Love Me Not Love Me – Twinj FF – Episode 4

Love Me Not Love Me πŸ’‘- Twinj FF πŸ€— episode 4

Twinkle pov~

After Jennifer tried her best to cover my hickeys that the devil made, I rush out to hear the ceremony that the ‘devil’ had practice for.
“Blah,blah,blah,blah….” I wasn’t paying any attention to his dumb speech I just sat on my assign seat and waited patiently for this party to end. After the long speech he made,he walked calmy to my personal space. I moved away from him distracting myself with the table.
Lame, I know.
“I can still them you know,” I glare at him and pushedy myself out of my seat swaying my hips more than usual.
I really wanted to get his attention! I hate myself!
I walk up to Jansen (P.S) who had been leaning on the side of the entrance wall looking bored.
“Why so lonely”? I smile. He look up at me and blinks a few times.
I didn’t want to kicked out of the party,” I stare at him confuse.

Not understanding what he meant.

“Why will you kicked out?” He points to my table where I see Kunj talking to an older woman who sat on our table. I can still see him glancing our way , seeing what we do.
“He ordered the guy that bothered you to kicked out and he said that if any guy goes near you they would be kicked out,” Anger boils inside me.
He has no right to do that!
“Wow! And you, Jansen I thought you weren’t scared of anything and now you are cowering away!” He laughs and nods.
“I don’t want to die, his scary! He has money and he can do anything he wants with the snap of his fingers!” He say, I nod in agreement and trun to look Kunj.
“Well l’m trying to help you here, so see you later.” I smile and wave. He looks like his claming down each time I step away from him. I laugh and go back to the ‘devil’ He smiles and truns to face my body.
“Are you hungry?” He says concern in hisv voice, I sake my head ‘no’. 
You’re lying—-” He looks around and screams to a waiter “———EXCUSE ME!” The waiter looks up and comes towards us with food in his hands.

“Can I get two plates please,” The waiter nods and hands him two plates. He passes me one and keeps the other. He motion for me to eat and I take a big bite. He laughs and then he starts to eat. The peaceful atmosphere ends when a blade women walks up to Kunj and places her hand on his shoulder. She is wearing a tight dress that looks like it doesn’t even fit her. Her br*ast are showing and they look so fake even a blind man can see that.
Kunj”! I haven’t seen you since—” she trails she sees me and her smile faded away and glare shows up.
“Since you get divorce with this woman. How is your singes life or oh my god don’t tell me you are still dating Donal(Donal Bisht)” she squeals.
She sounds like a dolphin trying to speak human language.
I go stiff when I hear her mention ‘Donal’ his assistant that I consider as a friend. I try to control myself but anger boils inside me.
Why am I made? He cheated on me! Get a grip Twinkle!
“Aliya! Donal is not my girlfriend! I haven’t dated no one since the love of my life left me,” He says glancing my way.
“She is not my assistant no more she left to California,” Aliya looks shock 😲 and moves her hand away.
Finally don’t toch him b*t*h, wait why am I getting so mean! Gosh I really need a drink! 
She sits next to him and lays her hand on his thigh.

This b*t*h, 
I put my hands on my neck and try to take away the makeup. Not able to control myself and waiting her to see the hickeys he made on my neck.
Why am I acting like this! I really need to get laid!
I compose myselfby looking at the people on the dance floor.
“Stop!” Kunj tells Aliya, I trun around to look him and see her reaching up to Kunj’s private part, I couldn’t take it no more, so I shave her hand away. I still can’t believe what the next words I say.
“We are still married, so keep filthy hands away from him.” I glare be at her and let her to see mynecmy. She smiles wickedly.
What is wrong with this b*t*h? 
“You are not married to him! You left him. Look Kunj she even has hickeys!

She’s a sl*t,” I look at Kunj and see him smirk🀨.He sands my way a wink😏 and I huff.

What did I get myself into!
“I’m the one who made that artwork on her neck.” The look on Aliya’s face is priceless. She Huff’s and then scurries away. Kunj faces me and looks at my neck then at me.
“I thought I wasn’t your husband no more. Jealous I see, that was cute and s*xy. You still haven’t change,” Before I could respond my phone rings. I pull it out of my purse see it’s Babe.
“I’ll be right back,” I say and walks away to a room. I pick up the call.
“What’s wrong babe?”
“Sam is not feeling well and he wants to see you”.
I’ll be right there. Does he have a fever?”
Yes and his stomach is hurting, I already did everything in my power but he wants you here”.
“Tell Sam I will be there, take care of him, Bye.”

After she says bye I hang up and trun around to bump into a wall. No this is not a wall, I look up to see the brown eyes of Kunj.
“Who is Sam?” I stare at him in a shock not saying a word.
Should I say his my son or his kid. Sooner or later he’ll find out, but not know.
“Sam is my……… nephew,” I trail off seeing his reaction. I never expected him to do the next thing he did.


Yay chapter 4? Lol hope you guys enjoy~ 

Thanks for all your lovely comments.


[πŸ™πŸ™Plz Kiya don’t stop writing plz plzπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ you are my favourite writter of Tu.]

Shalu02 πŸ€—

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