Service Wali Bahu 21st May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Service Wali Bahu 21st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Payal asking Dev, why he has done this. Dev says he did right. You should not give money to anyone in this house. Payal says her family has the right on her money. She says this is my family now. Dev says family is built with love, care and sacrifices and not with money. Payal says she wants to change the future. She says I am your wife and this house’s bahu. Dev says you knows well that they are using you. Payal says I know, but we can change people and situations. I am doing that. She says if service wali bahu comes home, then it makes the house better. She says if Guddi wants to help me in kitchen, then it is not wrong. Dev says there is no similarity between your family and mine. They accepted you as bahu because of money. I am stopping you because of their greed. They played with your dreams for your salary. This is my final decision, but if you don’t listen to me then it is your decision. He goes out.

Payal thinks if she agrees to Dev’s sayings that her family won’t be happy. She is confused. Rajesh calls Jatin and says he has arranged the money. He hears Indu talking to Alka about him. Indu says Rajath is working hard after Payal’s marriage. Rajath gets happy. Alka says he is working hard to fulfill all the responsibilities. Indu takes a mannat. Rajath smiles. Indu sees him and asks to have food. He takes out the money and gives her 5000 Rs for home expenses. Indu blesses him. Bhuvaneshwar comes and asks what is going on? Neelu comes and says she won Inter college basket ball. Bhuvaneshwar says good. Neelu says we will have food outside today. Bhuvaneshwar says food might be ready. Indu says she made the food with Alka’s help. She says food is costly at an restaurant. Rajath asks them to get ready. He thinks money will be finished, but everyone will be happy.

Santoshi says they couldn’t have any advantage of service wali bahu. She says Gulkan was right. We would have brought dowry wali bahu. She says our destiny was bad. Guddi says yes maa. Our destiny is bad. Ayodhya says Dev is supporting Payal and using his tongue non stop. Santoshi says you are right. Ayodhya says if this continues then how I will get contract. Jogeshwar asks him to approach Payal’s superior. He says we have to think about Payal’s salary. Ayodhya says what? Jogeshwar says he won’t let the lakshmi/money go from their hands. He says he knows how to turn the kundli.

Dev comes to the bank to take loan. He thinks he has to take care of his responsibilities. The officer says he can’t give loan based on his papers. Dev says if I had anything, then why would I come to take loan. He goes to manager and asks why they are making fool to common people. He says until nobody gives us chance, then how can India grow. He says I will get successful without your help. The manager gets impressed with his words. Payal works in kitchen. Santoshi starts her acting. Jogeshwar says he is tensed thinking about repayment of the loan. Santoshi says we will come on the road. Jogeshwar says how we will pay to milkman, laundary man etc. He says Ayodhya and dev are not earning money. Payal hears them. Santoshi says what to do now? She says Dev will not let us take money from Payal. Jogeshwar asks her to asks money from Gulkan. Santoshi says do you have any enmity from me. You are sending me to Gulkan. She refuses to go. Payal gets tensed. Santoshi says Gulkan will not give her money, but will taunt her heavily. Jogeshwar says he doesn’t know what to do. He asks her to go to kitchen and work. Payal thinks helpless and thinks she can’t help them. Jogeshwar scolds Santoshi. Santoshi signs Jogeshwar that Payal is hearing her.

Jogeshwar tells that he will give money to laundry man, milk man etc. Payal sees Santoshi working in kitchen. She thinks she have to talk to Dev about giving her salary to them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Payal is such an idiot….rel turning me off this show. Geezan!!!!!Why the main character of the show have to be so stupid!!! Seriously frustrating to watch.

  2. that is problem with the shows instead of education our women through the serials they make them so darn stupid and helpless. this drives me insane

    1. You are so right all the women on these shows have not a good job and if they do they are going to have problems with in-laws.The ladies are all portrayed as dumb,foolish,or uneducated.What a pity!

  3. Exactly.. Why she is so dumb

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