B’coz I Love U (RagSan) Season 2-episode-18

Episode 17

Ragini comes to sanskar room..
Ragini:i told u na ,arjun asked me to come today at some place..
Sanskar:haan tho
Ragini:come with me
Ragini:swalak went out..i cant drive car..i need driver
Sanskar glares at her..
Ragini:Ok..ok..sorry..i cant go alone..come with me naa
Sanskar:no way,go in cab..
Ragini:the place which he said so far away from city..that too its night..how can i go..
Sanskar:are u getting scare..but kyun ,u are a big chudail,all will be scare seeing u..u no need to be scare
Ragini:very funny

Sanskar: ??
Ragini:will u come or not.
Ragini:u have to come
Sanskar:no way
Ragini:fine..i will tell to suji aunty
Sanskar:what will u say
Ragini:i want to go out to spend some time with u..but u are not coming with me..
Sanskar:i will aslo tell that u are lying..
Ragini:but she believe my words than urs naa..!!
She smiles evilly
Sanskar:My maa becomes villan in my life..
Ragini: chalo..arjun called me so many times..he is waiting for me..
Sanskar:i will shower nd come..

Ragini:no need..come
Sanskar:i need..
Saying he went to washroom..
Ragini waits until he came..
Ragini:wear shirt fast..
Sanskar:let me think first ,what should i wear..
He intentionally doing late in selecting shirt..
Ragini gets irritated..she goes to his cupboard nd took one shirt..she pulls sanskar towards her nd make him wear shirt nd buttoning his shirt..
Sanskar:teek se kardo
Ragini pinched him on his waist..
Sanskar:i knw u are billy,u should not have to prove everytime..
Ragini:shut ur mouth..chalo
Sanskar:oye..who combs my hair
Ragini looks at him angrily..

Sanskar:comb is there
Ragini in mind i will see u later..she took the comb nd combs his hair..
Sanskar blows air on her face..
Ragini:stop it idiot..chalo now..
She held his hand nd drags him along with her..
Ragsan reached that place..
Ragini:u stay here only..i will go..
Sanskar:come soon..orelse i will go home..u will have to come alone..
Ragini:u cant go..kyun ki car keys r with me..
Sanskar makes annoyed face..
Ragini:bye sanku..
Ragini comes ,Where arjun is waiting for her..

Arjun(smiles):u came
Ragini smiles..
Arjun:vo..vo..actually i want to tell u something
Ragini in mind i knw what u say..tell me fast …i will win the challenge ..yuppie..
Arjun:ragini are u here
Ragini:hmmm tell arjun
One girl came calling arjun name,as soon as he saw her ,hugged her..
Ragini looked puzzled..
They brk the hug..
Arjun:ragini she is maaya..
Maaya:hii ragini
Ragini smiles wkly not understanding anything..
Arjun:vo..vo..we love eo..
Ragini looked at them shocked..

Arjun:i want to tell u that thank u so much..
Arjun:haan..i love her alot but she always pretends like she doesn’t..
But when we become friends ,she felt jealous nd confessed her love..
Ragini stood numb..
Arjun:u are the reason for our love..so we thought to arrange special dinner for u..so i asked to come..
Ragini in mind oh god what is this ,my plan backfired..
Arjun:ragini..what are u thinking..come lets have dinner.
Ragini tells some excuse nd leaves from there..

Ragini comes to sanskar with upset face..
Sanskar:kya hua..did he propose..
Ragini in mind if he knws ,he will tease me like hell..
Sanskar:oh really..
Sanskar started laughing..
Ragini:y are u laughing
Sanskar:i have seen everything..

Ragini:im gone
Sanskar:i cant forget ur expression when he said he loves someone..
He again laughs holding his stomach..
Sanskar doesnt
Ragini:stop it idiot

Ragini closed his mouth..sanskar licks it..
She take off her hand..
Sanskar:u knw..im very happy
Sanskar:kyun ki he doesnt love u
Sanskar:i won the challenge billy..now u have to do whatever i say..
Ragini:no way
Sanskar:u have to..i won challenge
Ragini:which challenge,do u have proof

Sanskar opened his mouth O
Ragini huffs
Sanskar:oyee billy stop ur acting.
Ragini:what acting,i dont knw anything
Ragini:stop looking at me like this.chalo

Sanskar:i will see u later
Ragini:mein bhi..
Ragini sat in car nd thinks arjun words..she says in mind how dare he ,he made me puppet for his love..but ragini y r u feeling..u wants him to use for ur challenge..But he did..
Sanskar(looks at her):oyee
Sanskar:what are u thinking
Ragini:kuch nay
Sanskar:pani puri???

Ragini smiles widely..
Sanskar stopped car near paniuri stall..
Ragini:bhayya shuru karo
Both eating pani puri..
Ragini takes puri frm sanskar plate also nd eats..
Sanskar:areh billy what is this..
Ragini:pani puri
Sanskar:ha ha bad joke
Ragini again takes puri from his plate..
Sanskar:gives his plate to her..le lo..u only eat..
Ragini smiles nd eats..she choked..
Sanskar immediatelyy gets water from car nd made her drink water while rubbing her back..
Sanskar:eat slowly..no one forcing u naa..
Ragini:u will take from me naa..
Sanskar:im not bukkad like u..

Ragini:im not bukkad
Sanskar:i knw(he said sarcastically)
Ragini:i won

Sanskar:u won by cheating me..
Ragini:u also won that challenge cheating me..
Sanskar:i didnt do anything
Ragini:u did
Sanskar:i didn’t
Both start fighting..
Vendor:bhayya fight later.give my money..
Both stops..sanskar gave money..
Ragini:u on..
Sanskar(closed her mouth):dont start again..all challenges cancelled..forget about that arjun..ok
Ragini (smiles):ok
Sanskar:chalo now..
Next day @clz
Ragini swara came to clz where laksh is there..
Ragini:where is this idiot..
Laksh:he went sports camp..

Laksh:he went early mng.
Ragini:but he doesn’t tell me..
Laksh:he might forgot..leave it..tell what happened night..what arjun said..
Ragini face fell..
Laksh:kya hua..
Ragini told what had happened..
Swara:what arjun love someone else..
Laksh:u want to use him but he made u puppet..i told u manytimes..now see ur plan backfired on u..
Ragini pouts..
Laksh:what had happend happened..forget about that..
Tanu:hiii guys
Laksh:hii tanu..sanskar went sports camp..
Tanu:i knw..he called me..i just came to give this one..
Swara:what was that

Tanu:surprise gift..laksh will u keep this one in sanky room..
Laksh nodded..
Tanu thanked laksh nd leaves..

Ragini in mind he told every one..
But y he doesnt tell me..idiot..stupid..
Swara:ragini,what are u thinking
Ragini:kuch nay..i will go to my class..
Swalak nodded..
@lunch brk
Laksh:ragini where are u lost come have lunch
Ragini: not hungry..u both have
Ragini:i dont knw
Swara:are u missing sanskar
Ragini:what..no way..to be fact im very happy without him..
Swara:then y are u not hungry
Ragini:i had chocolate thats y..i will eat lunch later
Swara nodded..
Ragini:laksh when he will come

Sanskar came from his camp…he comes to his room nd found ragini who is sleeping on his bed..
Sanskar:what she is doing here..
He moves towards her..
Ragini (woke up):u came
Sanskar:haan..what are u doing here
Sanskar:i knw that..y are u sleeping here..
Ragini:u disturbed my sleep nd asking stupid questions..let me sleep..
Saying she closed her eyes..
Sanskar:billy listen

Ragini:dont disturb idiot..
Sanskar:i cant understand her..
He got fresh nd sleeps beside ragini..

Sanskar:billy wake up its 8am
Ragini opend her eyes slowly..
Sanskar:dont u come clz today..
Sanskar:y are u here
Ragini:u are not here na i thought i can sleep peacefully on ur king size bed..but u came nd disturbed my sleep..u should have stay some days there only..
Sanskar glares at her..
Ragini:y didnt u tell me
Ragini:thst u r going camp

Sanskar:y should i..
Ragini:u have to
Ragini:i would have celebrate…laksh told me after i went clg..i didnt get time to celebrate..
Sanskar(glares at her):i hate u
Ragini:i hate u tooo

Swara:sanskar did u cme to my home last night..
Sanskar:haam swara how u knw
Swara:ur wallet fell there..y did u cme
Sanskar:for this billy
(when he reached mumbai after his camp he directly goes to swara home for ragini.later he came MM)

Ragini:for me??
Sanskar:Haan..to irritate u..
Ragini:always u think how to irritate me right
Sanskar:u too naa
Swalak looks at eo not getting anything..
Tanu came..
Sanskar:hii tanu
Tanu:hii baby..how is my gift
Sanakar:which gift

Tanu:laksh ,didnt u keep
Laksh:i kept in his cupboard
Sanskar:i didny find anything
Ragini:im going to my class
Saying she goes silently smirking..
Sanskar:i will check once again tanu
Tanu:fine..come we will go class
Sanskar nodded..
Swara:laksh whats going on..he came to meet ragini last night,ragini also went mm last night..is this hate
Laksh:who knows..let them do what ever they want..

Swara nodded..

Cover pic:tejaswi_cutie(insta)

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