Aankhon mein Teri

Episode – 25th

Recap :- After Planning with Kamini , Janki brings Ahil and Naina back home , They Plan a conspiracy against her . Naina won world’s singing competition and a book is published on her life .

THE SCENE OPENS WITH, NAINA at ‘ Meet the Stars ‘ show , A popular talk show .

The man sitting at royal lounge announces ” Hello Ladies and gentleman let us welcome Our nightingale Naina Sinha with her husband Ahil Sinha ”

With a loud round of applause Naina and Ahil comes on stage .

Man ” Welcome Naina how’re you ”
Naina : I’m great

Man ” So I read your biography and I feel like why I am not blind , Because being blind only you got such a loving husband ”

Naina : You’re right , Once I uses to think that what I am is a punishment , I used to think why has god made me like this , But today I feel lucky that I’m like this and of I wouldn’t be this then I don’t think I would be there with me

Man ( host ) : Wow that’s really amazing , And Ahil tell me about how you felt when you first met Naina , Where and How you met her .

Ahil : Ha! that day , I don’t think I can forget that day , We met at someone’s wedding , It was a sweet night , Me and my friends decided to attend a wedding and My friend asked me ‘ Ahil Why are you getting ready like a groom , It’s not your wedding today ‘ , And I was like , Maybe I could find my bride today .

Everyone smiles , Host ” Oh yes and you got her that day only ”

Man : I read in the book that everything you’re today is just because of your husband , Tell us his role in your life

Naina : I don’t think I can explain this in words , But yes I’d like to say that For me my husband is like a wax of candle , who burns himself and gives light and shows others path in darkness .
My life was only about dullness , But he only showed me light , He’s my God .

Naina says .

Man : Wow I really I want to salute you guys , Sir we’ve always hear Naina singing , But today we want you to sing something .

AHIL : Me , Oh no I can’t sing

Naina : Ahil please for me

Ahil : Okay guys , If you find my voice little bad then please bear with me , Don’t throw your shows at me Okay .

The whole crowd laughs .

Ahil clears his voice and sings ” Maine chhode hain baaki saare raste
Bas aaya hoon tere paas re
Meri aankhon mein tera naam hai
Pehchaan leโ€ฆ
Sab kuch mere liye tere baad hai
Sau baaton ki ik baat hai
Main na jaunga kabhi tujhe chhod ke
Yeh jaan le
O karam Khudaya hai ”

Audience claps and shouts ” AHIANA , AHIANA , Love you ”

After the interview was over They both came back home . They saw Kamini is sitting and talking with Janki .

Ahil : Kamini aunty ?

Janki : Oh Ya , actually she came here to ask about Naina

Kamini : Yes Yes , she goes to Naina and keeps her hand on her face ” She’s my niece and I really miss her ”

Janki : Come children let’s have lunch now .

Kamini : Okay I should leave now , Everyone must be waiting for me at home .

Janki , Naina , Ahil is sitting at lunch table .

Janki : You’re interview was amazing .

Ahil : Thanks mom , I’m very thirsty I’d like a cup of coffee .

Janki : Oh actually today all the servants are on day off , And so I couldn’t prepare lunch more than this toasts , And you know I don’t know how to make coffee

Naina : So what ? Can I make a cup of coffee

Ahil : Ya ! Why not .

Pinky and Naina goes to kitchen to prepare coffee , Naina orders her that she want to do everything all by her own , She could only her her and nothing else . Later , Kamini , In meantime is standing outside of SINHA’S , She recalls that she’d forgotten her Purse inside , She goes in and sees Naina standing alone inside kitchen and stirring some liquid with spoon in cup .

Kamini says to herself ” oh , So janki Ji told me correct that now Naina could do cooking own by her own ” , She thinks that if Naina would not be in existence then in place of her , Her daughter would be standing in this modern kitchen .

Kamini thinks of and idea ” Oh so you want to have coffee , Now I’ll show how to make a good one ” , She opens her handbag , Took out a little white colored pouch and stealthily goes and puts it in her coffee when Naina is away .

Kamini smiles ” Janki Ji , Now yours and mine task is over , I didn’t thought it would be that difficult ”

There Janki and Ahil were sitting on table , Janki tells Ahil what Pundit Ji said to her that his life is in danger . Ahil declines by saying that no one can do any harm to him . Janki warns him to stay alert and safe .

Naina brings in the cup of coffee for Ahil .
Naina ” Me made coffee , Try it ”

Ahil ” Oh wow , Let’s taste it ”

After sipping and the breakfast was over , Ahil goes to his room

AHIL : Naina did you saw how good the climate is today , So I’ve planned a Long drive

Naina : What ! wow ! it’s gonna be amazing

AHIL : And the whole drive would be facilitated by the famous singer Naina Sinha , Okay

Naina : Okay , My husband

AHIL: Fine , So let me get ready , After having shower we’ll go .

Ahil goes in bathroom , Pinky comes and Says sorry Naina as she has overhead all their conversation . Pinky says ” Come Naina I’ll make you look so beautiful that Ahil will only look you ”

Pinky makes her sit in front of Mirror and combs her hair , She says ” You’re so lucky that you’ve got such a loving husband , I’m so glad ”

Naina : Thanks .

After sometime Naina feels that Ahil hasn’t come out , She shouts but still she didn’t got any answers , She calls Janki and again after several tries , The door wasn’t open .

Naina got worried and she asks Janki to call police , The inspector came and opens the door , Ahil was found fallen down with a white foamy thing coming out of his mouth .

Janki took Ahil hurriedly to hospital . On investigating him , Doctors declared that he has eaten poison . All the food items which he ate were tested and the results came in coffee .

Naina is sitting in front of temple in the house , She’s crying and praying for him . Janki with angry temper comes home , Naina asks ” Mom how’s AHIL , What did doctors said ”

Janki tightly slapped her ” You gave him poison with your own hands and you yourselves is asking what happened ”

Naina sobs ” Mom how can I Even think about that , He’s my husband ”

Janki : I know why , Because after him all his money is yours and why you need him now , You’ve become a star

Naina : I didn’t did anything , There’s some misunderstanding . How can one wife kill her husband

Janki : Just like how your mother did , Today only because of you my son is fighting with death , Only because of you

Janki brawls with her , Tells her not to come inside her house again and never show her face to her .

The next day , Janki goes to meet Ahil , A troop of guards were employed which didn’t allowed anyone to go near Ahil . Ahil while in unconscious state murmurs ” Naina , Naina ”

Janki : My sweet son he’s still taking her name unknowingly that she only tried to kill him .

That day Ahil is discharged , He comes home with Janki and asks for Naina , Janki says she’ll not come back again and tells him everything . Janki cautions Ahil that if he now tried to keep any kind of relationship with Naina , She’ll suicide .

UNTIL , two days Naina and Ahil didn’t meet , Saw or talked to each other . Ahil thinks that how could it happen as he’s sure Naina couldn’t do it . He remembers once Naina said that she always tastes everything before she is going to use it in cooking to be sure of ingredients .

Ahil could make out that someone else is involved in this case . He visits Kamini’s house and hears her talking to Janki about Money and Their Plans .

That day he got to know about the truth and he lefts the SINHA’S MANSION , And shifts to Mumbai from Udaipur , Thinking there they both could live happily .

After some weeks , In their new house .

Naina is sleeping on bed , A doctor is treating her .
She moves down from bench and comes to Ahil smiling ” Congratulations Mr.Sinha , You’re going to be a father ”

Ahil got very happy , He goes to Naina .
Naina : What happened to me , Why I fainted

Ahil : Because I am going to be a father .

The next day Ahil plans a big Party for the official announcement .

The house was beautiful decorated , And the song was being played , Naina and Ahil were sitting on a swing .

Abhay , Rahul , Pinky dances .

[ Background song :- Aye dil laaya hai bahaar apnon ka pyar kya kehna
Milein hum chhalak utha khushi ka khumaar kya kehna
Khile khile chehron se aaj ]

Ahil and Naina dances together .

Precap :- Ahil and Naina decides their baby’s name , They meet their new neighbours , Ms.Shweta Khanna who’s also pregnant .

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