Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 8th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 8th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sophia thinking what to do? Just then Amy comes to her and ties her hands, and tapes her mouth. She takes her photo and then opens the tape. She says she lied to Veronica that she trusts her. She says Veronica gave her keys. She says I lost Papa, but can’t lose you. Sophia hugs her. Amy says I heard Keith and Veronica talking and he said he will kill Doctor, Yug and you also. Sophia gets worried hearing about Doctor, and tells Amy that she needs to go. Amy asks her to go safe. Veronica comes hearing their voice and asks what happened? Amy comes out of room, and locks it. She shows Sophia’s photo and says I have locked her after tying her hands. Veronica says you loves your mum very much. Sophia tries calling Yug, just then Yug comes and hugs her. Sophia asks are you fine? Yug says I am fine and didn’t get even a scratch. He says his ghost family have saved me from the goons. He asks how are you? Sophia says first we will get the file from Dr. Ashok. They go inside.

The goons who are tied in the Palekar Mansion say that they are hungry, and asks them to leave them. Just then Radha brings food plates and water. Dadi asks why did you bring food for them. They have tried to kill our Yug. Yadav comes and says you both were stinking and throws water bucket on them. The goons apologizes and faints. Dadi says now we can think what to do. Sophia and Yug comes to the old age home. Nurse is about to say. Just then Yug says we want to meet him urgently. Nurse says Doctor Ashok died during sleep. She says he died because of heart attack and asks them to go else she will call the police. Sophia tells Yug that they shall leave from there. Other nurse comes and asks if they are Yug and Sophia. Yug says yes. Doctor gives file to them and says Dr. Ashok asked me to give you this file. Yug thanks her. He opens the file and looks on.

Keith scolds the goons and says Doctor died long before you reached there. He asks about the goons who went to kill Yug and asks them to go. The goons refuse to go there and says ghosts stay there. The goons see Suraj in the Palekar Mansion and thinks a man came there. Suraj slaps him. All the ghosts appear infront of them. The goons agree to do as they say. Radha asks them to have food. Radha unties their hand. The goons have the food happily. Ria says this is happening for the first time and your destiny is good. Sophia says finally we got the proof. Yug says I was scared when I heard that Doctor is dead. Yug says his family will get mukti now. Sophia says my dad also will get peace. Yug says we both want justice. Sophia says Keith will get behind bars now. Yug asks why? Sophia says he is my dad’s killer. Yug says he has killed my family and he can’t get jailed. He says his family will decide about his punishment. Sophia asks who will be the judge, your aaji….Yug asks her not to tell his family as ghost. He says he is taking file to Palekar Mansion. Sophia says we will give file to Inspector. Yug says my family is waiting for mukti since 25 years. Sophia asks do you want to kill Keith. Yug says our way is different now.

Keith accepts infront of Yug that he had sent the goons 25 years ago to kill Palekar family. Yug’s anger heats up. All the ghost family hear his confession and is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Akash dhingra

    Wow but i have doubt keith has a trap to kill yug again….

  2. OMG can’t wait for today’s episode so good I knew Amy won’t be soo foolish well done Amy and finally Keith reveals his truth, I wish there was Yugphia scenes I m already starting to miss this show.

  3. Shraddha Sharma

    Nice answer given by yug to sophia…
    What a surprise package was amy… she was indirectly helping sophia… chalo accha hai…
    4 days are left…. ??????

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