Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th June 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Naitik, Mohit and Shaurya playing football. The kids encourage their dads. Akshara thinks she will talk to Chikki, may be she will say something. Naitik falls suddenly. Everyone run to him and asks him what happened. Naitik gets hurt badly. Naitik says I m fine. Maa says lets go to doctor. Naitik says I m fine, I don’t need a doctor. Naksh asks papa will you be able to play. He says yes. Naitik asks Mohit to give him a break, and they can continue playing till then. Naitik is unable to walk, he looks at Naksh. Akshara says how will you play now. Naksh goes to him and says hurry up, 5 mins are over. Naksh says can I help you. Naitik says I m fine. He goes to play again. Naksh gives him the football.

Naitik is about to hit the football, and everyone cheer for him. He kicks the football and everyone clap for him. Ananya asks Shaurya did you make all the arrangements for tomorrow. Ananya says we will win tomorrow and I will give a party for them. Dadi explains only one will win and everyone will lose. She tells her if you dad lose, don’t be disheartened.

Akshara is caressing Naitik’s foot. She says I can’t stop you fom what you are doing for Naksh. She says I m a mother too, so I want Naksh’s happiness. Naitik says yes, we should do anything for his happiness. Maa comes there and brings haldi milk for Naitik and asks him to go to doctor. Naitik says no need. Maa says if you can worry about your son, why cannot I. Naitik says you do our home remedies on me. Maa says Naksh will be happy, and you both are trying for it. She says you have waited for this day. Naksh comes and asks Naitik is it paining. Naitik says no. Naksh says I know you will win and hit most goals. Naitik drinks the milk, and Maa and Akshara see them and smile.

Neha is shocked to know from Chikki that Ankit Sir is her chatting friend. Neha says you are lucky. Neha asks her when are you going on date. Chikki says I m tensed, if I do anything wrong. Neha sayss make sure no one knows this at home. Neha asks Chikki to tell everyone that she is with her. Maa comes to Chikki and asks her about the date. Maa does not understand. Chikki makes an excuse, saying she was worried about exams. Maa leaves. Chikki is saved.

Akshara wakes up in the morning, and sees Naksh already awake. Naksh says I got up by keeping a alarm, he is making something for Naitik to give him a surprise. Akshara asks if she can help him.

Scene shifts to Varsha:

Varsha wakes up Ananya, and she says its Father’s day today, she has to give a card to Shaurya. Ananya says I have made it in laptop, and we will take the printout. Shaurya comes. Ananya asks how come you got up so early. Shaurya says I got up just like it. Ananya gives the card to Shaurya, he likes it and hugs her.

Naksh goes to Naitik, and waits for him to wake up. Akshara says hide Duggu, he is getting up. Naitik gets up and sees the decorations in his room. Naksh comes and sings a song for Naitik. Naitik becomes very happy. Akshara smiles. Naksh says papa you are the best. The song yeh rishta.. plays.. in the background. Naitik hugs Naksh.

Akshara takes their video and photos. Maa and everyone are in the hall. Naitik comes with Akshara. Naksh says its father’s day today. Naitik wishes his dad and Dadda ji. Chikki comes and wishes them too. Bau ji asks Chikki did not you went to class. Maa says its holiday today. Chikki msgs Ankit. Akshara sees her doing the chat.

Akshara’s family comes to meet Akshara. She gets excited to see them. Akshara wishes her dad and hugs him. Naitik wished him too. Naitik asks for the breakfast. Chikki says shall I go with Naitik. Maa asks Chikki to study. Chikki says I want to see the match. Naksh says let Chikki come. Maa agrees. Chikki msgs Ankit again. Dadda ji asks Naitik why are you walking like this.

Naitik says he fell so he got hurt. Naksh says now we have to go and play football. The kids are ready, Shaurya says we are ready too. Naksh says we will win and they cheer. Naitik is warming up for the match. Naitik thinks of a scene where he is playing football and Naksh is cheering for him, he hit a goal and Naksh saying he loves him. Naitik smiles thinking this, then he thinks if he does not do any goal, Naksh will hate him. Naitik is worried. Akshara comes to him. Naitik hugs her.

The football match is shown.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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