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Abhimanyu reaches railway station, he get scared by seeing police. He get phone of his father and he advice him to get underground and abhi ask to find who framed me.
Rajveer and Geeta see him and talk that they thought same. Geeta board train and rajveer ask him to be careful.

Abhi gets flashbacks of geeta murder and is restless. Just than Geeta disguise herself as chamki and says poetry (which i forgot, and was unable to type sorry). Train people flirts with her and ask her perform. She performs on song babuji zara dheere chalo, bijli khadi yahan bijli khadi.

Geeta dance with people and try to dance with abhi, but he do not see her. One man grabs geeta hand and she ask to leave her, but he throws her chunni, which falls on abhi. Abhi beat guys, return her chunni. He walk back and see geeta face, and goes to find her restlessly.

He goes out, but ticket holder catches him and ask for ticket. He give and ask one man if he saw a girl who was dancing. He inform that she might be from banjara, and they went to mela(summer mela in bikaner, rajsthan)
He goes and song plays mera yaar mila de saayian, ek baar mila de sanniyan. (my fvt. Song). And abhi try to find geetanjali in mela. Geeta in disgise watches him. Abhi try to find geeta and she walks behind him purposfully but he do not see her or sometime geetanjali do let him see herself.

After 2 min Geetanjali annouces come and play knife throw play. Abhi gets in shock, but geeta shows her scar on forehead. Abhi says gaura dis not have any scar. Abhi say that he need to talk to her. She shoves him.
Geeta says where are those ashiqi who live for love. Abhi say bharosa bhi hai or ashiqi bhi. Abhi says than we shall talk.
Geeta says to herself that if i had chance i would kill you but not now and throws knivies.
Her subbordinate annouce that she will throw by covering her eyes. Abhi says but it was not sharth. She says are you scared.

Chamki /geeta than dances on Dil walon ka dil ka karar lootne, aayi hun UP bhlihar lootne. And all claps. People tie cloth on their eyes and she throw knife above his head. Everyone cheers for chamki. Abhi says now you believe ishq wale jaan hateli par le kar chalte hai.
Chamki goes. Abhi goes behind her and say we had deal. Now reply my question and i shall leave. She says goes head. Abhi ask who are you? Chamki says that I am Chamki.

Chamko goes to buy bangles and abhi buys for her and take one of her knife. Geeta calls rajveer and says I was blank while seeing in his eyes. He informs that rajveer will take your 3 tests-
1. Finger print
2. DNA
3. Darkness
Rajveer boosts her confidence. And not to look in his eyes, otherwise you will lose.

Police goes to abhi’s family and confronts about abhi. But they denies. Choti ma says that he is not his senses. Police says yes too much, thats why being army officer he leaves proofs. Abhi’s father say that only his face is shown not his doing murder. Police says that we have proof and witness. Nurse gave medicine to geeta at 12.15 am, abhi entered at 12.32 am and geeta body was found at 12.34. We have arrest warrant to, so ask your son to surrender. (Stupid police track his number).

Rajveer talks to Geeta and ask her to be careful and i wish i was there to help you, just than kavya arrives. He cut call. Rajveer ask her how come she is here? Kavaya teases her he cut the call as if he was talking to girl friend. Rajveer says that he only loved….and now she is no more. Kavya says thats why i am here to console you. Look at your self.Just go have bath. I shall prepare breakfast. He goes. Kavya goes and call back on that number, which says the number is not avilable. Rajver sees her and praises geeta that she took the number where she can call everyone but no one can call her.

Truck start and all banjaras start to leave. Chamki/geets sees and runs towards it. Abhimanyu sees that as he was keeping eye on her and run and break bottle indirectly, and unnoticed. And help Chamki to ride. Chamki says that god again sent you to help me. Abhi says that its problem too. And see in her eyes. Just than she recalls words of rajveer that not to look in his eyes. He removes kanch from chamki feet and jump.

Geeta calls rajveer, kavya sees that but rajveer come on time and pick up the call. He says its important and your breakfast will burn. Kavya goes. Ranjveer picks call and says kavya please make coffee too. Geeta get clue and say him to answer in yes or no only.
She inform that you were right. Abhi come. First he took knife but he will not get finger print as i wore gloves. And now he took my blood sample by trick. And you should do something. Geeta and chamki DNA should not match. And cut call. Kavya serve him breakfast and he act as if it was call about secret project.

Kavya goes to choti maa and she says that why are you making me spy on rajveer. Choti maa says that we need to stay ahead from rishab and rajveer. Kavya says that someone was calling her from private number. And when I asksd him he said it was about some secret project. Choti maa calls someone and say to track rajveer phone and find number. Kavya says but how, as when i called back it was unavilable. Choti ma says he will handle.

Doctor says to abhi that you are in army thats why we prepared your dna report in short time, otherwise it take 3 days. Go in lobby and wait. Wardboy take report from doctor and goes. One man purposfully colliedes with ward boy and changes dna report and inform rajveer.

Receptionist give report to abhimanyu and he gets shocked seeing different dna’s. Than he recall all incidents and says to himself that finger print was different, dna is different, way of talking is different. It proves that you are not gaura.
But reminds that geeta is scared of darkness and say i shall not loose so easily.

Precap- Abhi’s father get call and police put it on speaker. And say you are helping criminal, you all will go to jail.

  1. Amazing episode. The banjaran dance kinda didn’t suit Geetanjali or maybe it’s just to make us realise it’s completely different person. Like how many of the viewers guessed Abhigeet to be end game, I think that was why they showed him to be disinterested in other women and also protected her from those men. They want to show him as the hero I suppose.
    As for the mela scene, Surbhi’s acting was amazing. Abhi seemed better and more smart in this episode. Though in the beginning, he seemed like a scaredy cat, the way he tried to get the finger prints and DNA made him look smarter. But how is Rajveer able to predict him so well? I mean they were/are friends but still. Now after the two tests failed , it really looks like he’s going to go for the darkness test as well.
    Finally they gave some speaking part to Kavya, she had something to do afterall. But how does Rajveer even allow her inside his house? I mean she knows he loved Geetu. Even after knowing that she was a part of all the shit, he allows her, won’t that raise suspicion?
    Also I don’t know if Choti ma will track Geetu’s number. That’s to be seen.
    I missed Rishabh, one whole episode he didn’t have a scene. Tomorrow he’ll be back. More than Abhimanyu, I hate his parents lol. Especially the dad guy. He’s so damn irritating. And the mom, I don’t even want to say anything. The police inspector acted well too. The way he was taunting them was fun to watch. Just put them in jail till you find Abhi. That should do them good.
    I’m also wondering, most probably Geetu will pass the darkness test as well, since she”ll be prepared. But what will Abhi do then? Will he just leave her? Cuz he can’t prove his innocence then? Or is that how they’ll show Abhigeet or something, making him fall in love? Geetu did say she’ll do the same to him. Maybe she’ll trick him into all this and reveal she was Geetu all the while. Would have to wait for that, hmm.


      Its was less banjara and more of dance bar.. ?????

    2. Priya, your analysis was excellent. The main point that struck me was your mentioning it odd that Rajveer allows Kavya in his home despite knowing her involvement. I think that was a silly oversight by the writers. Speaking of the writers, I feel they’re hard at work trying to create conflicting feelings in the minds of the viewers about Abhi and Gitus relationship! We all love their chemistry and then after it was revealed that Abhi was behind this, we despised him. In this episode, the romance we missed was back once again. I almost wanted them to get back together, but then reminded myself that Abhi doesn’t deserve Gitu. I am
      curious as to how they’re going to wrap the series up and what their plans are for Gitu and Abhi. It’s very hard to say, but them getting back together just wouldn’t be realistic and right after what has transpired.

      I find Kavyas character to be irritating and think it would be best if they killed her character off. She doesn’t serve much purpose, nor offer anything to the show. I don’t think they quite know what to do with her character, hence the reason she isn’t getting much speaking roles and was upset about that. I think maybe initially they thought her character was a good choice and then it fell flat as the show progressed and the other characters were stronger and more relevant.

    3. Thank you!

  2. tku fr updatng

  3. Ankur

    Things that make KLKAH unique & different from other serials:
    1. Finite series
    2. Logical & mind twisting story
    3. Fast paced screenplay
    4. Dark characters
    5. No superstition
    6. No coincidence
    7. No irritating “dhoomtananana” background music
    8. No supernatural element

  4. I Want that Priyam/Varun to be killed and chopped off into pieces. He’s too irritating.

  5. Current story track is looking like as if copied from d movie machine….where hero acts to love a girl and traps her n dan kills her as per his father’s orders n dan d girl is saved by her friend n dan they both make plan to xpose him n plays a ghost prank…its kind of a similar…hope our hero abhimayu realizes dat its all his father’s plan n he is behind his sister’s death n framing rishab…want to c abhianjali together again..their chemistry is awesome

  6. I like today’s episode At least geetu knows what she is doing

  7. Meena4801

    If it would be a typical daily soap.. Then i know what’s gonna happen.. Abhi would be sured that geetu has died n she is chamki.. Abhi eould take chamki with him n will state that gaura is alive n he now cannot be accused for her murder.. With passing time abhi will realize his love for geetu/chamki.. N till the end geetu might fall for rajveer or will unite with abhi.. But hope so something different happens.. Bcoz its twists n turns made this show a unique n highly unpredictable show with fresh story..???

  8. wow …. nice episode…raajvir’s helping technic was awesome.wish raajvir gitanjali get together.and thanks shradda 4 updates.

  9. I have to wonder if Abhi is really awestruck by seeing Gitu. Or is he just pretending to be, to get close to her so he can find out if she’s Gitu? In this episode, when he boarded the train, he reflected back to when he found her stabbed. We saw him stressed and disturbed. But there was no sadness that she was gone or that he missed her. He seemed rather selfish in only thinking about how he would be charged with her murder. It’s hard to say whats actually genuine about him now. In last Saturdays episode we saw him feel guilt over what happened, yet in Sundays episode, he showed no remorse or emotion when she “died.” I’m so very confused and annoyed by him lol ?

    The writers are doing a wonderful job of playing with our thoughts and emotions aren’t they? Lol! I guess we just have to stay tuned and time will tell. Otherwise we’ll lose our sanity if we try to make any sense of this! ?


      Actually i think Abhi is confused related to his feelings. As i suppose after pretending in love for revenge he is really in love but due to his father fake drama he is revengeful.
      And secondly i hope geeta take her revenge being rajputani as abhi did.

    2. It seems he may indeed be confused Shraddha. Rajveer portrays the morals and values of an army officer perfectly. Abhi does not. I believe Gitu will get her justice (as Aunty Naz nicely put it).

  10. Priya, viewers will never treat Abhimanyu as a hero again.A man who can not take decisions on his own and does whatever his parents say,let it be even deceiving his wife and goes to the extent of killing her ,does n’t deserve to be excused.Geetanjali should see to it that he goes behind the bars. The way Indian serials treat women is disgusting.She is always expected to be ecstatic if the guy reciprocates her love.then heartbroken when ditched and ever ready to accept him back in case he and his parents change their minds.Her love should always be unconditional,irrespective of his treatment or his family’s Even now in the 21st century ,many young girls are sacrificed in the name of family honour,,for dowries etc and her husband in most cases is a mute witness .Female infanticide is widespread in many remote villages of India,
    Infact 25years back. When I started my legal practice,almost all the divorce cases used to be filed by husbands only mostly on false allegations.Ofcourse the scenario has totally changed now atleast in urban areas.Parents are getting their daughters educated and due to financial independence,women are no longer lying low and tolerating the abusive behaviour.They in turn are approaching the courts for divorce.But sadly in rural areas,.both rich and poor families still follow the same old inhuman practices.Can you imagine friends,that in some villages ,for frivolous reasons .it is a practice to disrobe lower caste women and parade her in the village streets.
    What I mean to say is real life situations are much much horrible than fiction ,there is no dearth of rogues in the guise of gentlemen in the present world.When we switch on the Tv,we expect to see some entertainment,beautiful relationships ,courtships ,Ofcourse supported by negative characters.Pl leave the negativity to negative characters only. iIt is terrible to see a loving husband like Abhimanyu or Raaj in Etretr cruelly insulting the word LOVE and sentiments associated with it.

    1. Well said Lakshmi.
      It is really disgusting to think that writers of shows, who know very well that they have full control of their viewers thoughts do not condemn such anti-heroes. We know how ETRETR will end either way, Raju shall say sorry and Rani will accept him. Is that the plight of women? Like you said it happens in real life and these people show the same thing saying TV is a reflection of the society. But they fail to realise that they are propagating such ideas by showing them on a medium so popular.
      This show has not stuck to the usual except for being a revenge drama. Though I really hope Geetu remains single or marry someone worthy of her, I really don’t want he to end up with Abhi. That would be injustice to Geetu. But they still show Abhimanyu and Geetanjali on the pictures together. Maybe, it’ll take a long time to change such things.
      Worst of it was, he still claimed himself to be an Aashiq? On what grounds is he one? Same goes for Raj? He did that saat-phere stuff with Rani, what they did in their previous birth. That was all just pointless apparently. I hope these writers aren’t as screwed up as ETRETR ones…

    2. Well said Lakshmi! ???

    3. Ofcr Meera Mehra

      This forum is too smal for such words Lakshmi! Say this on social media
      We need words like this for building a stronger nation??

      Stay blessed

    4. Well said Lakshmi…. ?? very well said….

  11. My dear Lakshmi and Priya….the writers of these serials have a penchant for glorifying abuse towards women. Thank goodness that parents in progressive societies are educating their daughters to become independent. Lakshmi, it horrifying to read in your comment above about what are glaring factual occurrences in rural India….sad!!!! Anyway, I love both of your comments, they were astutely written.

  12. Shraddha Sharma…..sweet and to the point!!! ?……that’s it exactly!!

  13. I also think that Abhimanyu fell in love with Geetu despite the fact that he was doing his parents bidding, in the process of exacting revenge, he didn’t see that coming. I can see he still has feelings for her, their chemistry is powerful … When he was playing mind games with Geetu,

  14. Sorry friends… My comment was prematurely posted….. When Abhimanyu was playing mind games with Geetu ,he did it under the cloak of darkness, he frustrated her psychological but thank goodness she possess an astute mind so when she learnt of his betrayal, she didn’t break down to the extent where she lost her sanity but rose from the embers and has now vowed to give him a taste of his own medicine. Geetu however, is not playing with his mind in the same manner as him because he’ll recognize the traits as he had used those same tactics on her, so she’ll doing it in plain sight!! This is going to confuse him greatly, she has to ensure that everything is happening according to her plans… I think he’s going to want this new avatar close to him, she certainly exhudes a certain charm and allure and this persona will be intriguing to say the least… His parents and by large, all who were on in this well executed plot, will have something to think about now. I really dislike Kavya’s character, such a waste and Choti Ma’s colors are truly shining now. I really don’t know who Geetu will end up with, it may well be Abhimanyu because even though he used and discarded her, he wasn’t the one who “killed” her, although the intention was there, and that’s a crime as great as the act itself, he did what he did on orders of his parents. I don’t have a name for men like him who doesn’t possess a mind of their own who is able to hurt the woman they profess to love and care for, whom they took marriage vows with, who will so callously without remorse, commit atrocities just to please their parents or for their own satisfaction. They are weak in spirit and character….. I really hope that Geetu unite with Rajveer in the end, he’s her support in such difficult times, she is unable to include her brother in her quest for justice, just to keep him safe.

  15. I think I’ll aptly refer to Geetu’s journey from now on as…. Her search for JUSTICE and not as the act for REVENGE…. This sounds better, she too good at heart to seek revenge…. Good episode again….. Thanks writers.

    1. Salam Aunty Naz, ? How have you been? Im not sure if you saw my last reply to you on the April 30th forum? I had replied last Wednesday.

  16. Hii guys ;love u surbhi u r doing very well and thanku shraddha for updating us

  17. Well,Meera strong words are required to condemn characters like Abhimanyu who pose as heroes and actually worse than third class criminals.Infact they are better,atleast they don’t torture this much.He played on Geetu’s psyche for six years and literally dragged her to mental asylum.Had Geetanjali not planned her own murder he would not have hesitated to shoot her,and the amazing thing is almost all the characters with the exception of Rishabh are a party to it.The writers have not e en spared a 10 year old boy in this revenge game.So on the whole what are they showing here?How to make an innocent girl a scapegoat in the game of revenge,mentally torturing her for 6 years and finally ending her up in a mental asylum.as if this is not enough ,the husband sneaks in to murder her..After all this ,Geetu will definitely end up loving Abhi once again.I will e the happiest if it doesn’t end like that.
    I am a very ordinary person to talk big words like ‘building up the nation’,at the same time there is no denying the fact that the public media which has millions of viewers should know what is good for the society.And they should not have brought the much respected Army Uniform into all this.I know what Army officers are like as I myself , am a retired Army officer’s .
    By the way no forum is too small to do straightforward talk within decency limitsi Infact they are platforms to express and exchange views..Anyway,this story is not for me.iI am sorry if I have hurt anyone’s feelings unknowingly.Goodluck and Goodbye.

    1. Lakshmi I think you may have misunderstood what Meera a meant. It came across to me that she was in complete agreement with you and is proud of your views as she also shares the same. Please know that I do as well ☺ I believe she is saying that what you said needs also to be said on bigger and more popular platforms so that change is warranted. She isn’t implying that you solely should be the one to advocate this, but rather that it would just be nice if more people could be aware.

      India, being one of the most populated countries in the world and steeped in centuries of traditions and beliefs will require a united effort to make changes. It’s a difficult and frustrating feat, but I believe it can happen. It will take time, there’s so much that needs to change. Empowering women is the number one priority. So much of the horrors revolve around women. Women need to gain independence and believe in themselves. I hope that one day soon, women in rural India will be happier and will be able to walk with pride.

  18. Line 10 ……will be
    Line 14….. …Army officer’s wife
    Sorry for ty .errors

  19. Powerful and well written thoughts everyone. I agree. I think in the end, Gitus search for justice will prevail and she may marry Rajveer or decide she wants to do something else independently. I think the writers objective was to unleash this cruel plot in order to have their female lead come through triumphantly. Perhaps they are trying to convey the importance of strong, confident Indian women through this serial. It would definitely be an urgent message that’s needed for an Indian serial.

    It would be nice if one day, working women are portrayed in Indian serials, as so few are. I think it would have been nice if Gitu had a job or maybe did some volunteer work a few days a week. I hate seeing Indian women projected as spoiled princesses or timid housewives whos lives revolve around their husbands and in laws. Maybe one day this fresh change will happen for Indian television.

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