry u go

Arjun hugs adi

Adi smiles


Arjun leaves


Adi gets thinking

Adi’s pov-I think  Noor n Arjun are too serious  I think I shd tell zoya She can convince  her family


Roshnaq n zoya are in her room

Zoya-but ammi Aditya did he agree

Roshnaq -Anjana  has spoken to him

He said he is Willing  to marry soon

Zoya blushes

Her phone beeps

Msg from adi

Zoya lets Pls meet tom need to confess something need to tell u something  very imp

Zoya smiles


Zoya’s pov-so Mr Hooda u want to confess ur feelings

Adi’s pov-I need to confess I know everything about Arjun n Noor n that they are too serious


Zoya lays on her bed

She gazes at ceiling

Her eyes are glittering

Full of dreams

She is hugging  her cell phone


Sun rises

Anjana  n Roshnaq  are speaking  on phone

Anjana -Roshnaq  today is sun u all should pls come over for lunch so that we can together  plan more details about marriage

Roshnaq -yes sure Anjana

Anjana (excitedly )-am waiting to meet my daughter in law

Roshnaq smiles

Roshnaq comes rushing to zoya

She wakes her up

Roshnaq -zoya chalo beta get up soon n get ready we have to go to ur saasuraal today

A shy zoya hugs her

Zoya shyly replies to adi

Hi Coming to ur home today for lunch waiting to hear ur confession

Adi is in deep sleep

Anjana comes to wake him

Adi-maa Pls let me sleep today is sun

Anjana -aree adi Siddquis are coming  for lunch today to plan for wedding

Harshvardan calls her

So she leaves

Adi gets up

He is confused

He smiles

His pov-woowww Arjun u convinced  everyone for ur n noor’s marriage great

So chote all this was a surprise  for me

So cool

So happy for u

U return back home

I will take ur class

Adi checks his phone

He replies to zoya

Yes I think u already know what I wanted to confess now all excited to plan for wedding

Zoya glooms reading msg

Adi tries calling Arjun

Arjun is driving

Noor is looking  at him with love

Arjun cannot pick call as he is driving

Adi writes a msg

“Congratulations chote Siddquis coming home today to plan for ur n noor’s marriage ”

Arjun’s phone beeps

Zoya’s pov-Noor my kohinoor pick up phone I need to share something  so important with u

U r so busy in ur project

Zoya types msg

Noor’s phone beeps

Arjun-Noor Pls read msg on my phone also

Noor-Its from adi bhai

Congratulations chote Siddquis  are coming home for lunch to plan for ur n noor’s marriage

Arjun n Noor are shocked

She checks her phone

Noor -Msg from zoya appi

Noor my kohinoor am so happy since yesterday  wanted to share with u My n Aditya’s alliance  has been fixed we are going home today to discuss about wedding

Arjun-ohhh noo

We need to rush back

This is a big misunderstanding

Noor-Arjun am trying to call appi no network

Arjun checks his phone-no network  here too ohhh shit

Zoya is getting  ready

Adi is smiling n making his hair

Anjana  looks from outside n smiles

Precap -Adi looks at zoya

Adi’s pov-she has come to plan her sister’s  wedding  or her own wedding  y is she blushing so much

Zoya smiles at adi Adi smiles at her all look on

Arjun rushes inside Hooda house

He takes adi in corner

N tells him something

Adi is shocked

Adi Anjana n Harshvardan are discussing  something

Adi -I cannot marry I Dnt want to marry I didnt hear anything  yesterday  n today I thought …am going to clear this misunderstanding  right now

Harshvardan -adi no


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