Yuvani, a unique story, part 12

The second hidden truth about their marriage was about to be revealed in front Suhani. For Punkaj made the check bounce and that put Suhani in confusion, for she knew that her Papa won’t do something like that, for the previous day he himself said he would clear and the very next day, he himself made a complication that is impossible!
Pratima is right, Yuvraj should tell the truth to Suhani, because it was between them and if third person, who so ever it is explains things, Suhani would be broken, because she would feel like for her happiness, her dad made Yuvraj sacrifice which was true initially, but not now, and only Yuvraj would be able explain it to her, that he is happy with her, that he isn’t sacrificing anymore!
Alas, before he spoke to her, she left to meet her Dad and then when he understood that she went to her Dad, even before him trying to stop her Punkaj spoke the truth and broke her, almost beyond repair!! (24 March 2015)
That scene, where Suhani confronted her Dad was something, because the emotions which Yuvani had for Punkaj took a 180˚ turn.
Suhani, for whom her Dad was everything, her hero, and now she became angry on him. She was shattered to know that her own father betrayed her, well it was betrayal, as she said, he put her in a false relation, where her husband does not love her, and thus did wrong with both of them, according to her.
But he was not fully wrong, for Yuvani are made for each other, and they had problems in them, and to unite them in there, you have to use wrong ways, but the intention was not wrong!
And for Yuvraj, for the first time after his marriage he understood why Punkaj did whatever he did, he saw the father in him, and understood his helplessness, both at the time of marriage and also now! In a way he understood his father in law and his anger or may be hatred, vanished into thin air.
The way he calmed Punkaj was superb, loved him there, and then at their house, where he said that Suhani needs him, wow, amazing Yuvraj! It was nice to see his concern for her.
And at Birla house, loved the way Suhani handled Ragini, she made Ragini and Dadi speechless, superb! It was awesome to see her, but then she was shattered again thinking of her Dad and Yuvraj, Pratima was right only Yuvraj could manage her there. And Yuvraj recalling incidents was nice. (25 March 2015)
Suhani’s talk with Pratima showed how hurt she was, she was blaming herself, for everything her Dad did, everything Yuvraj had to go through and even on every evil tricks Dadi played!
But the Yuvraj Sharad convo, where he said that he would never let Suhani suffer, wow!
Suhani came to room unknowingly and recalled the past, she looked like she won’t smile again, and then Yuvraj came in. Both didn’t know what to say, both felt guilty for later’s situation, but they both were not!
They sat on the either side and couldn’t say anything, and then she started to leave and he stopped her, and whatever she spoke, reflected her emotions completely, how much she found herself responsible, God she was completely broken, it was very emotional, and she mentioned very silly thing and before he could speak she leaves and before he could stop her, the old hag cam up with the next, asked him to marry Soumya! I must say that she know how to torture others! She is expert in that, to increase peoples issues, she did all these to make Suhani suffer, but she didn’t know that her grandson was also suffering, for he has became Suhani’s and all those she did to trouble her troubled him too! (26 March 2015)
Yuvraj was frustrated thinking about all these and about what he would tell Dadi and before he would make up his mind, Suhani came there and advised him to obey his Dadi, that scene was very emotional, where she said that she freed him, but she didn’t know that no one could make her way from him, because he loves her madly. But, that point they both were unaware of it.
Loved the Saurab Suhani convo, where he asked her to have food, he was her brother, cute it was.
And then, Yuvraj’s decision, and the way Suhani stopped Pratima that was again emotional, whatever she said, poor thing!
Suhani, Saurab Anuj scene was nice, where she brought food for the two, they both felt very helpless on her present situation, they want to help her, and all she wanted was their support, that was nice scene, also the way they both confronted Yuvraj, superb, and Yuvraj, he didn’t even tried to say anything, which was completely against his nature and hence the proof that he knows what he is doing and don’t want others to know it.
Suhani prepared to leave, it was sad to see her looking at the bell he gifted her, and Sharad who got tensed seeing her packing tried to stop her, he was about tell about Yuvraj’s intentions, but before that Yuvraj came there and took him away. (27 March 2015)

  1. Superb….miss u yuvani

  2. wow u write fabulously really miss our yuvani a lot

  3. awesome… those episodes are one of yuvani’s nightmare times where they both had to go through such a difficult situation…

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