Zindagi hai mushkil episode 4

Avni goes but is stopped by Neil
Avni: what now
Neil: you have to pay for what you did
Avni: what did I do
Neil: the letter you wrote to miss and got everyone to laugh at me
Avni: oh that I did it because you deserve it
Neil: I deserve it
He starts laughing
Avni: off course because you are that type of person and listen I don’t have time to listen to your nonsense
As soon as she walk she slips
Neil catches her they have a eye lock
Music plays
Maana ke hum yaar nahin
Lo tay hai pyaar nahin
Photo bhi nazrein na tum milaana
Dil ka aitbaar nahi
Maana ke hum yaar nahi
Avni gets up and say
Avni:let me go
Neil: aleast say thanks
She walks off

Avni goes to the canteen she collects her lunch and sits down with anjail and Ali
Neil enters avnis see him and looks away
Neil goes and sits with his friends

Anjail: you guys look so cute when you are together
Avni: who
Anjail:you and Neil it like you guys are made for each other and you guys sound good together avneil
Avni: shut up anjail and get out of your dream that will never be possible and I hate him
Ali: yh is those bad boys who love to annoy people
Avni: exactly listen to Ali
Anjail: okay lets have our lunch
Neil and his friends were playing truth or dare
Neil a dare
Rajat: Neil I dare you to go and ask avni to be your date for the party
Neil: what are you crazy no I will never ask her
Rajat:it’s a dare
Neil goes to avni
Neil: dragon lady
Avni: excuse I am not a dragon lady my name is avni
Neil: whatever it is I don’t care anyways listen
Avni: what
Neil hold her hand and take her in the middle of the canteen and says
Neil: will you be my date for the party
Neil:will you
Avni looked around confused
Everybody was saying
Everybody: say yes avni
Avni was thinking is he playing a game
Anjail comes and say
Anjail: say yes or you will be shamed please say yes for me
Avni : fine only for you
Avni: I will
Neil: okay then tomorrow
Avni goes out of the canteen
It was time to go home avni and anjail are outside
Avni: cow I will drop you of
They both get in the car
Anjail:it’s so cute the way he asked you
Avni: no he did it just to annoy me tommrow anyways forget it
She drop her off
Avni comes home
Avni: maa maa where are you
Neela: what happen avni
Avni: that boy is so annoying he ruins everything
Neela smiles
Neela: what boy
Avni: Neil and who
Neela: Neil what did he do
Avni: everything
Neela: what do you mean
Avni: he first dropped me on the floor and then he did a big scene in the canteen
Neela: what did he do
Avni: he asked me to be his date for the party
Neela:so avni a boy asked you to his date wow avni she laughs and smiles
Avni:maa how can you think like that he asked me to annoy me tommrow
Neela: are you sure
Avni:yes maa anyways forget and let’s have our dinner
They both get their dinner
Avni goes to bed

Precap: avni is getting ready and Neil is getting ready

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  1. Awesome..plz update next one..really good one..

  2. Sweetgirl7

    Totally unique and fabulous

  3. College romance and all.I like it.ummm,it’s interesting

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