Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 9th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 9th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sophia telling Yug that their ways are different, but she will keep the file. Yug says your dad is my dad, my family is yours, and says we will get Keith punished for his crimes together. Sophia says your family is mine and my dad is yours, and asks if he will support her. They go separate ways. . Keith thinks I have to go to Palekar Mansion. Veronica gets tensed and asks him not to go. Keith says do you think there are ghosts there. He says I will go there and will return also to prove that there is no ghosts. Veronica warns him and asks him not to go. Keith asks her to keep an eye on Sophia. Yug comes home and informs Suraj and his family that Sophia wants to go to Police. Radha says even she is right. Yug says what about you all?Radha says we want revenge, but our way is different. Sophia also wants revenge. Dadi says our perception was never same. Suraj says I fear that Yug and Sophia can separate because of us for forever. Ishaan says I am with Mom. He says it was proved that Kishore is Keith and he has killed Peter. It is not proved that he is the one who killed us and we need to know it. Suraj hears some car coming and informs Yug. Yug says I will see. He comes back and says Keith Adams came her to answer for our questions.

Sophia comes home. Veronica asks from where are you coming? I thought you are locked by Amy. She snatches the file from her hand, and says you got it. Sophia tries taking the file. Sophia says you are equally guilty and asks if she ever loved her papa. Veronica asks her not to bore her, and says she had never loved Peter. She says she bear him with much difficulty as she loves Keith. Sophia says you think Keith loves you. Veronica burns the file. Sophia cries. Veronica laughs and says now you have no proof against my Keith. No one can trap him. He is completely free now. She asks her to go and enjoy life. She says we were looking for this file and you brought it for us. Now we are free. Sophia cries.

Yug comes out to meet Keith. The goon asks shall I kill him. Keith says no, first let me clear his questions. He asks Yug to say what he can do to give peace to his soul. He asks what do you want to know? What is your last wish? Yug says I want to unveil your crimes. Keith laughs and says ok I will say. He says he had killed Peter, and the eye witness. He asks can you get me punished for the frauds. He says I got Palekar family killed….Yug looks angrily. All the Palekar family hears his confession shockingly. Keith asks can you get me punished for this. Yug says do you confess that you have killed Palekar family? He says you went to old age home and got the proofs. He says I have killed Palekar Mansion. He says my name Kishore Kadam never came out as I was dead. He says Peter was living his life thinking about Palekar Mansion’s ghosts, but I had lived a luxurious life and earned a lot of money. Ishaan says I will not leave him. Dadi stops him and says what will happen to you. You will stay here till Anant kaal. She says we will get mukti, but Ishaan will be alone here. We can’t leave him. Keith tells Yug that he thought to save his time as that’s why said the truth. He says there is no time for you as this is the end of your life. He tells everything which happened 25 years ago. Yug’s blood boils up as he hears the story. Suraj and his family hear it too. A fb is shown. Keith says I sent those goons to kill Palekar family. Yug gets teary eyes.

Keith says they are dead, now you have to think how to save your life. The goons who was locked in Palekar Mansion came out and hold Yug. The ghost family looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Oh no 3 episodes to go I wonder what will happen, I feel so bad for Ishan he won’t get Mukti so sad, I think either Ishan will somehow get Mukti also or as Shraddha said ghost family may become real or maybe ghost family will accept Mukti till Ishan also gets Mukti anything can happen but I don’t want differences between Yugphia I want Yugphia n Amy stay happily ever after and if possible ghost family also all the members r so cute

    1. Shraddha Sharma

      You remembered that I said this much…. nice….
      But i hope PKHJD ki tarha yeh last episode me sari ending na dikhaye….

    2. Hi joyee how r u…
      Is it true it will end after 3 days… I miss zabhmg…

    3. @shraddha yes I remember Shradda n I also don’t want ZABHMG have a sad ending like PKHJD
      @Meghs yes show is ending this Friday 🙁 Bahu hamari rajinkant will he shown at 8pm, Rama re will be shifted to 7.30pm so no ZABHMG 🙁

  2. Oh whats going on…. Nothing should happend to yug…Is it really ending…. But not by death of yug…

  3. Shraddha Sharma

    Very sad fight b/w sophia and yug…
    They both are right as both want justice…
    But yeh sb hoga kaise?? Abhi to ishan ko bhi mukt krrna hai or bhut kuch hona baki hai or episode sirf three (3) reh gye hai…

  4. Shraddha Sharma

    Plz update today’s episode fast… vaise bhi ab 2 episode hi rehe gye hai….

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