Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 4th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 4th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sophia coming home and sees Veronica awake. She asks didn’t you sleep tull now. Veronica nods no. Sophia says I went for shopping with my friends and that’s why got late. Veronica looks for the stuff. Sophia says I just did window shopping and have enjoyed a lot. Veronica says you are boring me Sophia, and asks until when you will play this game. Sophia asks what you are saying? Veronica calls Amy. Amy comes and says I told Mom whatever you have told me. Sophia asks why? Amy says I don’t believe you. My mom can’t do this. She says dirt is in your mind and you have made stories, I don’t trust you. I trust my mom. Veronica smiles victoriously. Amy says you have lied to me always and is a liar. Veronica says so Sophia, your game is finished. Sophia says your game will end. Veronica asks Amy to go to her room. Sophia tells Amy that you have done wrong and will repent. You have always hate my mom. She says she loves my dad. Sophia says you are coming in her talks. Amy says shut up. I don’t want to listen to you. Veronica asks Sophia, what you have thought that you will instigate Amy against me and take revenge. She says you are a silly girl.

Yug returns home. Radha is relieved seeing him and asks if you are fine? Yug asks what happened? Suraj comes and says she was worried for you. Radha says if anything happens to him then. Yug says nothing will happen to me. Radha says if anything happens to you then I can’t forgive myself. Yug asks her to sit and says nothing will happen to me, and also I am very nearer to expose Keith. HE says I know that Keith wants to kill me, but. Radha asks him not to say that again. Yug says okay. Radha asks if you got angry as I scolded you. Yug says no and asks her to scold him as he was yearning for mother’s love since childhood. He says you can scold me till you get mukti. Radha says I want mukti, but can’t lose you. Yug says I will be here only. Radha hugs him.

Sophia says we will end this game here and will talk clearly. She asks if Keith is your boyfriend? Yes or not. He was not of Dad’s friend and was your boyfriend since the beginning. She says you both have killed my dad. Keith coms and scares Sophia. He laughs loudly. Sophia is stunned. Keith asks what do you want to know about us. Veronica says you came at the right time. He says you want to send me to jail, but I won’t let this happen. They locks her in the room. Veronica asks about the doctor. Keith says Doctor and Yug will be killed today. The goons come to Palekar Mansion and gets scared with the thought of ghost. Ishaan hears them and says they have come insearch of Yug. He thinks what to do as his powers isn’t working. The goons think that Yug might be upstairs and try to go. Ishaan makes them fall and goes to inform his family. He calls his family and tells that goons have entered home to kill Yug.

The goon hold Yug and the other goon targets pistol on him. He asks who will save you now. Dadi says I will save him and targets pistol at the other goon with her powers. The goons get tensed and says boss will kill them if they do any mistake. Just then they see Yug vanishing and wonders where he is? Radha scares them. Ria and others have a laugh. Sophia thinks about Keith and Veronica’s conversation and thinks she shall inform Yug. She looks for her phone and knocks on the door calling Veronica and Amy.

Veronica tells Keith that she doesn’t care how many people he will kill and asks what to do with Sophia. Keith says we will kill Sophia and says she can die while having swimming.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Shraddha Sharma

    Amy ki bevakufi ke chakkar me kahin sophia and yug ko koi katra na aa jaye…
    Kehte hai family protects from every danger, and ghost family ne iss baat ko prove kr dikhaya hai, bhale hi ghost hai but they have protected yug…

  2. I just hope they don’t also show a sad ending in this show by killing Sophia, only Yug and ghost family can save Sophia didn’t expect this from Amy 🙁

  3. Amy is soo dumb, she is good for nothing i hope some1 come on time to save Sophie.

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