Hey guys nisha here again with I AM ALL YOURS. So sorry for making you guys tensed and thank you for all our lovely comments and NEHA this if for you thank u for inspiring me yt? jank u so much also thanks all of u for commenting on my ff thanks alot.so lets get strated.

when survi opened her eyes ahe saw someone staring at her she couldn’t see his face it was all blurry and her head ached alot she couldn’t remember anything that had happend then she leaned over to get water but befour she could get it the person got it for her.survi drank the water without thinking about anything after drinking the water.
SURVI:thank you

Survi screamed after seeing the face infont of her it was non other theb kartik.
SURVI:kartik what are you doing in my room.
KARTIK:chill baby I am your husband.
Then survi waked up and went to kartik and hugged him.
SURVI:I’m so sorry I’m sorry.by the way where are we and (ahe stopped talking)oh god what have we done.

KARTIK:baby cool down I’m your husband and last night that’s normal between husband and wife.
SURVI:kartik please ok just thinking of what we did last night and how our family will react.omg they are going to kill us god.
KARTIK:ok chill i have a plan but befour that (he pulled survi buy her wrist )Let’s enjoy (when he leaned over to kiss survi she stoped him by)
SURVI:kartik please for this you will have to wait until………………
KARTIK:UNTIL what come on now we are married.

SURVI:BUT noone knows about it so until we get our family ready for this shock wait.
KARTIK :oh really let’s see that at your house you are not hoing to let me do all this but in here there’s noone to save you from me .
Kartik again pulls her by her wrist then kisses her neck where survi tries to stop him but fails.Then he comes from behind her and strat making patterns on her stomach where she feels shy,turns around and hug him
SURVI:kartik what is the plan
KARTIK:i will tell you in one condition that you will do as i said.
SURVI:fine just tell me the plan

KARTIK:Ok when we go back to house we act normal and try to convince our family for our relationship but in case they didn’t accept we will run away from them and come back after our child is born. in that case they will have to accept our relationship.
SURVI:It’s not a bad idea will try.
KARTIK:And about your condition you will always come to me when i call you other wise i will come to ou and tell everyone about our relationship.
SURVI:i know very well that you will never do anything like that to me cause MR.KARTIK BARVE. I KNOW YOU LOVE ME MORE THAN YOUR LIFE. You will never do anything that will hurt me ok so atop threatening me ok and get ready o go home.
KARAN:dad i haven’t seen Survi all night and all morning where is she.
DAD:where can she go probably she would be with her friends partying and enjoying over my money that she never appreciates come to the office.
KARAN:dad you will never underatand survi.

ANIKET:survi i love you alot even i know you love me also so today mom is going to your house to ask our dad for your hands and if you say no i will have no other choice but to make you mine forever baby.

PRECAP:Survi is in her house when she sees Aniket and hugs him tai and dad tjinking they love each other agree for the marrig.

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