Angel of my heart-Adivi fs (Woh apna sa) – Shot 4

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Hey guys
Now I have thought that I will continue my fs for those who love it. Guys do tell me if u r not liking the track I will try my level best to improve. As @preet n @arch had requested me to show romance. I tried showing adivi scenes n a bit romance n I do hope u guys would like it. Thank u to those who cmted n special thanks to @pratha for encouraging me.

I was about to open the door of sid’s room .“Rashmi.” Sid shouted. I heard it from outside. What!!! Is Rashmi in there? No it’s boys hostel may be he’s dreaming. I slowly opened the door thinking that I would scare him but what I saw inside was just unexpected. Rashmi was sitting in sid’s lap n they were about to kiss each other. I coughed. They both stood up n composed themselves. “I didn’t see anything. U guys may continue. I am going.” I said n turned around to leave. “Adi wait actually I came here to invite u to my b-day party next week. My work is done. I should leave. Do come ok.” She said n hurriedly left.

“Sid what was that.” I said throwing a pillow towards him. He just stood silent. “N how did she manage to come here.”
“Actually I bribed the guard…u know corruption.” He said ruffling his hair. “N at the end moment villian’s entry.”
“What do u mean I am the villain of ur love story.”
He shook his head. “Ok then let’s fight like in movies hero vs villain. “I was just joking yaar.” He said n hugged me.
“Sid actually I wanted to ask u something.”

“Yah I am listening. What do u want to ask?” he said laying down on his bed whereas I sat in the chair dangling my feet.
“Ummm actually I have some feelings for janu but I am confused whether it is love or not.”
“Of course u are in love.” he said causally. I thought he would be surprised but he showed no reaction.

“Aren’t u surprised?” I said. “No not at all because u two don’t notice but we people around have noticed that u love janu n even janu loves u. U two care for eachother so much. U two are always there for eachother. Tum log kehete nai ho but u two love eachother….dikhta hae….u know bin kuch kahe.” He said.

“But I don’t know yaar. When she is around I don’t know what happens to me.”
“U want to be with her…u don’t care of the world when she is around…when she gets hurt u feel the pain am I right.” He said. Actually he was right. I just nodded my head. I am in love. “But does janu love me.”
“YES SHE DOES. Do u remember last week we went to pub n.”

I, janu , sid, rashmi n nisha had gone to the pub. The music was loud. Everyone were dancing n enjoying. Janu was sitting in the bar n even I was sitting in the bar. Nisha came near me n whispered my ear, “Wanna dance baby.” She insisted a lot. So I agreed to dance. She hold my shirt and brought me to the dance floor. I just glanced at janu I could clearly tell from her expression that she was angry but why. She gulped the drink at once.The lights were dim pink purple n blue. “DJ play some nice song na.” Nisha shouted. “How about humma humma.” DJ said. “Whooooooo.” Everyone shouted. The song started.

(Nisha wincked at me. She was lipsing the song. She pulled me towards her. I was feeling very uncomfortable n on the other side I don’t know what happened to janu she gulped the drink at once.)
Ek ho gaye hum aur tum
Toh udd gayi ninde re

Aur khanki payal masti mein
To kangan..
(Nisha pulled me towards her . She caught my hand n kept it on her waist n started moving her body. Janu gulped three shot at once…)
Yeh pehli baar mile
Tum pe yeh dum nikle
Tum pe yeh jawani dheere dheere
Maddham machle re
Humma humma, humma humma humma

Hey humma humma, humma humma humma
(Nisha was looking at me as if I was an alien…she was moving her body n head with the beat…Janu walked towards me n nisha. She was drunk. She just caught my hand n pulled me. She came near me n held my hand n wrapped it around her waist n started moving with the beat….I was facing her back…)

Mujhe dar iss baat ka hai bas
Ki kahin na yeh raat nikal jaaye
Meri itne bhi paas tu aa mat
Kahin meri hathon se na baat nikal jaaye

(Janu came close to me held my shirt n pulled me towards her…She stumbled as she was drunk I caught her by her waist before she could fall down….)

Bolunga sach mein jo de tu ijazat
Sabar bhi ab karne laga bagawat
Zulfein hai zalim aur aakhein hai aafat
Lagta hai hone wali hai qayamat
(I looked at janu and removed the hair coming on her face and traced my fingers through her neck…..I held her by her waist n pulled her closer….She wrapped her arms around my shoulder n started moving her body…)
Mat tadpa aise tu
Na kar na-insaafi
Jo ghalti karne wala hoon main uske liye
Pehle se hi mangta hoon maafi
(I n janu were dancing…nisha pulled me towards her….n started dancing with me then janu also pulled me n took me to a corner of the pub….)
Khili chandini jaisa ye badan
Janam mila tumko
Man mein socha tha jaisa roop
Tera aaya nazar humko
(She pulled me towards her n gave a peck on my cheek. I couldn’t comprehend that action of janu. Again she gave another peck on my cheek. She came near me n was about to kiss me. Suddenly janu fainted in my arms.)

PRECAP: I hate u I love u
Sorry if it bored u n I had to repeat the precap. As the epi had already been long. Do drop ur cmts below.

Loads of love

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  1. Grrrrrr….. Nisha turned up here Twinj….but I’m sure if she’s bad here, you’ll give swift justice….. Nice and interesting writing. I don’t usually read 1st person narration, don’t ask me why, it’s like that with me since I learnt to read a novel but because you are my dear friend, I’m giving it a try and I’m actually enjoying the story. Let me put it this way…. Your little story will be my 1st ever 1st person account of events…congratulations ????

  2. Pratha

    Great one.
    Thanks for d appreciation on encouragement, I’m really humble for it…
    Pl. con’t soon
    Sorry for d late comment as I forgot to open Woh apna sa yesterday n just opened ishqbaaz n closed…. So srry

  3. Oh my – you are making this very touchy feeling romantic- I like that as it feels true – wonder if you will make Nisha character change as she loses everything and then find her own soul mate – Great job and keep going-
    Btw – what are you studying??

  4. Hey aaku
    That was awesome. Muahhh what an epi. The way janu was jealous seeing nisha was just awesome. Love it. Post asap

  5. To good yaar
    Don’t stop writting please
    I love it

  6. To good yaar
    Don’t stop writting please .I love it

  7. Awesome …. I really liked it ……. love this …….

  8. You’re a v.good writer..Conyinue writing such epis
    Appreciation for u?

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