Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 26th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Yuvraj gets to know Amrita

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The Episode starts with Guneet asking Yuvraj to sit and not be formal. Amrita says you are suspense for me, our dads are friends and we never met before. Yuvraj says yes, even I heard a lot about you, I never got a chance to meet you, I have come for a villa registration. Angad says wow. Dada ji asks how much does it cost. Guneet asks what does he do. Yuvraj says I have a food processing business, I own the brand of two juice drinks, I have started this on my own. Kabir praises him. Guneet thinks he is a nice guy. Dadi asks what about your wife and kids. Yuvraj says my wife passed away four years back. Angad says so sorry. Dada ji says four years is a long time, why didn’t you remarry. Yuvraj says I was much affected before, then got busy in business, anyway, parents want me to remarry now, I will remarry if I get a right partner. He looks at Amrita.

Angad says you have come to find a girl. Yuvraj says why not, if I find the girl. Amrita says it means you forgot your wife now. He says sorry, but no, life is to live, we live in every situation, that’s the truth, even our mum passes away, we still live, past can have sweet memories, but life is all about living in the present, life is to be respected, isn’t it. She says even memories want respect. Dada ji says you can’t win over her, she is right, memories are to be preserved, but Yuvraj is also right, life is to live. Guneet asks Yuvraj to have snacks. Amrita says mummy ji’s prepared pakodas are the world best. Yuvraj says I will try. He likes the snacks. He says its really nice, I love indian food, I will marry an indian girl. Amrita says the girl can see your NRI status and marry, then disappear, be careful. They laugh.

Yuvraj says I felt that before, not now. Nimmo says you came to give some stuff. Yuvraj says nice. Kabir jokes. Yuvraj asks her to give the bag to Kuljeet when she is going home. Guneet says she is going there tomorrow. Pritam gets angry and threatens the drug dealer. The man refuses to tell him anything. Pritam shoots to scare him. He threatens to shoot him. The man asks who are you, what enmity do you want. Pritam asks him to just answer them, else game over. The man worries.

He says don’t shoot, I will tell you. Pritam says good boy, I know you will be sensible like you. They question the man. He tells his name, Sandy/Sandeep, he is the middle man to pay for the drugs. Pritam asks how do you get the money. Sandy says UD, he is the biggest drug supplier, he has many men like Rathi and Soda gang. Pritam asks where does he stay, how does he look. Sandy says no one has seen him. Pritam says tell me the truth, he is an international supplier, I heard he stays in Delhi, his base is in Ludhiana, I tried to meet him, I couldn’t meet him, he belongs to Ludhiana. Pritam says we have to go to Ludhiana now.

Saroj asks Kuljeet to call Guneet and talk. He angrily shouts. He says I don’t find this right. She asks why, are we doing a sin, we are thinking of Amrita’s life, we have to do this for Amrita. He cries and prays for Amrita’s happiness. Yuvraj asks didn’t you think of going to Canada. Nimmo asks why will she think. Yuvraj says our Punjab people always think of Canada. Amrita says many Canadian alliances came for Amrita, but her heart is indian. Amrita says I never liked NRI guys. Yuvraj asks why, any reason. Amrita says no, they have NRI attitude. Kabir says if anyone shows her attitude, then she shows double attitude. Guneet says no, she has a lovely nature, she is like our daughter, she has handled our entire house. Dada ji says yes. Dadi says she kept all the brothers united, and loves Soni as her younger sister, she takes much care of us. Kabir says yes, her decision is followed here.

Yuvraj says you are so lovely. She says my family is lovely, they love me a lot, I have to go to Ludhiana tomorrow, I m thinking how will I live without them, I would have not gone if it was not Jassi’s engagement. Pritam comes home. He says I got Rasmalai for everyone. He sees Yuvraj and says sorry, I didn’t know. Dada ji says its fine, come. Amrita says don’t touch the sweets, he misbehaved with me on the call today, he got the sweets to cover up. Nimmo asks what did he say. Amrita says Kamli got his debit card, I thought to inform him, he scolded me, he was showing me attitude, and disconnected my call. Pritam says I was in a meeting. Nimmo asks will you shout on my bahu. Pritam asks when did I shout. Amrita says you talked in loud tone, you got Rasmalai, you know I don’t eat that. Pritam says yes, that’s why I got jalebi and Rabdi for you. Angad says its Amrita and my fav. Amrita says I don’t want to have it, even Angad won’t have it. Yuvraj says I think you both know each other well. She says no, he is just our tenant. Pritam says yes, just a tenant.

Pritam meets Yuvraj and praises Amrita. He asks Amrita to massage the baby by her palm, not the fingers. Kamli says don’t listen to him, he didn’t raise any kids. He gets sad.

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  1. This Amrita is soooo irritating

  2. Seriously…why the makers have designed female lead’s character like this???too clingy nd irritating…her character is too bossy nd she wants everyone to behave according to her

  3. I think that Yuvraj is the head of the the Drug Smuggling ring. He is the NRI.
    I think that Pritam will expose him and save Amrita.

  4. Yeah me too Pam

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