Angel of my heart-Adivi fs (Woh apna sa) – Shot 5 (sorry)

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So sorry. Next time I promise I won’t be late coz now my problem is solved. Today’s epi is in janu’s voice. Enjoy reading. Here is the link to previous epi.Hope the link works.

‘He proposed me.’ Nisha said jumping n dancing. ‘Who??’ I said being confused. ‘My love.’ W-H-A-T Nisha has a boyfriend n she even didn’t tell me. ‘Who?’ I said folding my arms. ‘Adi.’ She shouted at the top of her voice. Hearing the name I broke down. Adi proposed Nisha. ‘Adi’ this name ecohed inside me. Jhanvi u should be happy ur best friend got her love but why am I not happy. I don’t know. ‘Jhanvi adi n I are going on a date tonight after the party. So will u help me chose the dress ‘ She said with a million dollars smile. That smile is very precious but why am I not happy. What has happened to me. Jhanvi it’s nothing like that. ‘Stay calm. I will.’ I said with a smile which was not natural. I was telling her to stay calm but I was the one who was not able to stay calm. She took out all her dresses from the cupboard n spreaded it on the bed. ‘Ummm this once nice but not that gud.’ She said picking up a purple gown. She was busy criticizing the dresses n I was there trying to comprehend what’s going on inside me. ‘Jhanvi help me.’ Nisha said shaking me gently. ‘Hmm.’ ‘How about this one.’she said picking up a black color mock neck dress. ‘Ok.’ I said. ‘This once final n shoes.’ She said picking up a pencil hill. ‘Umm not that gud.’she said n put it down. ‘How about this.’ She said. I was unknown what’s going inside me. My blood was boiling. I couldn’t take it any longer. I just left the room n slammed the door. I took a taxi. I don’t know what happened to me. My heart felt heavy. Tears were automatically forming in my eyes. I tried hard to stop the tears. ‘Ma’am where should I drop u?’ The driver asked. I told him the address. My voice was trembling even while saying the address. All the way back home I was sobbing silently. I don’t know why I was sobbing but the fact that adi proposed Nisha was indigestible for me. My phone buzzed. It showed the name Adi. I cut the call n silently sobbed. The phone rang once again this time also I cut the call. It kept ringing I kept cutting. I then switched it off. I didn’t know what was happening to me. ‘Ma’am here u r.’ The driver said. I immediately wiped my tears n gave the driver his fee. I opened the door n rushed towards my house. I heard the driver say,’Love is beautiful but painful as well.’ I opened the door of my house. ‘Jhanvi u came.’ Mum said from the kitchen but before she could see me I ran to my room n locked the door. I sobbed silently…threw the pillow here n there trying to take out all my frustation. ‘Janu open the door. Don’t u want to go to rashmi’s birthday party.’ Mum said while knocking the door. I dug my face on the pillow n shed tears. I really don’t know what had happened to me. If I don’t go then mum will feel that something is wrong n she would get tense. I should go. ‘Ok.’ I said n went to the washroom. I splashed water on my face. My head felt heavy n my eyes were swollen. I got ready n wore goggles to hide my swollen eyes.

Next scene
I unwillingly reached rashmi’s place. As soon as I entered the room. Rashmi came to me n hugged me. ‘Happy birthday.’ I said handing over a bouquet of red n white roses. I saw adi standing with Nisha. As soon as I saw that my blood started boiling. Adi was about to come to me but nisha stopped her n whispered something in his ears. I felt so uncomfortable seeing that. Rashmi came to me seeing me alone n took me to the corner. ‘What happened? U r neither talking nor smiling. U r angry right n what’s the reason behind it.’she asked genuinely. I just shook my head n said,’nothing much simply headache.’ ‘Don’t lie at least not to me. Did adi n u have a fight?’
‘Fight se bhi jyada he proposed nisha n I can’t see them together. I feel like murdering them. I don’t know what has happened to me…since I got to know it. Ahhhh I hate this feeling.’ I shouted. Oh god what did I just say. I shouldn’t have shared this with her I guess. She gave me a smile n said,’Finally u realized ur feeling for adi.’ I gave her a confused look. ‘The feeling tht u r talking about is jealousy. U r jealous by seeing nisha n adi together. U r in love janu. U r in love the best feeling of the world.’ ‘No I don’t love him…I hate him.’ I said as a rear drop rolled down my eyes. ‘I hate u. I love u. I hate that I want u. U have heard this line na n now u r talking like that only. U say u hate him but if it’s so then why r u jealous it’s just that u hate him coz u want him…u love him.’ She said.

Hope u guys liked it. Please do drop ur cmts below. I promise not to be late next time coz finally I got a stable app where I can type my shots n save them. Sorry to keep u guys waiting.

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  1. Aarzu

    Sorry ? sorry sorry for not cmnting on previous posts but u r super awesome writer and this wicked Nisha I hate her this episode was super se bhi upar wala amazing……. I request never ever think that no one is commenting so no one is reading keep doing your work… I know appreciation is must but never lose ur hope…….. Actually I am suffering from an eye infection so that’s why I wasn’t able to comment hope you will forgive me Sorry once again… Luv Uh keep writing ???U r an awesome writer and after Nairan Advi is my favorite…. ??❤?☺
    Riya (Khwaish)

  2. Good episode. Yes Jhanvi… Love is painful but beautiful!! It does hurt seeing the one you love being with someone else. I feel for Jhanvi, knowing that Adi has proposed to Nisha, when she loves him secretly. If Jhanvi has an admirer, then it’s left to be seen whether Adi gets jealous or not. Twinj, maybe in the near future, you can add some spice for Adi to taste…..

  3. Swasti_aaku

    Hey aaku
    Finally u posted…I was waiting for it since so long n finally u posted…janvi’s voice is even more better than adi…adi also loves janu then why did he propose nisha…it’s so confusing…nut this jealousy track is superb….post soon

  4. Bowwww,,,,, it’s superb,,, awesome,,, fantastic,,,, and feeling jealousy,, very cute,,, post soon

  5. awesome…..waiting for next one

  6. Pratha

    Twink u were fab as last one but u were really late in posting this one
    Where were u n why it took so long in posting
    N Pl. con’t it regularly if possible

    Please please please

    1. Twinj

      Hey pratha
      I am so sorry….the next part I will post it right today…I can’t post it regular but whenever I post I will give the date when I will post the next part….am really sorry

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