Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 3rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 3rd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sophia and Yug coming to Dr. Ashok’s room and sees Keith suffocating him with pillow. Keith who is indisguise of a ward boy says that patient was having breathing problem and that’s why I was correcting the pillow. He asks them to leave and not to disturb the patient. He leaves from there. Yug and Sophia asks Dr. Ashok if he is fine? Dr. Ashok says that man was not a ward boy, but Kishore Kadam. Yug and Sophia are shocked. Dr. Ashok says he came to kill me. Yug goes out, but couldn’t find him. Veronica asks Amy to say what is going on in her mind. Amy breaks down and says you are having an affair with Keith, and you both have killed Peter. Veronica is shocked. She gets a call and goes. She comes out and tells Keith that she is in big problem. Keith says even I have a big problem. He says Yug and Sophia went to the hospital where my plastic surgery was done. Veronica is shocked.

Keith says you said that Sophia hates Yug. Veronica says Sophia told me that she hates Yug. She recalls Sophia’s words and understands that she was playing game with her. Keith says yes, and she made you a fool. He says I wish I wouldn’t have trusted on you and kill Yug long before. Veronica fimes. She looks at Amy who is still crying. Dr. Ashok tells that Kishore Kadam calls himself Keith Adams. He says he want to kill me. I had identified him and that’s why called him kishore that day. Yug says he got plastic surgery done. I heard this name before. Sophia asks how do you know that he is Kishore. Dr. Ashok says I am a doctor and have done his plastic surgery. He says there was a confidential agreement between a doctor and a patient. Yug asks if he has any proof to prove that he is Kishore. Dr. Ashok says he is having the file and he has kept it safely. Yug asks can I get it. Dr. Ashok says I have kept it in my box and asks them to come in the morning. Yug and Sophia thank him. Dr. Ashok asks them to go. Sophia says but if Keith comes back and attack you.

Suraj asks Radha to tell why she seems to be worried. Radha says I am very much worried for Yug as he went to collect proofs against Keith. Suraj says he want us to get mukti. Radha says keith is a dangerous man and have killed Peter. If he does anything to Yug then I can’t forgive myself. She says Yug is my son…She says if anything happens to Yug then we won’t be do anything as we are trapped in this house. Suraj says you are worrying unneccessarily. Suraj says if we leave Keith then he can kill anyone. Radha says that’s what I am saying. He can kill Yug. If anything happens to Yug then we have to hide our face from ourselves.

Ishaan speaks to Ria and says Yug and Sophia went to enquire about Keith. He says finally we will take revenge from real murderer. Ria says she is not interested to know their murderer name. Ishaan says oh…I understood. You don’t want mukti and want to stay here with Yug. Ria asks what wrong I am doing. He says she is having pain in separating from Yug. Ishaan says everyone of us are equally pain. Ria says Yug is not like everyone and have accepted us from his heart. He don’t want anything from us in return. Ishaan says do whatever you want to do. Dr. Ashok says Kishore will not come again as I have identified him. He says I will call my friends here and play chess. His friend comes and says chess time have come. Sophia and Yug smile looking at him. His friends ask about them. Dr. Ashok says that they are more than his family. Keith hires goons to kill Dr. Ashok and asks them to go late night as old people sleeps late. He asks them to go in disguise of old age home employee.

Veronica asks Sophia until when she will play games with her. Amy tells that she told Veronica whatever she told her. Sophia is shocked. Veronica says your game is ended. Sophia looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Shraddha Sharma

    Amy is such a stupid girl… uske pass show ke first day se brain nhi hai yeh baat mujge pta thi, but jb usne yug or sophia ko milvaya toh lga ki shayd ab ussme thoda brain aa gya hai.. but aaj ki harkat se saaf ho gya hai ki uss me wakai brain nhi hai…
    And I hope iss show ki ending acchi ho…

  2. Awsm…waiting for ragsan moments

  3. What Amy? Seriously? I m sure something is wrong. I didn’t expect Amy to do like this, I think Veronica must have known it before n then she threatened Amy, I don’t want Amy to be negative at least

    1. Shraddha Sharma

      Amy is idiot since first day of show… she is her mumma’s puppet…

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