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Balika Vadhu 21st May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Vivek’s mom thanking Saachi. Saachi says, it is my good luck that you gave me a chance. Vivek’s mom says, I need to go out to see my friend and I will be late. She says, we will prepare food after I came back home. Saachi says, I will prepare food and asks her not to worry. Vivek’s mom says, ok and asks her to prepare Shahi Paneer and Kerela Sabzi. Saachi says, ok. Saachi thinks how to prepare these dishes and calls Ira. Subhadra picks the call and tells Saachi that Ira and Meenu went outside. Saachi says, I need to know the recipe of Shahi Paneer and Kerela Sabzi. Subhadra says, I had handled the kitchen when I was of your age. She asks her not to call Ira about it and prepare herself.

Saachi calls again. Subhadra talks to her and cuts the call. Ira asks her,

who is on the line. Subhadra tells them that Saachi called to know the recipe, but I told her that she have to learn herself. She says, she burnt her hand. Ira gets worried. Subhadra says, she doesn’t have training, but she will learn. Ira asks, why you didn’t give the call to me. Subhadra gets angry and says I won’t talk to your daughter again. She goes inside.

Vivek’s mom tells his husband that Saachi prepared the food. Saachi opens the dish. Vivek’s mom says, your put so much oil in Paneer. Saachi says, no and mixes the dish. She serves the dish to them. Vivek’s mom tastes it and drinks water. She says, it is very spicy. Saachi says, I prepared it by watching on internet. Vivek’s mom says, she can’t eat spicy food and goes to make Khichdi. She asks her husband and kids not to eat spicy and oily food. Vivek says, we should appreciate that Saachi tried to make the food. Rakhi tastes the food and says it is not that bad and spicy. Vivek’s mom Suman goes and her husband follows. Rakhi says, I liked the food. Vivek feels bad. He looks at Saachi’s burnt hand. He says, it is burnt. Saachi says, I prepared it for the first time.

Vivek says, that’s why I was unsure about coming here. We can go back. Saachi says, it happens and I don’t feel bad at all. I am happy that mom told me frankly about my mistake. Vivek smiles. Vivek and Saachi eat the food. Ira tells Meenu that Buaji don’t understand the new generation. She says, Saachi is learning slowly. Meenu says, our Saachi is intelligent. She might have felt difficulty, but have managed well. Ira says, ok.

Vivek applies balm on Saachi’s burnt hand. He asks, is it paining? Saachi says yes and shows her chin and neck. Vivek looks surprised. Saachi then signs at her lips. Vivek holds her hand and kisses it. Saachi closes her eyes. Vivek holds her and says let’s make this night memorable. He gets close to her.

Shiv is eating in a hurry. Subhadra asks him to eat slowly. Daddu says, Shiv is not a child. Subhadra says, he will get indigestion. Rasika comes to Shiv’s house and greets him. Everyone look on. She introduces herself as Rasika, Shiv’s new PA. Daddu introduces himself. Shiv asks, how come you are here? Rasika says, I thought to come here for the meeting. Anandi gives her water. Daddu flirts with her. Shiv asks him to leave her hand. Rasika gives him gift and says it is funky tshirt. It will suit you. Anandi signs Shiv to accept the gift. Shiv thanks her. Rasika then gives the gift to Anandi. Daddu goes to drop them. Alok teases Daddu followed by Anoop. Meenu, Ira and Anandi laugh.

Saachi sees Saurabh in her house and gets shocked. Saachi recalls the trauma. Vivek asks, how did you come out of jail. Have you eloped? His parents come there.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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