Zaroori Tha | I’ll snatch you from sky too| shot 23

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Hey everyone this is the 23rd shot of Zaroori tha i hope you guys gonna like it.

Ignore all error and continue reading and supporting.


Few Days later

@ XYZ Resort

Doll what are you doing, place your order? Why you taking so long and what’s it in menu card that you are smiling? ” Gauri asked ”

Maa and Gauri di just go to page six and see what jackpot this resort has store. It seem that owner of the resort is scare of your ACP Sahiba that they kept one bunch of dishes just for me ” Bhavya said with huge excitement”

Maa look at her, she use to taunt Rudy bhai to act mature but know she herself is behaving like kid ” Gauri laughs”

Maa see Gauri di ” Bhavya complains”

I’m looking ” Aarohi said gazing poor waiters”

Maa , Anika di ” Gauri said shockingly”

What? ” Aarohi said”

Maa i’ve seen Anika di ” Gauri said coming out of chair”

Arrey Gauri di you are dreaming have you forgotten Anika di is in Canada ” Bhavya said pulling Gauri back to seat”

Yes, Princess you are right you are missing Anu that’s why you are imagining her ” Aarohi spoke”

But….Bhavya cuts

No but and wut only order i’m hungry ” Bhavya said with pout”

Aarohi and Gauri smiled seeing her antics and place order.

Waiters took their orders and left.

After few minutes

Gayu you both tease each other i’m coming ” Aarohi said”

Where are you going Maa
” Bhavya asked”

Restroom” Aarohi replied smilingly”

Ok mum ” Gayu said”

@ Reception

Excuse me i need some information about someone ” Aarohi said”

” sorry ma’am but we can’t” receptionist said”

I know it’s against your rules but it’s really important.

Still we can’t ” lady apologies”

See i’ve to suprise her today’s her birthday. Please i request you.

We are really sorry ma’am but i’m helpless

Do you know who I’m?

Maya listen ASR wants back of the resort vacant in hour so hurry. I’m looking for manager but hut he’s no where. Call them and do the arrangments ” Jenny said”

Ok fine but please let this lady to move she’s eating my brain ” Maya said irrtatedly”

Jenny switch her gaze towards Aarohi and tightly clutches maya hand tightly

What happened Jenny? Why are you so scared of her? ” She asked”

Who’s resort is it? ” Jenny asked”

ASR ” Maya replied”

Who she’s? ” Jenny asked gulping”

Maya shrugs giving look I don’t know

Maha ASR ” Jenny said”

Maya gazes Aarohi with puppy eyes and in blind she landed on floor with shock

Mayaa ” jenny cup her mouth”

Tell me the room number. Jenny ” Aarohi commands”

@ Room no 365

Anika was lying in the mid of bed staring the roof and with remote kept on switching Aarohi pictures. She was lost in her own world when Aarohi voice shocked her.

Wow !! Another room fill with my pictures. ” Aarohi claps ”

Anika immediately short sit on bed and hides remote behind her back.

You here ” Anika stammers”

Aarohi nods disappointingly seeing Anika sweating and avoiding eye contact with her

I j..ust ca.m.. e t…. Aarohi cuts

Humein to koi sawal kiya bhi nahe? Aur sawal kar ke bhi ab karna kya hai?

(I’ve not asked any question? And now what i’ll do by questioning?)

Sawal toh apno se kiye jaate hai na, jin par humara koi haq yeha rishta ho.

( we question those who are called own, on whom we have any right or relation)

Aur yeh dono he humare aur tumhare sorry i mean ap ke beech mein thy he nahe.

( And these two where never between us)

To phir sawal kesa aur explanation kisi?

It’s not like that ” Anika tries to defend ”

Jab rishta he sawal ban gaya to justification ki bhi kya Zaroorat

Agar kuch ” Zaroori Tha” toh humari maata ko baar baar thukarna.

( if something was important that refusing mother love)

I’ve tried each possible way to heal your wounds, to shower all my love on you for what you have carved for but…..” Alas I failed”

You were playing with me with my emotions. Calling me Maa in your messy state and again denying me in your consciousness.

You kept on rejecting me and I kept on waiting for you.

Intezar us din subha ki pheli kiran ka jab humari Anu humein Anu ki Maa keha kar humein chuya gayi.

( Waiting for the first ray of that morning when you will call me mother as Anu’s mother. Like the ray of sun it will touch me )

Intezar us raat ke phele tarah ka jab tum humein Maa keha kar humein roshan karo gayi.

(Waiting for the night first star when you’ll illuminated me by calling me mother.)

Intezar us din ka us din mein us pal ka jab tum humein apna kahao gayi.

( Waiting for that day and that day of that moment when you will call me yours.)

Lakin tum sab ko apna keha sakhti ho. Par humein ek bar pukar bhi nahi sakhti.

( But you can call everyone yours but not me)

Pukarna to dur tum to humein dekhti bhi nahe.

( Calling me is far away, you do not even see me.)

How I feel when you call Jhanvi and Pinky mummy ji and me
” nothing” I felt so disgusting on myself for being woman.

Seeing Aarohi breaking infront of her. Anika tries to run but Aarohi grasped her from elbow in rage.

I know you had Brain Tumour second last stage plus Amnesia. Your dare games from five months.

Anika turned little and glances Aarohi with shock

Shivaay was blackmailing you for long that I don’t know anything about you. But I knew every bit of yours but I stayed quite, waited for your confession but now today in all means it’s ended.

So from know onwards I don’t want a Rajputain to get defeated by anyone.

You know why?

Because know I understood tha:

Anika ki mohabbat bohat khudghaarz hai.Woh sab ko un ke hisaye ki mohabbat to dekh sakhti hai. Par Aarohi ko uski Anu kabhi nahe de sakhti.

(Anika’s love is very selfish. She can give everyone their share. But can never give Aarohi her Anu)

If you knew then why you came here? ” Anika asked with bravery”

To return what I gave you.Thing which Princess Aarohi give ones, she never take them back. ” Aarohi replied place chand bracelet in her palm”

Can I leave now? ” Anika asked”

Can I hug you for last time
” Aarohi request”

Anika was standing without any emotions when Aarohi took her in hug but Anika didn’t reciprocates the hug

Song plays

Mujhko yeh haq nahe tujhko gaale lagao

You want this from me na that i give all my love and care to Gayu so from today onwards Aarohi have only two daughters Princess and Doll. ” Aarohi whispered ”

Tere dil mai mein nahe hoon kese chain paon

Anika smile widely hearing that.

For me no Anu sorry i mean Anika never had born nor she exists in my life. It’s Aarohi Gayu’s only Gayu’s mother pinky promise to you Mrs Oberoi.

With that Happy New Year Anu opps really sorry Anika “She apologies breaking the hug”

Happy Ne…..before Anika could complete Aarohi shut door back on her face. . .

Soon Aarohi left Anika claps and laughs as much loud she can. Hahaahaaaaa. I won finally me won.

She kept on laughing when a lone tear got escaped from her eye but before it can wet her milky cheek but her thumb helped her to throw it in air.

After few hours

@ Shivika room

Shivaay today i’m so so happy ” Anika said throwing herself on him”

Why my jaan is this much happy? ” He aaked ruffling her hairs”

First we got deal and secondly it’s new year ” She replies jumping in happiness”

What so specially about deal. That my jaan is this much happy? ” He asked stopping her from jumping “

Because I worked for it so hard and finally your jaan won ” She said widely open her arms”

Happy New Year ” She shouts in excitement”

Happy New Year Jaan ” Shivaay said lifting Anika in air”

O jaana plays

Happy se bhi happy wala new year Shivaay it’s the best year of my life ever ” She said pecking his head “

Shivaay laughs on her antics and place her back on floor ” i so happy to see you happy”

Then where’s my gift? ” She asked”

Not gift but suprise jaan ” He replies approaching drawer”

Come first i’m waiting ” She said munching chocolate”

A suprise for my Anika” Shivaay said hugging her from behind”

You mean New Year gift. Right? ” Anika said wrapping her arm around his neck”

Yes, New Year gift from SSO ” He said pecking her head”

Then give ” She extend her other hand”

First close your eyes ” He said covering her eyes with his palm”

Anika smiles and slowly close her eyes.

Shivaay places file on Anika palm and whispers
” now open your eyes love”

What’s it Shivaay ” She asked turning her face towards him”

Open it and catch yourself what’s inside it ” He said joining his forehand with hers”

She smilingly opens the file and soon reading it. Her smile dies and she gazes him with shock


Mere dil mein teri dhadkane thi
Mujhko na aayi nazar
Tera ishq mujh mein saans le raha tha
Mujhko hui na khabar

Mere alaawa jaan gaye sab
Mujhpe tu kinna marda ae
Mujhe kaise pata na chala
Ki tu mainu pyaar karda ae
Mujhe kaise pata na chala
Ki mera hi intezaar karda ae


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  1. Aniriya

    Oh my god
    Today’s episode was full of anger and sadness.
    Last part horrified me what’s there in file dont tell me its divorce papers
    Now i am eagerly waiting for next update.
    Bye keep smiling and take care

  2. ItsmePrabha

    Mind blowing episode nati.. Confrontation, little confession.. Loved every thing.. Last mein billu ne kya diya tha gift mein?? I am little tensed to know about it.. Pata nahi kya hoga?? Precap is interesting.. Will be waiting for the next.. Till then take care.. Love you??

  3. Yeah please don’t tell its a divorce papers when will annika get rid of her guilt I’m waiting for your next update please update soon bye take care

  4. Yeah please don’t tell its a divorce papers when will annika get rid of her guilt I’m waiting for your next update please update soon bye take care

  5. Nikita_jai29

    Please update soon dear.. What is the gift I want to know… Sorry for being late…

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