Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 29th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Amrita makes a suggestion to the family

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The Episode starts with Kabir coming home and asking Amrita to come in Dolly’s wedding. He says past just has memories, present has the happiness, please come, move on, I will need you to cry when Dolly gets married. She says fine, I will come. Samy arrives. Dada ji arrives in the baraat. Guneet goes to stop him. He says we are from girl’s family, come. London thumakda….plays…. Nimmo says both my bahus aren’t coming. Kabir gets Amrita there. Nimmo says you have come. Amrita says Kabir got me here. Kabir jokes.

Soni hugs Amrita and compliments her. Amrita asks where is Meera. Soni says she won’t come, she has office work. Angad talks to Meera. She says sorry, I wanted to come and meet them. Angad says I know, your dad called dad and said you had some virtual meeting, right. She says oh yes, it was an imp call with CEO, sorry. He says never mind, cheer up. Soni says you didn’t come, I m not talking to you, you should have come. Meera says so sorry, I will meet you all soon, I promise. Soni says I will wait. Angad says dad is calling, I will call you later.

Meera gets upset. She says don’t know what’s happening to dad, he has become possessive. Apa says he is afraid that you will get married and go, he will miss you a lot. Dolly gets married. Chadda does her bidaai. Kabir jokes. Chadda sends her hurriedly. Kabir says all the best, call me Dolly. Chadda asks Guneet to stop Kabir. Amrita stops Kabir. Everyone scolds Kabir. Amrita laughs.

Its night, Kabir sits sad. He smiles seeing a beautiful girl. Amrita says you are so mean, you were crying for Dolly. He says she has become of something else. Guneet says I handled Chadda with difficulty. Dada ji asks Kabir to change himself. Kabir says I lost the girl. Nimmo says we would have heard Chadda’s taunts, Kabir didn’t marry her, Samy will keep her happy. Kabir argues with them. Nimmo runs after Kabir to beat him. She throws the slipper. It hits Dada ji. Everyone gets silent. Nimmo says sorry. Dadi jokes. Dada ji gets angry. They argue.

Kabir tries to provoke them. Amrita asks Angad to take Kabir. She calms down Nimmo. Angad asks Kabir to do some work. Dada ji says I didn’t feel bad, I know it happened by a mistake. Nimmo says Karan used to say that Kabir is like him, but he isn’t. Rastogi comes with another neighbor. Rastogi’s son is admitted in the hospital. He asks Guneet to call the doctors, everyone knows Karan in the hospital. Nimmo gets angry and scolds Rastogi. Rastogi cries and apologizes. She says I don’t want your apology, but my son. She asks them to leave. Amrita says you go to the hospital, I will see what we can do. Nimmo looks at her. Amrita says Karan used to say, we should do whatever good we can. Neighbors leave. Amrita says Karan was a doctor, he used to give life to people, we have to keep Karan alive in us by helping people. She hugs Nimmo.

Kabir asks Angad to let him rest. Angad asks him to do some work, don’t trouble mum. Kabir says mum gets angry always. Angad says she broke down after Karan passed away, that incident killed our happiness. Dada ji says I have Karan’s memories, but I can’t see the family crying all day, we have to forget this sorrow. Dadi asks how will we forget Karan. Amrita says memories can be sweet, I didn’t forget him, I remember his words, smile and mischief. Everyone pacifies Nimmo. Dada ji says we will go out for few days. Amrita says what’s the need to go out when we have happiness in our house. She gets wedding card samples. She says we have a big happiness, why are we stopping it, we will get Angad and Meera married, they are already engaged. Nimmo says we can’t think of it. Amrita says we can be very happy, we are snatching Meera’s happiness unknowingly, she loves Angad. Guneet says yes, right. Dadi says she is lovely, her coming will be auspicious. Amrita says see, everyone smiled by her name, think when she comes here, she will bring much happiness, it was Karan’s last wish. Nimmo takes the card and nods. They smile.

Meera says Angad has quit the job. Kabir gets shocked. Krishnakant argues with Angad’s family. Amrita is at the hospital. Pritam comes and says I have beaten this guy.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shesha485

    Another lovely episode. Loving how they are portraying some scenes in a light-hearted way which was usually portrayed as high-voltage dramas in normal shows.

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