Are you fed up seeing Additi Gupta in Qubool Hai?

The actress had been missing from the small screen for a while and was seen in a daily soap, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan last year, which wrapped up in only four months. Additi’s character was brought in Qubool Hai by Tanveer. According to the current track of the show, New Sanam is seen stranded amidst the market, and she is very hungry because she has not eaten food in two day. Just then, she finds a man whose wallet is seen protruding out of his pocket. She makes her move, but gets caught by the people standing there. The people chase new Sanam, who finally comes across Aahil’s car and faints. A doctor attends to her and claims that Sanam is pregnant and has not eaten anything in two days.

Aahil starts questioning Sanam, who has lost her memory. He asks Sanam as to when did she meet Shaad and how was their wedding. Sanam, who is unable to remember anything, stresses herself and faints. Aahil immediately attends to Sanam and is followed by Shaad. Shaad shouts at Aahil for putting questions before Sanam. Sanam recovers after Shaad serves her some water. Aahil then asks Shaad to take Sanam to Bhopal as he (Aahil) knows the best doctors who could treat her.

Aahil meets Sanam and they spot a shooting star. Aahil holds Sanam’s hand and asks her to make a wish. At the very same moment, Shaad spots Aahil holding Sanam’s hand. New Sanam starts putting questions before Aahil, who does not take her talk seriously. He tells new Sanam that it does not matters what she has to say to him. On the other hand, Sanam complains to Shaad about her bag which is missing. Shaad then calls Aahil and informs him about Sanam’s missing bag. Aahil promises Shaad that he would sort everything out. The story is going on with few ups and downs, and even then maintaining its loyal viewers. Are you fed up seeing Additi Gupta in Qubool Hai? Did you have enough of new Sanam’s evil plans and want her to get off the show asap? Let us know in this poll.


  1. Naina201

    Don’t know !!! beacause I am not fed up to see Additi but FED up with Sanam 2 !!
    It meens that she is doing a good job 🙂 great acting !

  2. diasy

    the story is not going anywhere, so fed up with all the drama, ahil and sanam should now be together. Dont know where her twin sister vanish??
    fed up with sanam2 coming back all the time

      • manya

        this is not prooved… the person told she was likely killed….. n with
        the stupidity they are showin…most likely… she’ll be back…

  3. sharmi

    Not watching anyone…sorry Ahil, you stayed on for your fans but these writers are screwing up the story between you and Sanam with all these dumb scenarios between evil Sanam and Shaad,

  4. Eshal

    Yeah I am quite fed up of sanam2 and her evil plans. Please unite Sanam and aahil and remove sanam2 from their lives permanently. Let them live happily.

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  6. Who wouldn’t get fed with this crap and if sanam sister dead then where is her body this show is like magic at first u will see plenty actors n actresses then after a while all of them disappear where they go only god knows

  7. Britney

    Nope. Because if it wasn’t for her Sanam would have never gotten lost. To the viewers that don’t think The show wouldn’t have a story without her and then wouldn’t have a story without her and Tanveer and here daughter Shashi Kapoor who is going to be Sanam’s enemy just like how Tanveer was Zoya’s enemy.

  8. Amily

    Can any one tell where Seher is? Is she really dead or will the director get her when time comes. Is her character really ended??

  9. Actually i am getting fed up wit old Sanam n her ranting n raving for everting.devil sanam pls get lost u so fliping annoying
    Ahil find out truth not ur child boot her out…show draging aah yes dens theres tanveer….????

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.