Do you like marriage track in Internet Wala Love?

Colors’ Internet Wala Love started on a decent note. The show is going good by bringing dramatic twists. The current track presents a marriage drama. Aadhya gives her consent to marry Jai’s cousin Samrat. She isn’t aware of Samrat’s true face. Samrat is a big player. He knows to play dirty tricks and is also an expert in covering up his crimes. Samrat is sure that Aadhya will never learn about him. He doesn’t care if everyone knows his truth after his marriage with Aadhya takes place. Samrat’s truth gets known to Jai.

Jai becomes Aadhya’s well-wisher. Earlier, Jai didn’t wish Aadhya to marry Samrat, just because he felt Samrat deserves a better girl. Now, he feels that Aadhya doesn’t deserve a wicked guy like Samrat. Jai really wants to save Aadhya’s life from a bad troubled marriage. Aadhya’s marriage functions begin. Jai finds chances to break the marriage. Jai comes up with ideas to bring out Samrat’s truth in time. Jai and Aadhya get falling in love. Jai struggles to save Aadhya. Do you like marriage track in Internet Wala Love? Let us know your opinion.

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