Spoilers 12th March 2019 Revised

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji:
Rocky and Happy perform in the party in a romantic way. They try to please Anaya and win Grover’s investment for Chintu’s hotel business. Rocky gets falling for his brother’s widow. Rocky didn’t acknowledge Chintu and Happy’s marriage ever. Happy too didn’t believe in that relation. But they both miss Chintu a lot. Rocky goes in dream world when he dances with Happy. Rocky gets such feeling for the first time and wonders what’s happening. The party gets a big twist when Ranveer falls in trouble. Rocky gets on laughing on Ranveer’s misery.

Viraj tells the family that he will be marrying Sitara, not Surili. He expresses his love for Vishkanya Sitara. He knows Sitara’s truth and even then he accepts her in his life. Vrinda gets much angry with this decision. Viraj’s dad Ratan is glad that Viraj has chosen Sitara. He tells Viraj that he will be happy to accept Sitara as his Bahu.

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