Ek Ghar Banaunga 22nd August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Ghar Banaunga 22nd August 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 22nd August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kanno informing Mangla that Poonam came to know everything about Ravikant and now Poonam asked Akash to make Dadi meet her son. Mangla is shocked. Kanno says go and stop Akash. Shashikant scolds Akash and says Ravikant is my elder brother. He is not a part of this family because of some reason. Shashikant gets a call and he gets busy. Akash asks him is there anything important to you than us. He says if someone says that you cannot meet us, then how will you feel. Akash says if anything tells me this, I will break his mouth, but what will you do if such happens. Akash tells him about Dadi’s sufferings. Akash says you cannot force Dadi not to meet her son, she should be free to meet her son. Mangla comes there and hears them talking. Mangla stops Akash and

says enough, don’t get worried, Dadi did not tell me that she wants to meet Ravikant.

Mangla says I will send Dadi to Delhi. She says even we worry about her. Akash smiles. Mangla comes in the hall and tells Poonam to call Dadi. Poonam goes to call Dadi. Prathna comes. Kanno comes with her husband and thinks Mangla will scold Poonam today. But Mangla tells everyone that Dadi is going to Delhi to meet her son, and asks Prathna to do the arrangements. Mangla tells Dadi that you should have told me, I understand you being a mum. She speaks sweetly. Dadi smiles and becomes happy. Dadi hugs Mangla. Everyone smile. Akash asks Dadi are you happy now. Prathna says lets go and do the arrangements now. Mangla asks Mama to take Dadi to Delhi. Poonam and Akash look at each other and smile.

Mangla asks Mama to do as she said. Mangla gives him some money. Mama says Poonam was happy. Mangla says let her be happy, she cannot know what she is doing. She says she gave importance to Poonma because she wanted to do it. Mangla praises herself. Poonam talks to Sudhir on phone. She says we will inform you before coming. Dadi thanks Poonam for making the arrangements. Dadi says you understood me what I wished. Dadi says tomorrow is Ravikant’s birthday. Poonam says great, he will be happy to see you there. Dadi blesses Poonam. Mangla smiles hearing this. Akash talks to Chandru and gives him some work. Poonam comes and asks whats the name with whom you were talking. You called him a donkey so many times. Akash smiles and says its my mistake. She says I spoke to Sudhir. Akash asks so many questions about him. Poonam says we should meet him today. Rani hears this. Poonam says we have to go to Sitapur. Rani hears everything where Akash and Poonam are going to meet Sudhir. Akash thinks its good Poonam did not ask me to go to Lucknow. Akash says I will take care of everything here.

Dadi leaves for Delhi. Everyone come outside the house to leave her till the car. Poonam brings food for Dadi. Dadi gets happy and blesses everyone. Everyone greet Dadi. Akash asks her to take care. She leaves with Mama. Mangla asks Poonam are you going anywhere. Kanno argues with Mangla. Akash says yes we are going together. Kanno interrupts. Akash says do you have any problem. He makes some excuses. Mangla does not permit Poonam. Akash says I promised someone that I will bring Poonam, so shall we go. Mangla agrees. Kanno is shocked. Akash asks Poonam to take her mobile. Mangla thinks whats going on. Kanno taunts Mangla saying Poonam is getting closer to Akash. Mangla says did not you hear what Akash said. Mangla smiles. Kanno says they are going somewhere else. Mangla says ok prove yourself right. Kanno accepts the challenge.

Akash tells Mangla that we went to see a guy for Prathna. Mangla scolds Poonam for lying to her.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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