Shakti 4th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Harak Singh plans big with Kishan Lal to get rid of Soumya

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Shakti 4th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer’s mother coming to his shop and asking him about Soumya. Sameer says she came in the morning and asked for work. She came again. His mum asks what is she doing here? Sameer says she got hurt so I thought to help her and bandages her hand. He asks Soumya to leave. Soumya takes her teddy and bag and is leaving. His mum says when she came in the morning, she was not having any stuff with her. Sameer says you might not have seen her stuff. His mother asks if I am lying. Soumya says Maa can’t be wrong and says I will tell you truth. She tells her everything. She says I have no place to stay, he helped me for humanity sake. She says I will leave from here. Sameer asks her to look at her hand and says what’s wrong if we help someone in need. He says I would have told you, but was afraid of tell you. His mum says I will slap you and says you told me all stupid things, and was afraid to tell me this good thing. She calls him Soumu…Soumya gets emotional seeing Sameer’s mum calling him Soumya. Soumya recalls Nimmi calling her Soumu and shares this with them. Sameer says her name is Soumya. His mum says she will stay with us in our house. Soumya refuses. Sameer’s mother says we have mother and daughter’s relation now and asks her to agree.

Preeto does aarti of Goddess. Harak Singh thanks Mata Rani for bringing his family together. She says we all were always with you and asks him not to worry. Harak Singh says I am happy that you and my son are with me. Harak Singh says I will kill Kishan Lal and will not get peace till I do that. Harman says I will not be relieved until I bring Kishan Lal here. He asks Jasleen to search Soumya. He asks Balwinder to come along with him and not to lie. Balwinder says I will tell you everything. He tells where he can find Kishan Lal. Raavi gets a message from someone. Shanno asks whose message is this? Raavi says it is a company message. She checks and finds a message. She reads that you are hot and beautiful, thinks who messages like this to a married woman. Harman comes to tea shop insearch of Kishan Lal. Kishan Lal calls Harman and asks him to guard his father and family, and says they can be attacked at any time. Harman thinks if Soumya would have been here then she would have handled everything.

Varun acts to feel pity on Maninder seeing them sitting outside. He asks Maninder to give him 25000 Rs. Maninder says I don’t have. Varun threatens to go to Panchayat again and tell Soumya’s truth. Maninder gets angry and holds his neck. Neighbors come there and scold Maninder when Varun tells them that Maninder is beating him. They tell that they will give money to Varun and take later from Maninder. They give him money and asks Maninder to respect Varun.

Preeto asks Harman to drink tea. Jasleen says she gave Soumya’s pic to all newspapers, it will published in all newspapers tomorrow. Harman says Soumya didn’t call me once. Jasleen says she thought us as husband and wife and that’s why didn’t call. Harman says I am very worried for her, don’t know how is she? Preeto tells Harak Singh that she will take him out. Veeran says I will take him out. Harak Singh says let her take me out.

Soumya revises the rates of the teddy bears. Sameer says you have decreased the price and says what I will earn. Soumya says my father has a grocery shop and I heard my mum asking him to give ration to needy even if they pay later, so that nobody sleeps hungry. She says I have kept the margin amount and you will have profit, but less profit. She asks him to dance and says she will play dholak. She says kids will gather there, and if their parents see their kids happily playing with toys then they can buy them. Sameer asks where did you learn to play dhol? Sameer thinks about Raveena teaching her. Sameer says idea is good, but how you will play dhol as you have injury on hand. Soumya says you have to pay rent. They come out, keeps the toys on floor and starts playing dhol. Sameer starts dancing. Kids and their parents come there. Sameer sells them teddy bears.

Preeto takes Harak Singh out. Harak Singh says he is happy to see his Preet loves him a lot. Preeto says I have always supported you except one thing. Kishan Lal calls Preeto and acts to tell her about Soumya. Preeto goes to side to talk to him. Kishan Lal comes and takes Harak Singh to side, and aims gun at him. Harak Singh says you have shot me as I have influenced you. He says you can’t shoot me. Kishan Lal says everything is happening as per your plan. Harak Singh says I will give you money. Kishan Lal tells him that Soumya came to hospital to see you. Harak Singh says you should have caught her. Kishan lal says I was running saving my life, if Harman had caught me then he would have killed me. Harak Singh asks him to get Kareena’s number and search Soumya with her help. Preeto thinks whose call it was and calls Harak Singh. Harak Singh asks Kishan lal to go and plucks flower to give to Preeto. He comes to Preeto on his wheel chair and gives her flower, and talks romantically.

Soumya and Sameer manages to entertain the kids and sell teddys. Kids’ parents thank them for making their Sunday. Soumya announces drawing competition and says they will keep their drawing in our shop. Sameer says we will give a toy to the best drawing. Kids say we will draw tiger, bear etc. Soumya says we are doing this to increase our business. Parents appreciate them. Soumya and Sameer smiles.

Few men come to Sameer’s house and identifies Soumya seeing the newspaper. They tell that they will call on the number given. Soumya asks them not to call. Sameer’s mum asks them to drag her and take her there. Soumya is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. H Hasan u cannot write a single update without errors –
    1)Soumya gets emotional seeing Sameer’s mum calling him Soumya.
    No it’s wrong line
    Soumya gets emotional seeing Sameer’s mum calling him SOUMU.
    2)Sameer thinks about Raveena teaching her.
    When did Raveena teach Sameer?
    SOUMYA thinks about Raveena teaching her.

    1. Mistakes can happen Yaar !!! No one is perfect huh!!

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