Dastaan – Ishqbaaz ff (episode 52)

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Recap – Yagya tried to apolgise for his mistakes from Kaurwaki

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Aicchik : I don’t want to lose you.

Kaurwaki stared him with her brown orbs & hold his hand.

Kaurwaki : I promise that nothing happen to me.

Aicchik : I believe you but I don’t have trust on them.

Kaurwaki : Leave those so called humans .You are going to tell some plan .

Aicchik : Yeah…I actually listen that p.d & all elders want to go to temple for Yog & Siya. I am sure all go with them. Why don’t u accompany us.

Kaurwaki : What the hell Aicchik ? I am atheist. How could u expect me to enter in the temple.

Aicchik : Kaurwaki, Who told u that u have to enter in the temple ? I wanna say that u just met with Kittu outside the temple when all are inside the temple.

Kaurwaki : Hmm….Not bad.

They both come downstairs .

Sona : Bhaiya, Where were u ?

Aicchik : I am with her. Do u need anything ?

Sona : Yeah , This is very bad Bhaiya . I am jealous from u di .

Aavya : Why are u jealous from my Mumma….Huh?

She said while standing on the sofa & staring Sona with her small eyes.

Sona : Chup ho jaa Mumma ki chamchi .

Kaurwaki : Sona , Is this any manner to behave . You come here my baby girl.

Aavya run toward her.

Sona : No one loves me here.

Shree : Lo Shuru ho gayi iski notanki.( She start her drama)

Yug : She don’t know anything else.

Sona : What did u say ?

Yug : You are Drama queen. You always create some scenes.

Sona picked a cushion & throw on him.

Yug : What ! Shree also said same .Ask to her.

Shree look at him with shock & Sona give deadly glare to her.

Shree : I didn’t say anything.

Swadesh : Why are u lying ?

He whispered to her.

Shree : What do u want that Sona kill me after knowing the truth.

She asked while frowning.

Swadesh : Okk….Do as u want.

He said noding his head in disbelief.

Siya : Vrisha, Are u alright na ?

Kaurwaki : Yeah , I am but why are u asking ?

Siya : U leave our gossips in between.

Anu : Yeah….What happened to u .

Kaurwaki : Nothing much , I start getting bored.

Shree,Anu, Sona & Siya look at her with shock.

Anu : What ! You were feeling bored.

Siya : Seriously , I mean How could anyone start feeling bore in our gossips.

Sona : Di You just take care of ur business . You don’t have much mind to understand our gossips.

Kaurwaki : Really ….I don’t want to understand ur so called gossips.

On the other side –

Yog : Bro, What happen ? I hope everything become sort out between u & Kaurwaki.

Yagya : Now, nothing can sort out .Don’t take her name.

Yog : Why ? Is she said anything .

Yagya : No, just leave that matter .

Anu : Bhaiya & Yog ,Come downstairs for dinner.

Yagya : Yeah, we are coming. Let’s go Bro.

They both come downstairs.

She looks on. He look at her & she move her gaze in opposite direction.

All do their dinner & move toward their respective room.

At late night –

Yagya come downstairs for water . He is about to move upstairs when he notice her who is sitting there dipping her legs in pool.

He saw time in his mobile & it shows 2 a.m. He nods his head in disbelief.

Yagya : Ye itni raat ko yahan kya kar rahi hai . ( What is she doing here at this time)

A teardrop roll down her cheeks.

Yagya : Is she crying ? It don’t matter for me. Let her do whatever she want

He turn to go but move toward her. Tears are rolling down from her eyes and he give handkerchief to her. She turn toward his face & immediately wiped out her tears.

Yagya : Matlab aapka haath zyada hygeinic hai….right.( Your hand is more hygenic )

He said while sitting beside her. She look at him.

Yagya : Itni raat ko yahan kya kar rahi hai aap.( What are u doing here)

Kaurwaki : Ye sawaal toh main aapse bhi pooch sakti hoon.( I can also ask same from u )

Yagya : I just come here for water . I am not like you who is roaming like ghosts in midnight.

Yagya : Btw Why are u crying . Let me guess you had a fight with ur boyfriend maybe breakup .

She give him deadly glare.

Kaurwaki : I have not any boyfriend….Get it.

Yagya : Ohh….Ho bhi nahi sakta….Aliens ko insaan kaise sambhal sakte hai.( It can’t happen….How will humans manage with aliens)

He said teasing her more.

She look stunned.

Kaurwaki : Agar aap aisi baatein karne aaye hai toh chale jaiye yahan se.( If u are here for this , then leave from here )

Yagya : You know what I think that u are strong girl & never cry but now I think that i have to change my views about u.

Kaurwaki : Aap toh jaise kabhi nahi rote…( You are saying like that u never cry)

Yagya : Nahi…Bilkul bhi nahi aur waise bhi ye rona aap ladkiyon ko hi suit karta hai.( Never , This suit only on girls)

Kaurwaki : Accha aur abhi kuch der pehle kon ro raha tha jab maine aapko itna kuch sunaya.( Really , then who was crying sometime ago when I said those words to u )

She said in hurry without realizing .

He look at her suspeciously. She stand to go after realizing what she said & he too stand in shock.

Yagya : Wait a sec….What did u say?

Kaurwaki : Nothing…I have some important work.

She said while leaving from there while he pull her back.

Yagya : Aap toh chali gayi thi na wahan se phir aapko kaise pata chala.( You were not there , then how do u know this)

Kaurwaki look at him confusedly

Kaurwaki : I guessed….

Yagya : You guessed it ….right.

Yagya : Game bahut accha khelti hai aap.( You played this game very well)

He said while moving forward while she step backward.

Kaurwaki : Kis game ki baat kare rahe hai aap. ( Which game u are talking about)

Yagya : Ye bhi mujhe batana padega . Aapko toh politician hona chaiye tha bahut acchi strategies banatI hai.( I have to tell this also . Actually u had to become politician instead of businesswoman as u make good strategies)

Kaurwaki : I didn’t make strategies.

She nervously move backward & about to fall in the pool when he hold her.

Yagya : Ya toh aap bahut chalak hai ya bahut badi bewakoof hai jo apne aap ko bura dikhana chahti hai.(Seems like u are very clever or else u are very stupid that’s why u are showing urself a bad person.)

Kaurwaki : I don’t want to talk about this.Just leave me.

Yagya : Okk….As ur wish .

He smirkingly said & leave her . She fall in the pool with splash.

Kaurwaki : Are u mad or what ? Have u lost ur mind?

She said angrily. He enter in pool.

Yagya : Maybe I become mad….I didn’t notice.

She very well known that he is repeating her statement .

She give unbelievable look to him & start leaving.

Yagya : Ek min Baat khatam nahi hui hai Kahan jaa rahi hain aap.(Wait a min, It’s not over yet … Where are u going )

He said stopping her way.

Yagya : Why didn’t u say anything when I asked u about Raichand’s deal.

Kaurwaki : You were not asking from me , You were accusing . I don’t like to give any explanation for that which I never done.

Yagya : Ohh …Really , u told truth to Yog not me….Didn’t u trust me.

Kaurwaki : No, Because u always want to interfere in everyone’s matter without knowing their consent whether they want it or not . At least Yog understand the matter & privacy of others unlike u.

Kaurwaki : Aur waise bhi yakeen un par karte hai jo aap par yakeen karein ….Aapne kiya tha mujh par yakeen.( We trust on them who show trust on us….Did u trust on me)

Yagya : I don’t want to do more arguments from u . Let’s closed that matter here . I am really sorry , if u want then again slap me but not on face as u know I don’t want any marks on my handsome face.

She give weird look to him.

Kaurwaki : Can’t u tired from self-praising.

Yagya : Look at me…Don’t I look handsome to u .

Kaurwaki ( blabbering) : Phir shuru ho gaya ye ….Bandar jaisi shakl hai aur….( He again started….His face is like monkey &…)

Yagya : Main aapko bandar nazar aata hoon ….( I am looking like monkey to u )

Kaurwaki : No, u are not much bad .

Yagya : Thank God

Kaurwaki : Well, u are more bad than that.

She said & runs from there.

Yagya : What ….I am really looking like monkey .

In morning –

All are preparing for going to temple. She come downstairs wearing a black Anarkali.

Kaurwaki : Can I accompany u all ?

All look at her with shock.

Swadesh : Di, Are u alright .

Siya : Yeah…Should I call doctor .

Kaurwaki : What do u mean by this?

Anu : You don’t believe in God then why are u going with us ?

Kaurwaki : Then what should I do alone in this mansion . I will wait outside till then u all are inside .

Shree : Ya Kaurwaki di , you always welcome with us .

She slightly smile to her.

She messaged to Kittu & told her to met her outside the temple.

Yagya is getting ready when his phone ring.

Yagya : Can I talk u after sometime . We are going to temple.

Kittu : If u don’t mind then my family comes with u ….

Yagya : Of course , u can…

She cut the call & messaged her back while her lips turn into curve .

After sometime , they reached at the temple & all move inside . Kittu look at her while she sign her to go inside the temple with all .

In temple , Yog & Siya sitting & doing Pooja(prayer). He hold her hand . She jerks his hand & give deadly glare to him.

Siya : Can’t u see we are here for praying .

She wishpered in low voice .

Yog : So what , I am just holding ur hand.

Siya : Shut up & Behave yourself .

Yog : What !

Yog give him confused look while she royally ignore her . They both closed their eyes & pray for each other with all . Kittu leave from there & reached nearby forest .

Kaurwaki : What do u want to tell me ? I have not that much time …Say fast.

Kittu : I just want to tell u that Dad kept those property papers which u want in special locker even he didn’t tell me password . It’s impossible to get those paper.

Kaurwaki : Damn , so u are here for making me scared .

Kittu : No, I just want that u don’t destroy ur normal life in this revenge ….Forget everything .

Kaurwaki : Shut up ! If u have any other option do tell me or else leave from here.

Kittu : Maybe Aaryan can help.

Kaurwaki : Your brother …He is just like ur father. He killed me inspite of helping me idiot .

Kittu : He never hide anything from me . If he know password then ur half work is done.

Kaurwaki : You know what are u going to do ? If property papers came in my hand then I will not spare ur parents but I promise that I don’t take any revenge on u & ur brother because u both have not at all fault .

Kittu : I know everything & I am doing this because of my parents deeds . Hope God will forgive them that’s why I am helping u.

Suddenly they both listen a sound & they look toward the direction . A girl is picking her phone from ground nevervously.

Kittu : Nitya …

Kaurwaki : Who is she ?

Kittu : Aaryan’s fiance but how did she came here.

Nitya : Thank God I came here or else I never get to know the truth . What type of daughter u are Kittu . Who is she to u ? What is the relation between u both that u get ready to make ur own parents bankrupt because of a outsider.

Nitya : And u…Can’t u feel shame that u are making a daughter against her parents.

Kittu : Let me listen . I will explain u everything.

Nitya : I don’t want any explanations & I am going to tell truth to everyone . Kittu , u can’t see her real intentions . She is making u again ur parents .

Kittu : Stop talking rubbish .

Nitya : You are talking me like this for that girl …Why ???

Kittu : Behan hai wo meri aur kuch sunna hai tumhe .( She is my sister , do u want to listen anything else)

Kaurwaki look at her with tears.

Nitya : What ! I am going to tell Aaryan . For ur kind information , I record everything in my phone .

They both get shocked . Kittu tried to snatched her phone but she pushed her & her hand get hurt.
She run away from there.

Kaurwaki : Kittu ….Are u okay ? We have to go hospital . You got injury because of me .

Kittu : Kaurwaki , We have no time . Just follow her.

They both run behind her.

Nitya : Hello Aaryan…Please save me or else…

Kaurwaki snatched her phone before she complete her sentence & smashed it from her heel.

Kaurwaki : Don’t u dare to come in my way otherwise I forget that u are not my enemy .

Nitya : Do u want to kill me , then kill me because I never agree to hide the truth .

Kittu attack on her with stone & she fall unconscious .

Kaurwaki : Kittu … What u had done ? We are not supposed to do this .

Kittu : I have no other option .

They listen that someone is shouting Nitya’s name.

Kittu : Oh no ! How he came here . Nitya didn’t tell him location then how he will get to know ?

Kaurwaki : Kittu , Go & hide her . I will try to distract him.

Kittu : No, u can’t do this ..U can’t put ur life in danger.

Kaurwaki : Please do as I say .Look her head is bleeding , if anything happen to a innocent because of me I never forgive myself. Let me do a incomplete work from which he get to know the location.

She nods her head & leave with her in opposite direction.

She pick a stone & smashed the phone fully . She run & hide behind the bushes.

Kittu make Nitya sit in her car & tell her driver to take her hospital without telling anybody.

Kittu : I have to go back before he do something with her.

He shout his name & saw his phone . He look at the blood on stone.

Aaryan : I swear that I don’t leave that person who tried to harm my love (Nitya)

He notice bushes are moving . He fired in the same direction & bullet hit her on left arm .

Background song –

Kaisi dastaan hai ye kaisi ye paheli hai koi jaane na

Goonje se hai sannate sooni dil haweli hai koi jaana na

She closed her mouth before wincing in pain. He move forward but someone tap on his shoulder.

Aaryan : What are u doing here Kittu.

Kittu : Nothing , I am here because of Nitya . She came to forest & I follow her.

Aaryan : Where is Nitya ? She said to me that someone is behind her . Did u saw anyone .

Kittu : I don’t know where is she but I see someone is running in that direction.

She lied to him.

Aaryan : Let’s go in that direction but let me see who is behind the bushes.

He move forward & there is no one as she hide behind another tree.

Chup mein chuphi aawaaz hai

Na khul sake wo raaz hai

Haan ye Zindagi

Kittu : Look, there is no one . I am telling u .

She said while looking the blood drops.

He nods her head & leave in other direction. He called her to accompany her.

Kittu : Yeah , I am coming .

Kittu (in mind) : Where are u Kaurwaki ? Please God save her.

She think while leaving.

She fall down & tears rolled down from her eyes. She start remembering all promises of hers from her family .

Dukh se bhara ek raag hai

Kuch bhi nahi bas aag hai

Haan…Haan ye Zindagi

On the other side –

He start sensing something wrong .

Yug : Bhaiya , Where are u lost ?

Yagya : Where is Miss rathore ?

He come outside the temple.

Yagya : She was here only .Now where she disappear ?

Someone patted on his shoulder & he turns.

Kaurwaki : Aap mujhe dhund rahe hain Mr.Oberoi.( You are looking for me Mr. Oberoi)

Ansuni rudaad hoon

An kahi fariyaad hoon

Yagya : Where were u ?

Kaurwaki : I am here only .

Kittu & Aaryan just reached the temple while she is stunned to see her infront of her eyes .

She move toward her.

Kittu ( whisper to her) : How u came here ? Didn’t u get shot ?

Kaurwaki : Yeah & the bullet is still there.

Har saans hai meri qaid mein kaise kahoon aazad hoon

Kittu : Have u lost ur mind? You have to go to hospital .

Kaurwaki : Behave normal & go from here. I know what is good for me.

She nods her head. Kittu & Aaryan move upstairs.

Kaurwaki : Mr.Oberoi Can I get ur car keys ?

Yagya : Sure but what happen ?

Kaurwaki : Nothing much , My head is paining a lot & I need to go hospital.

Yagya : What… Let me drop u. You don’t know the ways here.

Kaurwaki : Thanks but no need to come with me . I will used google map.

Akal ki tehreer hoon

Dhundhli si tasveer hoon

Yagya : Your head is spinning & u are not in condition to drive . You might be met with an accident .

Kaurwaki : Don’t behave stubborn with me.

Apne hi paaon taley lipti hui zanzeer hoon

Yagya : I am not stubborn , You are behaving like kids . Let me drive the car or else I will tell to Aicchik.

She silently sit in car & he start driving.

A teardrop fall from her eyes.

Teri raahon mein kahin hoke bhi toh main nahi .

Ae mere humnawa…

Yagya : Is it paining more ?

He asked with concern.

She nods her head in negative .

Chahtein hai darmiyaan, phir bhi kyun hai dooriyaan

Ye mujhe tu bata…

He give her water bottle .

Yagya : Don’t worry Miss rathore , We almost reached hospital.

Kaurwaki : Mr. Oberoi , Can u concentrate on driving inspite of me.

Ye ishq kyun behaal hai

Uljha hua ek jaal hai

Haan ye zindagi

He nods her head & stop the car in front of the hospital.

Yagya : Let me park the car . You go & I will come in few minutes.

He sit inside the car & move toward parking area.

She rushes inside the hospital while blood drops start dripping from her hand.

Koi aarzoo hai na aas hai

Ek dard ka ehsaas hai

Haan …Haan ye zindagi

Nurse : Mam, You can’t go like this without appointment .

Kaurwaki : Shut up ! Do u want that I will die because of giving u explanations.

She noticed her palm from which blood is still dripping.

She enter inside.

Kaisi dastaan hai ye Kaisi ye paheli hai Koi jaane na

Goonje se hai sannate sooni dil haweli hai koi jaane na

Doctor : Who are u & How u enter like this ?

Nurse : Mam her condition is not good ? There is much blood loss.

Kaurwaki : Let me talk & don’t come in between. Nothing happen to me . I just get shot in hand.

Chup mein chup hi aawaz hai

Na khul sake wo raaz hai

Haan ye Zindagi

Doctor : What ! It is police case . First we have to call the police .

Kaurwaki : Just shut up & don’t waste my time . Take out the bullet now.

She said while banging her right hand on table.

Suddenly, someone knocked the door. She stop nurse from opening it.

Kaurwaki : Do tell him that I have a little headache .

She take out the diamond ring from her hand & give it to her.

Dukh se bhara ek raag hai

Kuch bhi nahi bas aag hai

Haan….Haan he Zindagi

Kaurwaki : You both do as I want . Let this matter keep as secret between us . Do tell me the price & I am ready to pay anything . Please , keep this matter between us.

Doctor : Have u gone mad ? What do u think of yourself .

Kaurwaki : Kaurwaki singh Rathore…..Do as I say or else I will take out bullet myself from hand .

She said while turning furiously & hold the scissor in her hand .

They both become numb after seeing her madness.

Doctor : Relax ….Just calm down.

She sign nurse to tell lie to him.

Doctor said to nurse to bring anesthesia while she refused.

Kaurwaki : I have not that much time . What should I tell him ? Just take out the damn bullet .

Doctor : No, it’s risky as well as painful.

Kaurwaki : Aisa koi dard nahi bana jise ek aurat ne seh sake.( There is not any pain which a woman can’t bear)

Kaurwaki : Do fast or else It’s become more risky . I don’t want to make him worried. Please try to understand.

Doctor : Calm down, let me do nerve blocking . It’s not going to sedate u , it just making ur hand numb for some hours that u can’t feel pain.

She lie down .She take out the bullet from her hand & bandaged her wound.

Doctors : I will prescribe u some painkillers & medicines . Take them on time.Your left hand become numb for some hours , so don’t use it more like lifting weights. You have to thank God that bullet didn’t damage ur hand .

Kaurwaki : What about stitches?

She said directly ignoring .

Doctor : Those are dissolvable so u don’t have to come for taking them out. Can I ask u something.

Kaurwaki : Go ahead without wasting my time more.

Doctor : Did u cut yourself ?

She look on .

Kaurwaki : Sometime , when I feel urge to do …

Doctor : What do u mean by urge? You are looking a well-educated girl & u know that no pills , therapies is going to control ur body . It’s just u who controlled it , who decide it . So, stop killing urself , it’s more dangerous than that bullet.

Kaurwaki : I am sorry for my behaviour toward u & one more thing It’s very easy to say. U are not in my place & u never understand . So, better u concentrate on ur life not mine. Yeah, don’t use surgical equipments on other which u used on me as I have a lil bit infection.

Doctor : If u continue to do that , then people think that u are mad.Which type of infection u are talking about ?

Kaurwaki : Toh Abhi kon sa insaan samajhte hai . (So what ! they still didn’t understand me as human)

She move out side . He is still walking here & there. His sight fall on her.

Yagya : What did Doctor say ? Are u fine . What happen ? Your pain become some less or not.

Kaurwaki : Tell me I will answer which question first .

Yagya : How are u feeling now?

Kaurwaki : I am fine .

Yagya : Hmm…Come let’s go home.I already fulfil all formalities & expenses.

Kaurwaki : You don’t need to do favours on me.

Yagya : What is ur problem ? It’s not any favour & still if u think this as a favour then think like this that I will return u for saving my family from Raichands.

She gaze him for a moment.

She hold his hand.

Kaurwaki : Pleas don’t tell anyone , they become worried . I don’t want to spoil their prayers.

He keep his other hand on her .

Yagya : I promise I won’t tell anyone.

He called Yog & tell him that he is not feeling well that’s why he came back with her.

Yagya : Now ….It is ok with u ?

She nods her head . They both leave from there & reached at the Oberoi mansion. She move toward her room & message Kittu.

After sometime , all came back & asked from Yagya about his health inspite of her. He start feeling irritate with this while she is giggling on his condition.

In night –

All are in their room after their dinner.

All incident flashes in front of her eyes .

Aasaan bahut hai hona Khuda

Meri tarah se jee ke bata

Kaurwaki (thinking) : How life take turn suddenly. How much happen today with me ?

Aasan bahut hai hona Khuda

Meri tarah se jee ke bata

She think while moving toward the washroom.She see her face in the mirror & her conscience asking her questions . Her imagination start making her restless. She throw shampoo on mirror & rub on her reflection.

Aa ja falak se ek raat tu , Ek do kadam mere chal saath tu

Kaurwaki : Don’t trouble me….Just go from here . I have no answers…,Shut up.

Payega tu bhi ruswaiyan

Tanhaiyan hai, Tanhaiyaan hai

Tanhaiyaan hai Tanhaiyaan

She pick a blade to cut herself but she remind the promise which she give to Aavya & thrown that blade.

Tanhaiyaan hai, Tanhaiyaan hai

Tanhaiyaan hain Tanhaiyaan …

She wash her face & come outside .She hold her father ‘s photo & closed her eyes. She start thinking .


She tried to stand after getting shot but she again fall with a thud.Her sight start getting blur.

Tears fall down from her eyes & she start remembering her promises.
Their voices start echoing in her ears.

Don’t worry Aicchik, I am not going to leave u this much easily . I promise nothing happen to me

Farz hai jitne , Karz hai utne

Swadesh, I promise that I will take justice for ur brother & my father .

Padte hai karne sabko ada

Vrisha mein chahti hoon ki meri best friend mere saath meri shaadi mein shaamil ho( Vrisha, I want that my bestie with me in my marriage)

Siya’s words echoed in her ears .

Rishton ke dhaage uljhe hai kitne

Ye bhi nahi hai tujhko pata

She start remembering how Sona & Aavya always fight for getting her importance.

Kaurwaki : I can’t broke those promises, trust & hope which my family have on me….I can’t die.

Aaja falak se ek raat tu , Ek do kadam mere chal saath tu

She get up after a lot of trying . She tear a portion of her dupatta & tied tightly on the wound of her arm to stop bleeding.

Payega tu bhi ruswaiyaan

Tanhaiyaan hai , Tanhaiyaan hai
Tanhaiyaan hai Tanhaiyaan

She hide her wound from her remaining dupatta.

Kaurwaki : This is not going to work for much time , I have to go hospital.

Tanhaiyaan hai Tanhaiyaan hai
Tanhaaiyan hai Tanhaiyaan

**Flashback ends**

Kaurwaki : Ye sab is shehr ki wajah se ho raha hai . Yahan ki hawaon ka asar hai ye .
(This is all happening because of this city . This is effect of this city’s wind).

Kismat jo meri tune likhi hai

Ek roz ispe chal ke bata

Kaurwaki : Sab kuch cheen liya hai is shehr ne mujhse Baba . Ye sab mujhse shuru hua tha aur shayad meri maut ke baad hi khatm hoga.(This city snatch everything from me Baba. It’s all get started from me & it maybe end after my death)

Jalte hai mujhme shole jo gham ke

Tu bhi kabhi inme jal ke bata

She stare the moon from balcony . Her eyes are welled up with tears & the cool breeze slowly making her hairs flow.

Aaja falak se ek raat tu , Ek do kadam mere chal saath tu

Payega tu bhi ruswaiyaan

She wipe her eyes & trying to console herself .

Tanhaiyaan hai Tanhaiyaan hai
Tanhaiyaan hai Tanhaiyaan

Kaurwaki : Don’t know How will Aicchik react if he get to know that I get shot? I have to hide from him.

Tanhaiyaan hai Tanhaiyaan hai
Tanhaiyaan hai Tanhaiyaan ….

She think for a moment & suddenly a voice broke her chain of thoughts . She rushes downstairs in hurry .

The mansion is all over in slight darkness . Some dim lights are shining & she see the Kitchen light which is lightining her way or else she fall weak long time ago because of pure darkness . She move toward the kitchen & see the place is really messed up with all the things . She feel someone presence behind her. She turn & about to scream when the person closed her mouth.

Yagya : Don’t scream ….What do u want that my family throw me out of the house after thinking me as intruder.

She jerked his hand.

Kaurwaki : What are u doing here & tell me what is this all .

She said looking toward kitchen which is messed .

Yagya : I was cooking something.

Kaurwaki look at her watch .

Kaurwaki : Seriously ,u are cooking at this time .

Yagya : This is a surprise for Shree . Tomorrow is her birthday .

Kaurwaki : Okay but when will u surprise her .

She look at her watch which shows 1 a.m

Yagya : Not now , we didn’t wish her at 12 because we want to show her that we forget her birthday & then we surprise her in morning

Kaurwaki : Anybody else is with u in this drama.

Yagya : Yeah , Yog & Yug they are busy in decorations .

Kaurwaki : Ohh….Btw What are u making ?

Yagya : Chocolate cake ….Shree’s favourite .

She chuckle & he give confused look to her.

Kaurwaki : It’s looking like chocolate fudge instead of cake.

He annoyedly look at her.

Yagya : People like you demotivated innocent souls like me because u have no work except this .

Kaurwaki : What the hell ? You & innocent soul….Please , don’t do this type of joke again ? .

Yagya : Haww….You know what u are jealous from me.

Kaurwaki : Stop ur melodrama & let me help u .

Yagya : Really ….You are going to help me ….Thank you .

He move forward to hug her in excitement while she just give him deadly glare & he move backward.

Yagya : Okk, Sorry ….Don’t kill me after that . Now tell me what I have to do .

Kaurwaki : Just do one thing first clean urself & then this mess . Actually I have a lil bit OCD.

He start laughing .

Kaurwaki : You are happy because of my OCD.

Yagya : No, I am happy that my guess is right about u.

Kaurwaki : Achha toh aur kya kya guess kiya hai aapne mere baare mein.( Fine , then what more u guessed about me)

Yagya : Aap ye janna chahti hai ki mein aapke baare mein kya sochta hoon.( Ohh..So u want to know my thinking about u )

Kaurwaki : Nahi mujhe laga shayad aapko mujhme alien ke saath saath bhooth, chudail ya vampires bhi dikhte ho.( No, I think that maybe u see Ghosts, witches & vampires in me just like aliens)

He smile a little.

Yagya : You are taunting me indirectly .

Kaurwaki : Maybe I am….

She look on & get busy in making cake . He stares her for a while & start cleaning the mess.

Precap : Shree’s birthday celebration…Sona in danger .

What will happen with Sona?

Is Kaurwaki able to save her ?

If u want link of songs , check below –

Kaisi Dastaan –


Tanhaiyaan –


Here are the cast of this ff –

Sajal Ali as Kaurwaki singh rathore

Gautam rode as Aicchik singh rathore

Mouni roy as Sanyukta Mishra (siya)

Helly Shah as Sonarika singh rathore

Zain imam as Swadesh shikawat

Dheeraj dhoopar as Yagya singh oberoi

Arjun Bijlani as Yog singh oberoi

varun kapoor as Yug singh oberoi

kanchi singh as Shirisha singh oberoi(shree)

sukriti kandpal as Anusha singh oberoi (Anu)

Adaa Khan as Katyayani singh Rajput (Kittu)

Hope u guys like it . So sorry for late update as I was busy with studies . Kindly ignore grammatical & spelling errors. Do comments & like/dislike. Be happy & stay safe .


Niyati (Niyu )

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