Qubool Hai 21st May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 21st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Hotel
Ahil comes to the hotel, and tells the bellboy to get the suitcase to the room. he goes in. the new bride sneaks out, and thinks that he must have come here to meet someone, and decides to find out. the bellboy takes the suitcase out with a jerk, hurting her. He is unable to pick such a heavy bag, oblivious of whats inside. With great difficulty and jerks, he keeps getting the suitcase out. Ahil proceeds towards sanam’s room. the bellboy tells ahil that there’s a power cut in BHOPAL, when the lights suddenly go off. As the bellboy remembers that the lift isnt working, he leaves the suitcase at the stairs, to check, while someone else by mistake, accidentally gives it a push, and she falls down the flight of stairs, in the mistake. It cascades down and falls right in latif’s foot, who identifies the suitcase. Sher rushes after it, while sanam finds that the zip is stuck from inside. Meanwhile, as ahil progresses furhter, sanam is suddenly and instinctively aware of some presence, and opens the door. She breaks a vase by mistake, and gets scared. Sanam hugs ahil, and both are overwhelmed and shocked. She is reminded of hazy memories of the past, while ahil revels in the locked arms, around him. She senses its ahil, and retreats back, awkwardly. She asks for his phone, so tht she can light a candle. he complies and turns on the lighter instead, and they both eye each other in the candlelight, as she alights one. The wax falls on ahil’s hand, and she senses, and askss if he got hurt badly. he says that he is already burning in love, and this doesnt make any difference. They both go onto light other candles too, and eye each other stealthily. Meanwhile, the suitcase rolls down the stairs, and onto the road, where it gets hit by a car, while sanam inside the suitcase gets a big jolt. latif is shocked to see this, and thinks that sanam must be hurt for sure, and decides to duck, incase someone sees her too, as she cant afford to be implicated.

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Scene 2:
Location: Open grounds
Shashi greets everyone in her disguise. Shaad tries to catch a look, but is unable to amidst the crowd, of admirers, politicians, and media. he comes closer to take a look. Suddenly the lights go off, and shaad is alarmed, while others are tensed. As shaad checks the power grid, one person comes says that he shall just start the generator. Shaad returns back, tensedly, and is told that its aall safe and sound here. shaad says that atleast they are rfelieved after having done a thorough checkup. He finally notices the official’s pic on the poster, with another name, and is alarmed. Just then, Shaad hears shashi kapoor, in disguise, rendering a discourse to the Bhopal community, befitting to a political leader. he smiles as if he knows something. She talks about how she means welfare and progress of Bhopal, and that she shall fulfill what she came here for. she eyes shaad too, who is boggled. She thanks them all, and again casting a glance at Shaad, she leaves amidst high security. Shaad stands in her way, as she makes her way through the crowd, eyeing her stoically. The security guard asks him to step aside, while he remmebrs his family’s last wish of not sparing shashi. finally, their eyes meet and he gives side, for her to pass through. She greets him too, and walks past. He stares at her, as she leaves.

Scene 3:
Location: Hotel room
Ahil talks about his incidents with sanam, starting with the pudina chutney, and how she made and ate it witrh everything, and she starts talking about the similarity with herself. he also tells her of her making his favourite dish, and before he can say, she utters that its APPLE PIE, and when he talks about how much they laughed afterwards, she rightly points out that it was due to the BHAANG mixed in it. She has distinct hazy visions, while he is overwhelmingly excited to see her regaining her memory in bits and pieces. He is surprised, while she sits boggled, asher mind doesnt know, but her heart itself speaks answers through her tongue. he starts talking about how he took sanam’s hand, and takes hers, and she eyes him. the screen freezes on the trio stuck in the love triangle’s faces.

Precap: While the new bride splashes her face with water, she is surprised, as she finds sanam walking in the lobby. She is shellshocked to see her there. Meanwhile, shaad comes to sanam and takes her to the restaurant. The new bride is startled, as she tries to see whats going on.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. sahil <3 <3

  2. god!…y sanam 2 couldn’t get hit by that car and dead she scunt….always messing up other people’s lives..i just hate that evil b*t*h,…shashi kapoor is better than her.

  3. Sanam 2 got hit by car wonder if she lost her baby… can’t she just die!!! €€€€€

    1. No she did not lost the baby because it is stuck in her back.Dumb fool.

      1. Ur dumb idiot. mind ur dirty tongue

      2. I do not think you Dany understood the question aaliya asked’.She asked if Sanam 2 lost the baby due to the accidentMy answer to Aaliya was the baby is stuck in her back which means Sanam 2 because Sanam 2 baby is stuck in her back.I am saying that Sanam 2 is a dumb fool.Let me ask this question is your name Aaliya ?As far as I read your name is dany.Therefore why are you offended by calling me a dumb idiot with a dirty tongue.Whoever you are you need to understand English language properly before you get involved with me.You cannot even write a proper sentence much less to call me names,Do you know me?Do you know who I am.However when you understand proper writing along with good English then you can speak to me.Stay in you lane please and do not get me started—-DANY—

      3. O really miss.chip chip? ? Im sure u didnt say fool 4 sanam 2 k. U tld 4 tat gal. U cn explain anything bt nt scolding others. Let me ask a ques 2 u 1st do u hve rights 2 scold others.?? Since u knw english u think lord governor?? Now in which language Im communicating wit u?? U dont come in my lane useless freak! Dont order dany k. bettr be in ur limts!

  4. I loved the scene where witch poo is getting thumps after thumps …..
    But shocked to see her running after jannat without any fracture huhh! ….

  5. Ahil stop wasting time .Stop talking and take your wifeback.Put the witch out .She starts giving orders again.

  6. Ahil why waste time just posion that woman n done the whole story n go n bring sanam back show her some old album with u n her pics or some things so that she can remember everything’s

  7. Why doesn’t Aahil tell Jannat and Shaad that she is his wife Sanam. When will Sanam gain her memory? It’s so stupid to watch new Sanam get many bumps and being in the suitcase but nothing happened to her or baby. Very disappointing

  8. i agree with u roma

  9. writers this would have been the perfect way for long toenail sanam 2 to exist the serial what a better way to go first tumble down the staircase onto the road then hit by a car and with the zipper stuck you ass is grass but no you writers have to make that witchipoo evil woman win once again and she is back out the suitcase unharm I will not say with the baby kicking because we do not know after that tumble car hit but all I know she is out the suitcase looking to causing trouble for ahil and sanam once again come on writers it is time to get rid of long toenail sanam 2 frustrated with this serial

  10. One more thing, when Aahil knows that Jannat is his wife Sanam then how can he let her stay with a stranger Shaad. I mean they are living together like a married couple, do how can Aahil assure that tjey don’t have any relationship between them?Aahil should claim that Jannat is Sanam and take her with him and show her all her pics with him when got married, her parents pic,Seher,dilshad,haya’s pics. All will help her remember everything, specially her dhaba’s recipe book. Writers please wake up and show some positivity in this show. There’s evils winning over and over… very frustrating… 🙁

  11. what is wrong with the writers…Sanam loses her memory too long a time(i think its the longest a character has ever taken compared to any other serial),they also cant keep track of other characters…where is Haya,Rahat,Seher(is she really dead),Azhar,Asma and Dilshaad and an evil filled melodrama …this is soo annoying.

  12. I miss QH1?

    1. totally agreed

  13. wat d hell… sanam remems tanveer’s face & forgotten ahil’s … writers cm out of ur imaginal world & write something logical…. dis track z disgusting..

  14. Whn will dis story come on track???

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  17. Saalee bakchod…22nd wale episode ka update Kyu nahi diya be gandu….

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