Haven’t Found Anyone Like You-Avneil FF (Characters)

Hello! It’s my first ff and it is on Avneil……Please spare me for my english,spelling,grammatical mistakes.Hope you will enjoy it….Here is my Character Sketch….                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
CHARACTER SKETCH                                                                                                                                                             


A 18 Year old girl.She is very friendly,calm,short tempered,shy girl.She gets angry when someone scolds or insults her..Doesn’t know how to draw but tries to draw..people laughs when she draws.That’s why she gave up drawing..hates boys and always stays away where boys are.Reads at Waves School and College in 12th.She’s class topper

2.Neil Khanna

A 18 year old boy.He is also friendly,restless,handsome,stylish boy.Reads at Waves School and College in 12th.One of the backbencher.Dreamboy of every girl.Woos every girl who is hot and beautiful.He is known for his attitude.

3.Juhi Goenka

A 18 year old girl.She is hot,beautiful and always jealous of Avni because she is the dreamgirl of every boy and class topper.Reads in the same class and college as avni and neil.Tries to woo Nei but neil is not interested in her.

4 Vidyuth Mukherjee

A 18 Year old boy. Reads at same class and college as neil.Likes avni.But avni stays away from him.

5.Aman Mehta

Younger brother of avni

6.Nilanjana Khanna

Younger sister of Neil.

7.Ashish and Asha Mehta

Parents of Avni.

8.Prakash and Shewta Mehta

Parents of Neil.

9.Nitya Singh

Best friend of Avni and loves dev.

10.Dev Malhotra

Best fruend of neil and loves nitya

and if necessary I will add more characters..
So here’s my character sketch..Hope you will enjoy this ff.And don’t forget to like and comment and please share it to your friends.I will soon update nxt episode..


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  1. nice yaar.plz update soon

    1. Avneil1811

      I will update it soon.By the way thanks.

  2. Hasinasoghra

    Nice please upload the next episode soon

    1. Avneil1811

      I will update it soon

    2. Avneil1811

      Thanks I will update it soon

  3. Awesome please upload the episode fast.

    1. Avneil1811

      Thanks I will update it as soon as possible

  4. Mind-blowing. Eagerly waiting for next episode

    1. Avneil1811

      I will post it as fas as I can

  5. Love Avniel. And upload episode fast eagerly waiting

    1. Avneil1811

      I will post it soon

  6. Ayesha_malhotra

    Nice. Keep writing more and more. Even I write a naamkaran fan fiction named meri zindhagi. Do read if you have time. Do you use wattpad??

    Ayesha malhotra

    1. Avneil1811

      I read your ff please update your next episode

  7. AryanBhattacharya

    Nice. Khub shundor.

    1. Avneil1811


  8. wow..finally so many people r there who still love avneil like me….feeling proud..nk

    1. Avneil1811

      There are people who can’t live without Avneil

  9. Eagerly awaited for next update. It was lovely.

    1. Avneil1811

      Thanks I will post it as soon as possible

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