Saraswatichandra 21st May 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 21st May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Danny coming to talk to Kabir. Danny asks is there any tension. Kabir says no, I m fine. Everyone come to him. Kabir says you all here, what happened. Laxminandan says we did not see the girl’s pic yesterday, see today and tell us how is she. Guniyal shows the pic but Kabir does not see. Yash’s mum says see she is so beautiful. Guniyal says she is a very nice girl, she will adjust here. Vidyachatur says we heard she speaks less like you. Yash’s mum says I heard she got educated in Delhi and speaks good English. She says when I went to her home once, she was eating with sticks, don’t know what.

Kusum says chopsticks. Everyone smile. Guniyal says she is good for you, see her once. Kabir says I don’t want to marry. He says I don’t think I can share my life with anyone, I lived all my life alone, so please stop this. Vidyachatur says tell us if you have any fear in your heart, but marriage is important. Kabir says not for me, I don’t want to marry. He gets a call and leaves. Guniyal says what to do now. Laxminandan says we grew up in families, but he did not see relations, its tough for him to give anyone space in his life. Vidyachatur says we will show him what is the happiness of families, and benefits of marriage. Danny asks how. Vidyachatur says you and Kusum have to do this.

Everyone sit for dinner. Kumud comes and Saras moves away being annoyed. She asks Kabir to give his chair. Kabir says but this place is yours. He shifts to her place. Guniyal says she made Karela dish. Everyone like it. Yash’s mum says this is Methi Ke theple, Kumud makes it always but today I made it. She asks Kabir to take it. Kabir says no, thanks. Guniyal says this is Karela dish. Kabir says no, I m not hungry. She asks why. He says I will have juice and sleep.

Danny says I am much hungry, but can’t eat anything seeing this karela. Kusum smiles and brings Palak Paneer for Danny. She says I made this for you. Danny says wife knows everything about husband’s likes and dislikes, else I would have been hungry. Everyone smile. Laxminandan signs Vidyachatur. Vidyachatur says the benefits of having a wife. Saras looks at Kumud and is upset. Vidyachatur says Kabir, if you were married, you would have something to eat, think again. Saras says Kaka….. Vidyachatur says why, are you regretting being married. Kumud says Bapu… Vidyachatur says I m scolding him.

Kusum serves palak paneer to Kabir too. Saras and Kumud taunt each other. Saras walks to his room and sees its closed from inside. He knocks and asks Kumud to open the door. She says no, brought ticket alone, now be alone. He says I m standing here. Open the door. He gets angry and calms down. He says her with love that he is feeling sleepy, please open the door. She says fine sleep, who stopped you. He says my anger is bad, open the door. She says now I won’t open the door, be out. She closes the light and sleeps.
He says fine, I will sleep on couch. She says its good, you will get your senses back. He says she really slept. He says I have to sleep with mosquitoes tonight and leaves. Its morning, Laxminandan calls out Danny and Kabir. He sees Saras sleeping in the hall. He wakes up Saras. Saras says you were missing me right. Vidyachatur says Saras. Saras says now go, I won’t come and smiles. Laxminandan says Saras………….. Saras opens his eyes and sees them standing. He gets up. Laxminandan asks why were you sleeping here. Saras says there were many mosquitoes in the room. Danny says don’t make reasons, tell us Kumud did not allow you to come in the room.

Saras says its time to go washroom, excuse me. He says I will come and leaves. Vidyachatur says this is the limit, Kumud did not do this right, I will talk to her. Laxminandan says we decided we will not come in between them, ,let them solve this matter. Danny says yes, mission Ladki for Kabir is to be done now. Saras comes in the room and jumps on the bed to sleep. Kumud comes and sees him. She makes sound. He asks what are you seeing, see I have a right on this bed. She says no, its only mine, you go Mumbai and sleep on your bed alone. She leaves.

He says I will take you to Mumbai. Kabir irons his clothes. Everyone look at him. Kabir goes to loo. Laxminandan comes in and thinks we will break your overconfidence. He makes wrinkles on his tshirt and keeps it back. He leaves. Kabir comes back and sees the tshirt. He says I ironed this, then how did this happen. He says did I press this or not. Saras packs his bag and waits for Kumud.

He sees her coming and acts annoyed. He continues his packing and keeps pen and notepads. She says it looks like you don’t get this in Mumbai. He says I will take our wedding album. She says take it, I have another one. She leaves. He beats his head to the bag. Laxminandan says now it will be fin. Kabir comes to them and says Danny lets go. Vidyachatur says your tshirt has so many wrinkles, will you go like this. Guniyal and Kusum say if he had a wife, everything would have been ready. Danny says Kusum is a perfect wife.

Kabir asks is there any internet problem. Kusum says the wire broke because of me. Danny scolds her. They start finding and Kabir smiles. Kusum leaves and Danny goes after her. Kabir says I think Danny will take some time, I will leave. Vidyachatur says they fought infront of Kabir. Laxminandan says Kabir did this, he is my son. He laughs. Saras comes to them and says pack my pickle for Mumbai, and I will take yearly records. Vidyachatur says take when you come. Saras says don’t know when will I come. He sees Kumud and acts. Everyone smile.

He says I have filled all water and electricity bills and says I will pay them online, don’t know when will I come. He says pack some 2-4 kgs Papad also, don’t know whether I will get food or not. He says fine, I will do my packing, I will come. He smiles thinking this will affect Kumud. Vidyachatur says Nautanki and they laugh. Saras packs some files. Kumud comes to him. She sees the files and adds more clothes. She says now there is nothing left here. She leaves. He smiles and says some great man said if a wife gets angry, it means she is getting love on him, it means we are going Mumbai together.

Saras and Kumud fight for the key. They have a cute argument..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

  1. When will mumbai track be aired ????? Eagerly waiting

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