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Next Day

Anika was sleeping  and Aarohi was lovingly ruffling her hairs.

Shivaay beta why you hide from me  that her body is burning with fever and also  fell in restroom ? ” Aarohi asked”

Maa. You know na how stubborn she’s and then i  also don’t wanted to trouble you all at that time. ” Shivaay replied”

What trouble Shivaay? Why you and Bhabhi always do this with us? ” Om complains”

Om it’s not like that. ” Shivaay explains”

But why she’s not getting conscious till know? ” Dev asked”

Her bp is low and…. Shivaay gets quite

And what? ” Devohi asked”

Did bhabhi consumed alcohol? ” Om asked”

No,  Anika again consumed sleeping pills ” Shivaay replied in low tone”

Devohi shockingly gazes each other and then Shivaay

Dev angrily marches out.

Dev uncle listen to me” Om ran after him”

Take care of her Shivaay. I’m sending your lunch have it. ” Aarohi said getting up but she felt tug on her finger”

Don’t go ” Anika mumbled “

Aarohi eyes gets  watery to see  hear that. She gazes Shivaay who smiles happily and  left them alone.

Aarohi  free herself from Anika holds and was about to approach out when she stops hearing Anika voice.

Aarohi turns and gets angry to see Anika trying to hold glass of  water . She with long steps marches back to bed and lovingly scold her.

You all the time Gir padre !! Abhi gir jaati toh phir. Pata hai humein tum bohat bahadur ho and don’t want to trouble anyone but still…

Kyun nahe sunti kisi ki? ” Aarohi lovingly scolds her”

Kaan kharab hai kya? Aur humein tumhara naam Anu nahe…

Gir padre rakha chahiye tha. ” Aarohi makes her  drink water”

Anika with puppy eyes was gazing Aarohi through glass. When Aarohi eyes fell her she immeditalty stops.

I’m sending Shivaay ” Aarohi said and turns”

Don’t go. Please.  ” Anika grasps Aarohi hand and pleads”

What to do you need something or want to say something? ” Aarohi asked without facing her”

Why and when  you learned to lie? ” Anika asked”

Just when you began hiding yourself and your emotions from me. ” Aarohi replied”

I wa…. Aarohi cuts

Let me go now. ” Aarohi commands”

Hearing that Anika heart pricks. She tightly hold  Aarohi hand as she felt that if she let Aarohi go she won’t be able to hold her again.

I said na don’t leave ” Anika irriratedly spoke”

What’s it, what? ” Aarohi jerks and turns to her”

Just stay…. Aarohi cuts

For what and for whom should i stay here? ” Aarohi cries and sit on bed”

For me. I don’t know why i…..

For you? You are the same na who in her yesterday’s said you don’t want me. ” Aarohi sadly chuckles”

Anika nods negatively

Yes it’s like that Anu….

My presences around you always pricked you. My absences too killed you !!

But today just few minutes back when you said ” don’t leave you”

For that moment i waited for months but you always made me dusk.

Please don’t cry ” Anika wipes her tears”

No i’m not crying because you, nor because  you hurt me but you know these are tears of happiness.

Want to know why i’m calling them tears of happiness? 
” Aarohi asked “

Ji !!

Because on this day. My Anu came inside me ( Aarohi places Anika palm on her belly).

The day my womb got filled you, your greened it and gave me opportunity be called mother !! ” Aarohi said smilingly”

Anika gets shock to see glow on Aarohifaces. She immediately took her hand back.

I’ve always demand from you but today…..

Hum akhari baar tumhare aagey apna anchal phela kar tum se bheek maagtehai.

Sirf ek baar humein Maa keha do, sirf ek ankhir baar!! 

(  Just call us mom once, just one last time !!)

She was about to spoke something when her fone rang.

Mummy ji is calling ” Anika spoke receiving pinky calls”

Yes mummy ji i’m fine. Don’t panic and take care of papa ji. What you people are coming back?

Aarohi with tears was gazing Anika.

Ok bye mummy ji. Come soon. She ends the calls and smilingly gazes Aarohi.

Papa ji is fine know. They are coming back.” Anika told Aarohi”

Yes!! I’ve heard and saw your excitement too towards meeting Pinky bhabhi ji. ” Aarohi said”

Ok leave what you were saying? ” Anika asked “

In this world there’s no weapon that can kills blood relation. Whatever  and wherever it leads far or near.

But yet these blood relations have a powerful ” Emotion ” with them that’s more powerful then a nuclear one.

Do you want to know what’s the name of that emotion that only you hold for me?

Anika hums in low tone


( Aarohi said cupping Anika face. Both saliently cries)

Your ignorance have murdered me Anu, you murdered me.

” Aarohi smiles with tears and stood up”

Humari bardasht ki bhi ek bardasht thi !!

But it too ended today now before going far for you I just want to say something for last…….




Aarohi marches out leaving her footprints at Anika soul.

Few hours later

Omkara ji, Rudy bhaiya , Shivaay bhaiya please come here. See maa is not opening the door ” Gauri shouts”

Gauri / bhabhi why you are shouting? ” Omru asked”

Maa is not opening the door ” Gauri replied”

Don’t panic Gauri. Let me try ” Om said”

Maa please open the door. Are you fine maa? ” Om asked banging at door”

O i think we should break the door ” Rudra suggests “

Om nods positively and both kicks the door.

Maaaaa !!!!! ” Gauri and Omru shouts”

Hearing their screams Shivaay came down running and gets shocked to find Aarohi lying unconsciously with blood dripping out from nose.

Maa open your eyes what happened? Please look at me? ” Shivaay pats on her cheek”

Shivaay bhaiya Maa ” Gauri cries caressing Aarohi face”

Rudraaaaa go and start the car. We have to Maa to hospital. Gauri don’t worry nothing will happen to maa ” Shivaay pacify them running out holding Aarohi in arms”

Shivaay what about bhabhi? ” Om asked”

Don’t let her anything. She’ll turn mad ” shivaay commands running “

After  few minutes 

@ Shivika room 

Anika woke up with jolt. She was all shivering and sweating badly.

Maam  what happened? ” Gopi asked worriedly”

Anika give deaf ear to Gopi and with much difficult ly came out of bed.

“Ma’am where are you going? Please rest otherwise all will scold me.  If you need anything tell me but don’t move out.

Gopi tries to stop her as she’s well aware of what storm Anika will bring if she came to know about Aarohi. And seeing her condition she got it that Anika got indication that Aarohi is in troubles.

Ma’am please listen to me Gopi runs after Anika.


Shivaay was standing outside the ICU  hugging Gayu, who were crying vigorously.

Om was consoling his baby bother whose condition was not less then Gayu.

Shivaay !! ” Dev said loudly entering the block”

Hearing Dev voice Gayu ran towards Dev and hugs him tightly

Dada ! M..aa ” Gayu cries”

Don’t cry my dolls. See Dad is here and your Shivaay bhaiya too. Nothing will happened to maa ” Dev pacify them”

Nothing will happen to my Gf na ” Rudra weeps infront of Dev”

Nothing will happen to your Gf.

“Dev pulls Rudra in hug and cries”

Om holds Gayu and Rudra and console them.

Shivaay what doctor said? What happened to Aarohi? ” Dev asked”

They are examining Maa. ” Shivaay replied”

Anu kaha hai Shivaay? ” Dev asked worriedly”

Shivaay was about answer him when Dr came out and grasp their attention and all asked her the same question.

What happened Aarohi/ Maa?

Mrs Rajput is diagnosed with highly  interstitial posion and we have to operate them in a snap. Damage is already done but still we’ll try out best.   ” Dr explained”

All gets numbs to her that lands gets slipped under their feet.

@ Rajput Mansion

Whole staff niddle was stuck  on one word that they are gonna on funeral of near by neighbours.

Have they all gone mad or the person who told them to cook this story infront of Anika.

As Anika knows that she’s not well the two most important part of life Shivaay and Aarohi don’t leave her alone even for second.

If one goes out the other one get in. But unfortunately  here both were not around her that was scaring her more as she’s  not expecting it to be turn real.

 But when she saw blood in Aarohi room she turned mad.

I’m asking for last time. Tell me where’s my world ” Anika warned”

Jeh..angi…r h..os…pit.. al ” Whole staff shudders “

Anika like salient storm runs out


Outside OT all were praying for Aarohi well being it’s being one an a half hour passed she was inside OT fighting for her life who was still far from her.

Who’s Aarohi / Maa/ Daughter? ” All asked Dr who came out”

I’m sorry but sorry to say we won’t be able to sa……..

Ayeeeee !! Shivomru clutches  his collar

Woh kisi ki duniya hai. Agar unko kuch huwa to hum tum sab ki duniya ko veraan kar dey gay ” Shivomru said in union “

( She is the world of anyone. If something happens to them then we will desert the world of you all.)

On Road 

Anika was doing harsh driving. With every minute she was getting mad. Aarohi words  were echoing in her ears.

Just for once call me Maa….. i’m Anu’s Maa…. just look into my eyes….. all the recent happenings where killing her.

Aarohi face was shown she was lying lifelessly in OT.

I’m coming…. nothing will happen to you, my world… Anika cries.

“Flashes of Anika where flashing in Aarohi mind  when she instead of her called Jhanvi and pinky her mother’s

Anika wipes her tears and took a speed turns to other route couple of cars  hits her car from back and both sides.

What you did “Anika comes out of car and shouts looking her car  “

All goons came out of car and one of them push her on ground.

She’s sinking.” Dr spoke “

Bp is too not getting normal doctor it’s shooting ” Other said worriedly”

Anika was beating the goons. Her security to came and began beating the goons.

Ma’am you go will handle them. Please go Aarohi ma’am needs you, you just leave ” Security head screams beating goons”

Anika kicks the man and was running when goon attacks on her back with knife.

ShivM…….. !!! ” Anika fells on ground and cries for Aarohi reminiscing her childhood with Aarohi.

Song plays 

Dil jude bina hi tut gaye
Hath mile bina hi chhut gaye
Ki likhe ne lekh kismet ne..
Baar baar rod akhiyan
Tainu jo na vekh sakiyan
Khole aaye aaj
Kudrat ne..
Kataan main ki ve din
Teri soth tere bin
Main toh jiya na mara

Anika ” Shivaay gets restless why i’m feeling Anika is in trouble. “

Tears skips from Aarohi eyes she mumbles Anu.

Shivaay what happened? ” om asked”

Om mein ghar jaata hoon mujh   mujh kuch theek nahe lag raha. Anika ” Shivaay cries”

Shivaay. Dev uncle needs you and Maa too. You stay here i’m going don’t worry ” Om runs”

After few hours

I’ll never call you mine….. only these words were stabing Aarohi more then posion. She was just mummering one name….

Chan se jo tute koi sapna
Jag suna suna lage
Jag suna suna lage

Anika with grasp the cloth from table and  hides her back and  in misery state enters the hospital. With her first step she landed on door step whole atmosphere got filled with air.

Inside the ICU Aarohi took a long deep breath hearing Anu foot steps..

Anuuuu !!! ” Aarohi breath “

I’m coming my world her each heartbeat was just beating it.

Outside ICU both Oberoi’s and Rajput’s too understood that to blow soul in body is coming.

They all turn their faces and gets frighten to see Anika standing in mess.

 Face  full of dust and blood. Buries on arms and foot and eyes filled with tears coloured as blood and fire. 

Gayu were about to embrace themselves in their sister come mother but then turns their face.

Anika ran towards all and questioned where’s my world, what happened to her she like mad look here and there and questioned them but none answer.

Patharo ki.. is nagari mein
Pathar chehre.. pathar dil..
Phirta hai mara mara kyun rahon 

Chanda please you tell na where she’s ? ” Anika asked”

Anika i warned you earlier that if you again try to became ASR you’ll lost your Maa but you didn’t listened to me. Anika”Chandra cries”

What you m…ean ?

Aunty ji in ICU she’s….

Anika like crazy ran towards ICU when someone came in her way.

You can’t meet Maa ” someone clutches her wrist tightly
Anika glances the owner of voice with her bloodshot eyes and deadly spoke
Why i can’t meet her and who you are to stop me. Huh? ” Anika asked coldly”
The Great Wall Shivaay Singh Oberoi !! Yes it’s SSO who stopped Anika.
Why can’t meet her, she’s my…..
She’s none to you and leave from here. ” He commands”
I’ll not leave and who you are to stop me from meeting her ” She yells”
Khanna !! Take her back to home.  ” He orders”
I’m not going anywhere. And what wrong i’ve done that you are doing this to me? ” Anika cries”

And what wrong Maa did. Huh? What sin that lady who’s fighting with death now, did with you just that she wanted to protect her Anu from evil thats it.

Same like you did for Gauri remember she also had some hurdles in her marriage and you  without thinking about yourself got ready to do that Sankashti vart.
Why ? Because you became Yasoda for Gauri .
Then who’s that lady, who? 
She was Devaki who gave birth to you !!
Just like you she too wanted her child to be protected.  
Then why damm it  you gave this penalty to her over her just single wish.

 Anu please just for once call me Maa. Just for ones.
But what you did with her. Miss Ruthless?
Tum ney humesha unko aur unki Mamta ko humesha dhutkara hai. 
You always have always damned them and their affection.)
Shivaay you know everything. Why me…..
Just shut up, Anika just shut up. 
Tumhara guilt us aurat ki maata se badh kar ho gaya tha. ( He clutches her). 
( your guilt became bigger than that lady love)
Jis ney tum par apna sab kuch vaar diya aur us ke badale mein tum ney unhe kya diya…
Who shower her everything on you  and in return for what you gave them …)
( Death)
Anika nods negatively 
See these two ( Shivaay gently pull Gayu) you for them .
What rubbish you spoke?  That just to give all the happiness to Gayu you never wanted to get close to that lady. 
“But still their happiness is dying inside ”  
I’m sorry Golu Bolu ” Anika join hands infront of Gayu” 
Anika di you always wanted Maa to go away from you. See she’s just going not from you but from us too. ” Gayu cries” 
No, no she’ll not ” Anika cup their face”
Shivaay glare her and digs his nails in her soft skin. Anika suppress her lips to control her pain.
Arrey jab apna he nahe tha , toh phir pukaar he kyun thaaaa ? 
( when you don’t wanted to accept her your, then even why you called them?) please just for ones ” Anika pleads”
mein tu awara
Yahan na hoga..
Kuch hasil..

Never . ” He nods” 
Baba see what Shivaay is saying. He’s not let me meet my world ” She runs to Dev and cried” 
Anika you were not well go and rest at home ” Dev spoke without gazing her”
( Both Devohi only calls Anu as Anika when they are upset with her)
I’m your Anu baba ” Anika cries with hiccups holding Dev finger”
Koi rahe na jab apna
Jag suna suna lage
Jag suna suna hai toh..
Yeh kyun hota hai.. (kyun hota hai)
Jab yeh.. dil rota hai (dil rota hai)
Roye sisak sisak ki hawayein
Jag suna lage

“Indeed. Yet you never became the one !” Dev hurtfully gazes Anika
While Shivaay let Anika to meet Aarohi or not? 
What’ll happen next? 
Kya yahi tak tha Aarohi ka Anu say…….
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  2. So emotional update… Feeling terribly bad for Anika and her Maa… Hope they both get fine

    I am HoneyTiny

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