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Amrit Manthan 19th June 2013 Written Episode Update


Amrit Manthan 19th June 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 19th June 2013 Written Update

episode starts with nimrit saying to amrit that i will marry karan , i have to forget all about my past and have to start a new life , amrit was shocked after some time she hug nimrit and said ok what ever you think is ok , we will do . then karan comes and every one has a little conversation , then karan asked amrit that with your permission can i take your sister at long drive with me
so amrit said yes , and then karan took nimrit with him ..

he took nimrit to jail , and met Indu , and said from now onwards she is going to be your mother in law , then Indu said to nimrit that well you are not meeting me for the first time , karan said this is ur mother in law , ask her for forgiveness and then nimrit said to indu to forgive her , and so on , then Indu said as mother in law i

will give you some thing for ur wedding …

she took some clothes and bangles which were black , she said i will wore this on you , i will give you bad prayers , she wore those bangles and saree on nimrit , nimrit was crying and then she looked at her hands and bangles and remembered that how Agam took bangles on her hand .. and then nimrit promised herself that i will not let this wedding happen ..

they reached home , karan told everyone that he has talk to the pandit and he said today’s night 9:00 is the right time for wedding or else the other time will be after 4 months , then karan said i want the wedding to be in a normal way , only few people ,,

morning occured and then every one was about to pray when karan comes and said that today is very lucky for us and so i and nimrit want to pray together , so everyone also prayed ..

amrit was still not sure on karan , she talk to tej , tej said that every person in his life , want a life partner , like me also , and nimrit , and i think that nimrit is right for her decision , she should move in her life , yug was passing through he saw both TejAm together and stand to listen what were they talking , karan comes too ..

amrit said ok i am done , karan is fine for nimrit , and then they leave , then karan said to yug that when u said to amrit about me she doesn’t listen and when tej said she agreed , yug said whatever i know i am better for her ..

precap : amrit said to karan to stand in front of baba and promise u will never harm my sister . karan said i will respect my feelings for nimrit inside my heart , amrit said and i promise myself that i will not leave u if i saw any tear in my sister’s eyes only because of you .

Update Credit to: Mehak

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