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Aankhon mein Teri

Episode – 25th

Recap :- After Planning with Kamini , Janki brings Ahil and Naina back home , They Plan a conspiracy against her . Naina won world’s singing competition and a book is published on her life .

THE SCENE OPENS WITH, NAINA at ‘ Meet the Stars ‘ show , A popular talk show .

The man sitting at royal lounge announces ” Hello Ladies and gentleman let us welcome Our nightingale Naina Sinha with her husband Ahil Sinha ”

With a loud round of applause Naina and Ahil comes on stage .

Man ” Welcome Naina how’re you ”
Naina : I’m great

Man ” So I read your biography and I feel like why I am not blind , Because being blind only you got such a loving husband ”

Naina : You’re right , Once I uses to think that what I am is a punishment , I used to think why has god made me like this , But today I feel lucky that I’m like this and of I wouldn’t be this then I don’t think I would be there with me

Man ( host ) : Wow that’s really amazing , And Ahil tell me about how you felt when you first met Naina , Where and How you met her .

Ahil : Ha! that day , I don’t think I can forget that day , We met at someone’s wedding , It was a sweet night , Me and my friends decided to attend a wedding and My friend asked me ‘ Ahil Why are you getting ready like a groom , It’s not your wedding today ‘ , And I was like , Maybe I could find my bride today .

Everyone smiles , Host ” Oh yes and you got her that day only ”

Man : I read in the book that everything you’re today is just because of your husband , Tell us his role in your life

Naina : I don’t think I can explain this in words , But yes I’d like to say that For me my husband is like a wax of candle , who burns himself and gives light and shows others path in darkness .
My life was only about dullness , But he only showed me light , He’s my God .

Naina says .

Man : Wow I really I want to salute you guys , Sir we’ve always hear Naina singing , But today we want you to sing something .

AHIL : Me , Oh no I can’t sing

Naina : Ahil please for me

Ahil : Okay guys , If you find my voice little bad then please bear with me , Don’t throw your shows at me Okay .

The whole crowd laughs .

Ahil clears his voice and sings ” Maine chhode hain baaki saare raste
Bas aaya hoon tere paas re
Meri aankhon mein tera naam hai
Pehchaan le…
Sab kuch mere liye tere baad hai
Sau baaton ki ik baat hai
Main na jaunga kabhi tujhe chhod ke
Yeh jaan le
O karam Khudaya hai ”

Audience claps and shouts ” AHIANA , AHIANA , Love you ”

After the interview was over They both came back home . They saw Kamini is sitting and talking with Janki .

Ahil : Kamini aunty ?

Janki : Oh Ya , actually she came here to ask about Naina

Kamini : Yes Yes , she goes to Naina and keeps her hand on her face ” She’s my niece and I really miss her ”

Janki : Come children let’s have lunch now .

Kamini : Okay I should leave now , Everyone must be waiting for me at home .

Janki , Naina , Ahil is sitting at lunch table .

Janki : You’re interview was amazing .

Ahil : Thanks mom , I’m very thirsty I’d like a cup of coffee .

Janki : Oh actually today all the servants are on day off , And so I couldn’t prepare lunch more than this toasts , And you know I don’t know how to make coffee

Naina : So what ? Can I make a cup of coffee

Ahil : Ya ! Why not .

Pinky and Naina goes to kitchen to prepare coffee , Naina orders her that she want to do everything all by her own , She could only her her and nothing else . Later , Kamini , In meantime is standing outside of SINHA’S , She recalls that she’d forgotten her Purse inside , She goes in and sees Naina standing alone inside kitchen and stirring some liquid with spoon in cup .

Kamini says to herself ” oh , So janki Ji told me correct that now Naina could do cooking own by her own ” , She thinks that if Naina would not be in existence then in place of her , Her daughter would be standing in this modern kitchen .

Kamini thinks of and idea ” Oh so you want to have coffee , Now I’ll show how to make a good one ” , She opens her handbag , Took out a little white colored pouch and stealthily goes and puts it in her coffee when Naina is away .

Kamini smiles ” Janki Ji , Now yours and mine task is over , I didn’t thought it would be that difficult ”

There Janki and Ahil were sitting on table , Janki tells Ahil what Pundit Ji said to her that his life is in danger . Ahil declines by saying that no one can do any harm to him . Janki warns him to stay alert and safe .

Naina brings in the cup of coffee for Ahil .
Naina ” Me made coffee , Try it ”

Ahil ” Oh wow , Let’s taste it ”

After sipping and the breakfast was over , Ahil goes to his room

AHIL : Naina did you saw how good the climate is today , So I’ve planned a Long drive

Naina : What ! wow ! it’s gonna be amazing

AHIL : And the whole drive would be facilitated by the famous singer Naina Sinha , Okay

Naina : Okay , My husband

AHIL: Fine , So let me get ready , After having shower we’ll go .

Ahil goes in bathroom , Pinky comes and Says sorry Naina as she has overhead all their conversation . Pinky says ” Come Naina I’ll make you look so beautiful that Ahil will only look you ”

Pinky makes her sit in front of Mirror and combs her hair , She says ” You’re so lucky that you’ve got such a loving husband , I’m so glad ”

Naina : Thanks .

After sometime Naina feels that Ahil hasn’t come out , She shouts but still she didn’t got any answers , She calls Janki and again after several tries , The door wasn’t open .

Naina got worried and she asks Janki to call police , The inspector came and opens the door , Ahil was found fallen down with a white foamy thing coming out of his mouth .

Janki took Ahil hurriedly to hospital . On investigating him , Doctors declared that he has eaten poison . All the food items which he ate were tested and the results came in coffee .

Naina is sitting in front of temple in the house , She’s crying and praying for him . Janki with angry temper comes home , Naina asks ” Mom how’s AHIL , What did doctors said ”

Janki tightly slapped her ” You gave him poison with your own hands and you yourselves is asking what happened ”

Naina sobs ” Mom how can I Even think about that , He’s my husband ”

Janki : I know why , Because after him all his money is yours and why you need him now , You’ve become a star

Naina : I didn’t did anything , There’s some misunderstanding . How can one wife kill her husband

Janki : Just like how your mother did , Today only because of you my son is fighting with death , Only because of you

Janki brawls with her , Tells her not to come inside her house again and never show her face to her .

The next day , Janki goes to meet Ahil , A troop of guards were employed which didn’t allowed anyone to go near Ahil . Ahil while in unconscious state murmurs ” Naina , Naina ”

Janki : My sweet son he’s still taking her name unknowingly that she only tried to kill him .

That day Ahil is discharged , He comes home with Janki and asks for Naina , Janki says she’ll not come back again and tells him everything . Janki cautions Ahil that if he now tried to keep any kind of relationship with Naina , She’ll suicide .

UNTIL , two days Naina and Ahil didn’t meet , Saw or talked to each other . Ahil thinks that how could it happen as he’s sure Naina couldn’t do it . He remembers once Naina said that she always tastes everything before she is going to use it in cooking to be sure of ingredients .

Ahil could make out that someone else is involved in this case . He visits Kamini’s house and hears her talking to Janki about Money and Their Plans .

That day he got to know about the truth and he lefts the SINHA’S MANSION , And shifts to Mumbai from Udaipur , Thinking there they both could live happily .

After some weeks , In their new house .

Naina is sleeping on bed , A doctor is treating her .
She moves down from bench and comes to Ahil smiling ” Congratulations Mr.Sinha , You’re going to be a father ”

Ahil got very happy , He goes to Naina .
Naina : What happened to me , Why I fainted

Ahil : Because I am going to be a father .

The next day Ahil plans a big Party for the official announcement .

The house was beautiful decorated , And the song was being played , Naina and Ahil were sitting on a swing .

Abhay , Rahul , Pinky dances .

[ Background song :- Aye dil laaya hai bahaar apnon ka pyar kya kehna
Milein hum chhalak utha khushi ka khumaar kya kehna
Khile khile chehron se aaj ]

Ahil and Naina dances together .

Precap :- Ahil and Naina decides their baby’s name , They meet their new neighbours , Ms.Shweta Khanna who’s also pregnant .

hope u liked it , Do comment and put thumbs up ??? good night

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