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Aarohi appendix burst. That’s enough for you. Know go back and rest soon I’ll send you OM ” Dev said”

I know i did wrong but please give some other punishment to me but not this. I beg you all let me meet them for ones. ” Anika fell on knees”

Didn’t SSO told you. That you can’t meet Maa ” Shivaay pulls her up”
Why? What have done that you are doing this to me, Shivaay. What? ” She cries on his shoulder”
You don’t know why we are not letting you meet Maa? ” He jerks her”
Shivaay ” Om calls him”
Om. What happened why you came alone and where’s Anika? She’s fine na. Please tell me ” Shivaay asked”
Anika bhabhi again left the house ” Om replied”
What? ” All gets shock”
Where she can go? What we’ll answer if Aarohi will get conscious  ” Dev said”
Om how you know Anika has again left us? She’s not well and Maa too. Let me myself go and check ” Shivaay said running”
Hello mother india  for you this day will be really precious as you told me that today Anu came inside you. Congrats for that. 
But you know what for me this day was the wrost day of my life. When i came inside you thanks for tell me about this day as i always hit my head and said…
Kash mujh woh manhoos din pata chal jaaye jis din mein is duniya mein ayi thi. 
Toh mein usay ap ki zindagi ka sab se bahtreen din baana do. Jis tarah ap ney meri zindagi ko badlhtreen kiya tha mujh se jhoot bol kar aur ab tak karti boolti ayi hai.
So after knowing  this day  being wife of Shivaay Singh Oberoi…. Shivaay Singh Oberoi the man who returns back with interest too walking on his dearest husband footsteps…
Returning opps not returning but leaving for Oberoi Mansion forever and with interest telling you yes you…
Mrs Rajput !! Bye and please send my billu ji and my in laws too because Anika can’t live without them and i don’t want them to stay with Lair. 
Om closes the letter and cries
Flashback ends
Why you are salient please  Shivaay speak up damm it.” Anika shouts”
You…. Nurse shock them
Dr , Dr please come patient is getting critical. ” Nurse runs towards dr”
Anika was getting unconscious but she compose herself and tries to ran inside ICU when Shivaay grasp her arm tightly.
Don’t show us your fake concern and sit her. Let Maa get fine you just watch what i’m gonna do with you know you have taken alot advantage of my love but you have awaken beast inside me. ” Shivaay pushes her on chair”
After half an hour
Inside the ICU 
Gayu where sitting beside Aarohi and rest were sitting on couch waiting for Aarohi to open her eyes as she was out of danger know and all were just waiting for her to get conscious.
Shivaay was still not believing what Om read in letter but whatever Anika had gone in last few months. He has to believe it.
Dev  too was still thinking about Anika that how can his Anu can say those words but yet he too can’t ignore her behaviour towards Aarohi. He was lost in thoughts
When someone entered the room.

Sir.  ” Security head  calls Dev”

Mohan you here? Everything alright? ” Dev asked”
No sir actually, Mohan told everything held with Anika.
And i just came too tighten the security around you all. Gaurds and police are all round in civilian. ” He told”
All gets shock to hear that.
Dev glances Shivaay who understood that someone dirty play with them.
Dev and Shivaay ran outside but Anika was not outside.
Let me check outside ” SH told and runs “
Excuse me nurse, the girl who was sitting outside where she’s?” Dev asked”
I don’t know ” She replied”
Dr Mehra have you seen this girl. Shivaay showed picture of Anika  ” Shivaay asked”
She was Anika to whom you people don’t wanted to know about Mrs Rajput that was being poisoned? ” He asked”
Yes” DevShiv nodded”
But i think she came too know about it ” He told”
What? We told you all don’t tell her anything and still you people opened your mouth infront of her. We in the start told you if she questioned you all then tell her Maa appendices brust ” Shivaay yells”
Mr Oberoi wait. We respect your sentiments we are also humans and we didn’t told her anything ” Dr spoke”
Then how she came to know? ” Dev shouts”
She was inside the ICU and heard it. ” Dr told”
Dev was about to mock something when Rudra happily came to them.
Dev uncle , Shivaay bhaiya. Maa got conscious ” Rudra told “
Dev and Shivaay were about to approach in when Dev fone buzz
Hello, Yes Gopi. What ? ” Dev gazes Shivaay with shock”
What happened uncle? ” Shivaay asked”
Rajput Mansion 
Please leave me ma’am i didn’t do anything” sweety one of the maid cries”
The one who trouble Anu’s world Anu never leave them. Even your gods too come down still Anu won’t give a look of pity to people like you. ” Anika pricks needle in her skin”
Aahhhh ” sweety cries”
Is it hurting you ” Anika dangerously spoke”
Yes please….
Then what about my, my life. Huh? Doctors ney kitnaye zayad injections diya aur phir cuts bhi lagaye kitna dard ho raha ho ga. ” Anika cries”
Dekh mujh bhi chhot lagi hai  par mujh dard nahe ho raha. Par tujhe kisi nay nahe bataya tha ke agar koi Anu ki dhadakano ko chheenaye ki koshish kara hai to Anu us ki roh ko chheen lati hai.
Now be a good girl and tell me why and on whom order you hurt my soul? Otherwise I’ll do your operation “
Ma’am I did all this for money. I don’t know the rest ” Sweety frighteningly spoke”
For money !! Come with me let me fill your stomach with money  ” Anika smiles evilly and drags her”
Oberoi’s and Rajput’s enters the mansion except Aarohi and Om. All gets shock to see the mess.
Where’s Anu Gopi? ” Dev asked”
Gone towards locker room ” Gopi stammers”
All ran towards locker room and
Anika just leave her ” Shivaay shout”
Anika turns her face and with bloodshot eyes glare him and all.
Guards hold them all ” Anika commands and slams sweety head on locker”
Gaurds nods positively and took hold of all.
Just leave us Mohan ” Dev orders”
Sorry sir but we can’t it’s Anu’s baba order ” Mohan whipers”
Mohannn ” Dev yells”
Mohan is one of the loyal worker of RM. He’s not an employ but Aarohi’s brother who infront of his eyes seen Anika growing. He can do anything for Anika and can denies Dev commands too over Anika.
Anu won’t you listen to your Baba ” Dev said”
Abhi Anu. Hospital main Anika ” She sobs”
Dev understood that his Anu got really hurt as he called her Anika not Anu and know she will not listen to him.
Gayu , Rudra, Pinky , Jhanvi and both Dadi’s try their best to control Anika anger but Anika anger was getting uncontrollable.
Anika just stop it yaar. Look at me you are doing wrong. I know she did wrong but police will handle her ” Shivaay shouts”
Today not Anu’s …… but your  Mom  would have been on dead bed still then you would have given her culprit in police hands?
Anika apne dushmano ko chhod sakti hai. Par jisi nay Anu ke wajood ko mitna chaha woh us ko chhod de itni  shakhti to tumhare bhagwan main bhi nahe hai. Shivaay Singh Oberoi   ” Anika roar”
Shivaay gets dumbstruck . He with tears was gazing Anika and trying to identify who’s this girl.
Anu and Anika these two are two different names of same person.
But is’t true that she’s living as one?
For world it would be ” Yes”  why not yes. After all what a difference it makes in personality. Everyone had two and even more that two names and all it doesn’t makes them different from each other or like having two names makes them two different people in society.
But in actual it’s a big ” No” 
Anika is Sheath and Anu is sword!! 
That’s what The Great Wall Shivaay Singh Oberoi discovered.
And this what enough to describe the
difference between Anu and Anika.
Sheath is Anika who was sleeping  . But  the one who woke up again after months is just Anu. Maa ki Anu is a Sword and when sword comes out of sheath it doesn’t get calm still it don’t taste the blood of her mother culprit.
Open your mouth and munch ” Anika clutches her neck”
All were in tears not because they were having pity on sweety but they were crying for Anika who’s back and hand was fully covered with blood but still she was standing like rock and was punishing sweety for hurting Aarohi.
Sweety was whizzingly and coughing. Her mouth was filled with money and body was covered with needdles. 
You just have eaten five thousands. Very bad you took one million to kill my believe and here i’ve open whole treasure for you and you are not having it. ” Anika makes her drink money by soaking it in water” 
Drink it ” Anika squeeze her mouth and about to push glass in her mouth when someone held her hand” 
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    I am waiting eagerly..
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    Please update quickly as I am waiting impatiently..
    N I think arohi is stopping annika…

    1. Nati

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    1. Nati

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    After having emotional update this one is full on Anika ruthless behavior.. But i appreciate it because Anika has her reason… Take care both of you dear

    1. Nati

      Hey dear i’m Nati myself here thanks for ur love nd support dear. I just want to ask are u there on wattpad? As i’m thinking that from now onwards we should update the book on wattpad.

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