Bani Ishq Da Kalma 21st August 2013 Written Episode Update


Bani Ishq Da Kalma 21st August 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 21st August 2013 Written Update

Epi starts with Soham and Simran talking about why women take so long to get ready. Simran tells him his brother is the same way, and teases him about it but suddenly goes quiet as she realises Soham’s relationship isnt exactly the usual kind. Rajji comes there and they leave.
Bani is sitting on her bed crying, Desho comes in and Bani wipes away her tears.Desho tells her how worried she had been specially a few days back as she had had a bad dream about Bani. Bani has flashbacks of the “incident”. Desho thinks that Bani isnt talking to her because of the Rajji issue, so she asks Bani just to tell her if she is ok. Bani tells Desho she is fine and leaves from there.
Nirvail is asking about Jas from Beeji as the boy’s family is about to come and sees Soham

and Rajji arrive. Nirvail hugs her happily and she tells him Soham brought her since Jas had called.
Nirvail calls out to Binder and Bani, and they come running to meet Rajji. Desho also comes out.
Soham looks at Bani and Bani smiles at him

Jas thanks Soham and Binder tells him without Rajji it wouldn’t have felt nice at all. Nirvail asks Soham to join them but he makes an excuse and leaves from there after giving Desho a look.

Manpreet is looking at Bani/Parmeet wedding album and talks to herself,says history repeats itself, but she never thought it would happen in her home. She says the fate of this house has been written by coal, no matter how hard you try the stains remain.
Rano is looking at her wedding album and talking to it. She’s asking her husband Balbir if is he coming to get her today.

Soham arrives there and comes closer but before he can see the picture of Daarji and Manpreet with Rano and Balbir, she closes the album. He asks her about it and she just tells him it is her family and her Balbir ji. she tells him maybe today the world outside will become like the world in the album

Rano asks Soham to take her to the station and she quickly puts her album in the trunk and Soham just looks at it thoughtfully.

Rajji and Bani are helping Jas get ready. Jas tells them she feels a little nervous. Rajji tells her not to worry and that marriage is a good thing but the look on Rajji’s face is sad. She and Bani look at each other and Rajji moves away. Bni looks at Rajji and tells Jas that after marriage she will get a friend who will always be with her through hardships and joys. Bani and Rajji’s faces both show how miserable they are.Bani goes on to say how he would make her laugh if she was sad and how he would be the first to help her if she were in trouble. All the while Bani’s face tells the truth of how her husband isnt there. Rajji joins in and says, that your husband will love you so much that his love will never let you feel a lack in anything. Jas asks Rajji if marriage is truly such an amazing thing

Bani and Rajji both look at each other unaware of the realities each is facing. Rajji quickly come to Jas saying how pretty she looks. Bani puts a kajal tika behind Jas’s ear. Binder comes in to see the girls smiling and compliments Jas as well. Desho who had been watching also comes in and tries to join in . She says how they still hadn’t gotten over the departure of two of their girls and now it would be Jas soon as well. Everyone has a sour look on their faces since Desho came in and Jas moves away when Desho tries to put her hand on Jas’s head.

Manpreet is moping on the chaise and when Surjeet brings her food she refuses it.Surjeet insists but Manpreet refuses. Randeep overhears them say Bani has left.He comes and asks them where bani went

Manpreet tells him Bani has gone back to her family for good and pervo( Oh.My.God!) has the gall to ask why there was a need to send her back!!

He said I already told you I would take care of her. He says he would have talked to Darrji. Manpreet and Surjeet look at him like they cant believe he is real! ( I feel ya, ladies!)

Bauji comes calling for Rajji and says to Simran that since she probably couldnt finish the task so she must be hiding. Simran tells her that Rajji finished the food but Buaji cant believe it. She goes to the kitchen and sees the food. She asks Simran if she helped Rajji but Simran tells her she didnt. Kukki also pipes in and supports Rajji and tells about the hardships she went though to get the food ready before she left. Buaji who had told Rajji she couldn’t go, is furious to hear this.

Precap: Buaji is giving Angad and Simran a scolding. And she accuses Rajji of something but says she will only tell in front of Rajji.

Update Credit to: SophiSays

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